The worldwide Main Stream Media --not just in America but everywhere!-- black out & cover up news of the 9-11 inside job, Israel's attack on the USS Liberty, Roosevelt's foreknowledge of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the identity of the real killers of the Kennedies & many other pertinent historical highlights. They are brainwashing channels of the Powers That Be, and should be shunned, except for a few true articles. Why watch, read & subscribe to them any longer! Cut your cable! Read below how your news was already
bought in 1915 by the internationals.

Alex Jones, American constitutional patriot & self confessed Christian who fights the New World Order which he dentifies as Masonic Illuminati sponsored by International Bankers and their thinktanks like CFR & Bilderbergers. Jones refuses to discuss Zionists however. His other site:
British Steve Watson, Alex Jones' buddy, also fights the New World Order A Rense clone site of British Rixon Stewart, with a wide variety of links, also exposes the New World Order. Not Christian, most likely New Age or perhaps Gnostic. Real affiliations unknown, though he features Christian Jews Israel Shamir, Henry Makow, he also features anti-religious Jew John Kaminski, Joe Vialls, Disinfo artist Greg Szymanski who believes the conspiracy stems from the Black Pope & Jesuits, like Phelps.

WRH Mike Rivero has many easy to review newslinks, but often makes Antichristian comments when exposing infiltrated Zionist false Churchianity as corrupt. Rivero caters to Leftist gatekeeper IndyMedia's crowds of young worldwide Socialists and Anarchists. He sometimes condemns Zionists & Israel, and is therefore threatened with deletion by Wikipedia. Mike exchanges news with Alex Jones. Jeff Rense, affilliations judged by the weight of his articles leaning towards socialist world government, though he sometimes gives space to Christians. Pushes UFOs manned by Aliens, gives much space to New Age and Satanic ideas, like reverse speech. Looks sometimes as confusing misinfo, but has sometimes good articles. Be careful though!

A Few "Alternative" Fakes:
Alternet is a Soros Foundation funded outfit of the NWO. Soros is a Rothschild agent that funds many "alternative" groups and artists and documentary producers.

Democracy Now AMY GOODMAN is a ZIonist gatekeeper of the left, as is Noam Chomsky, the revered head of the American and Worldwide socalled LEFTists.

Worldnet Daily WND Farah is a "Christian" Zionist outfit preaching the right-left paradigm damning the "liberals", blacking out 9-11 Inside Job conspiracy news & other truths. Sometimes has good articles by some writers.


Total shills
Mr. Fintan Dunne is a Zionist disinfo artist posing as Irish! Ha! Shun! Could be an ISP click collector for the NWO, but any of the above could be as well, then again all our internet traffic is recorded real time.So what the heck!
"There's nothing hidden that shall not be exposed and shouted from the housetops." -- Especially now! No one is safe! ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS! You can try to stay incognito, but they will sooner or later catch up with ALL of us through the Mark of the Beast!

We as Christians are not racist. In fact we are totally against any warmongering, murderous, anti-human rights, anti-religious freedom, anti-Christian, racial theories, whatever race they be! Jesus told us to LOVE our neighbour as ourselves from Samaritans to Palestinians!

BOYCOTT AOL It censors your emails & blocks cancellations!



Actually shame on US for still buying their media!


By Lu. June 2006 -- The Paradise Post

Refering people to the alternative media is not easy. One has to stay very much led by the Spirit as there is plenty of mis-information, misleading and deception posted by the Enemy & his Antichrist factions to keep seekers in the dark. Because of this there is also a lot of mistrust and infighting among the publishers and bloggers, accusing each other of being "plants and shills" from "the other side", or Zionist stooges. There is indeed level upon level of deception. We will discuss some of the sites here.

Jeff Rense until not so long ago reigned supreme among alternative media pundits and bloggers. Recently some bloggers who consider themselves the fore front of Anti Zionism, comprised mainly of Daryl Smith, Erik Hufschmidt, Cyte or 'the Skunk', Victor (Makufka) Thorn & Lisa Guliani of Wing TV and some others, have been asking critical questions and even made accusations against Jeff Rense. There are questions whether or not he is a misinformation artist, shill or actual deception monger. He is accused by some others to have at least an ambivalent attitude to obvious enemies of truth, in that he does funny stuff: Here is what 7th Day Adventist Lorraine Day M.D. has to say about Rense especially in regards to the birdflu hoax. and the creation of the coming real mutation!

Rense pushes the "UFOs are Alien" Agenda
People know that there are UFOs and have seen them, but many people including us, consider that the Alien origins of UFOs is a deception by the New World Order, as truthful information reveals that the German Thule Geseelschaft discovered anti-gravity machinery, which at the end of World War 2 was confiscated by a secret elite group above the American government. Since that time anti gravity vehicles have been perfected and have now been recorded on video in mass manifestions over Mexico and Peru. This technology has been kept secret by the Elite for monopolistic use of it, and most likely for a special future reason to stage an "Alien invasion from Space", or "return from our Alien ancestors!"--A new update of Evolution!--Alien Origins!
Rense does not push this insight, but mystifies by publishing Alien hype and crop circles, which are actually written by tele-laser UFO writing technology drawing pictures in cornfields by heating the base of corn stems.

Rense vaccilates between true & deceptive info artists publishing "both sides" is somewhat like a garbage can. You can find anything out of the ordinary. Jeff Rense postulates with a quote by the leftist gatekeeper Noam Chomski, that we should give the devil his due and let him speak as part of "freedom of expression", that the reader should be able to make up his own mind as to what is truth. It's supposed to be presenting both sides, but in practice the misinformation seems to always have a little edge on true information.
Rense gives much space to leftists who "reveal" some truth that the corporations are behind it all, and there is no conspiracy of the heads of the corporations the international judeo-masonic banking families, which they regularly ignore or treat like one of the corporations. Ha. They say or imply that "The beast is headless" and the actual head is described as one of the tentacles.
Rense is also rather a New Ager than a Christian, although he gives place to a self appointed watchdog of the faith Alton Raynes, whoever he is, to balance the anti christian articles that Rense "allows" & posts.
The Webmaster Neff professed to me in reaction to a published comment that he is a Christian who believes in the coming of the Antichrist, but he seems more an alien UFO buff that believes that Extra Terrestrial races are threatening to take us over or already did or come to assist us, which is a by the Beast Kabbal planted theory to tell us that Jesus is not coming back but the Aliens are, as "they are the real power in the Universe" and may even be our physical progenitors!--The new form of the theory of Evolution. Ha! "Watch the hands, watch the hands", because it is being switched around awfully fast these days.

Alex Jones

Alex also stands accused of obfuscating Zionism or being a "Zionist denier." by some anti-Zionists. [as opposed to "holocaust denier" I suppose]
Alex has sometimes squelched his radio guests' allusions to Zionism and/or Israel, and at other times steered discussion away from such subjects. Critics maintain that by smoothing over or denying that there is a Zionist connection or origin of the original conspiracy that Alex is either a disinfo artist himself or at least an obfuscator, if not an "actual agent" of Zionism.

Alex stays away from the subject, as does former John Birch society leader of founder G. Edward Griffin. Jones prefers to speak of Satanic Globalists, 33rd degree Masons, New World Order figureheads, or Illuminati leaders, Bilderbergers, internationalists, CFR members, and Federal Reserve owners, Fascists or European Bankers, etc.

Perhaps Jones is not so much an obfuscator but considers it wiser to reach a wider public this way rather than singling out the Zionist share of the Conspiracy, as that would be counter productive.
Every faction of the "Powers-that-be" have their own line of defense, and the Zionist faction has its own favorite counter attack of accusations of anti-Semitism to deflect attention away from skeletons in their cupboard.

Of course there are also many Jews who are accused by their own nation of being "anti-Semites" or at least "self-hating" Jews. But the masses being very sensitized by the Mainstream Media to allusions of racism, may perhaps cause Jones to steer away from critique on Zionism, in order to reach more people with his message. Perhaps he even supports Israel as a misguided Christian Zionist. Either that or he is Jewish himself and prefers to keep the lid on any misguided elements who seek lustful excuses for murderous exploits, as Jewish alternative writer Henry Makow also seems concerned that people will take it out on his race. So who knows? God knows! He's got everyone's number and knows everyone's deepest motivations and on which side in the eternal battle of Good versus Evil every individual stands.

The "International Socialist" Leftist Sites

There are soooo many of them, you wouldn't believe it. They all refer to each other. Democracy Now, Little Green Footballs, Huffington Post, Guerilla News, etc., as well as the international Indy Media news and forum chain, etc. They are well funded and most of them are not one-horse sites. They either have a team or the "one horse" is full time funded by guess who? By the by them so dreaded so-called "corporations!"--meaning, financed by the head of these "capitalist corporations" disguised as one of the tentacles themselves--the International Bankers, through their foundations like Soros foundation, Rockefeller foundation, Pacifica, the Ford foundation, etc.
The Ford family was obviously threatened to join them after Henry's fighting the Kabbal turned out to be rather suicidal. Either Henry himself or his children thought it wiser to comply with the Beast, and so were allowed to keep their formidable wealth in one of those tax free foundations like all the other big boys use to keep their wealth intact.
The Left is a creation of, funded by, and led by agents of the very ones they so decry as "Class enemies" and "Capitalist" murderers. The International Antichrist bankers! That is why they are all, without exception, anti religion and anti Christian and pro Evolution etc. The leftist sites and organisations are headed by leftist gatekeepers, firm believers and solid members of the coming "socialist" One World Government that is now slowly revealed and coming out of the woodwork and rising from the underground.
They deceive hundreds of millions of students, young people and older generation intellectuals, into believing their slant on reality. They also love to sport Che Guevara's stencilled head and faithfully provide most of the banners and placards in their worldwide demonstrations. Of course preferably in red! Ha.
See, the big money changers, leave nothing to chance. They lead every institution, every organisation, every movement, if not as figureheads as financiers, thus steering the policy and the agenda. No follow? No money! Simple. And if there is an organisation or movement they don't own yet, they wll infiltrate it soon or else demonise it as some bad name, and character assassinate them to the fringes. Who says the system doesn't work?

What is truth?

"What is truth?" you might say with Pilate. Well, many alternative pundits who are a bit worth their salt--though not necessarily spirit-led like us--have become aware and leary of a few obvious disinformation tricks. They have begun to identify these scams as:

  • The "Right vs Left" paradigm", a falsely imposed scam that divides a nation into imaginary factions, that elite barons control both sides of. For example the anti Zionist "Wake Up From Your Slumber" website has one such mole, called RowanBerkely, who is a leftist gatekeeper. He is tolerated there by the site owner out of a sense of fairness I guess. But this fellow "poisons the well" by preaching Marxism as the analysis of all evil in the world, causing division in the ranks and coralling newcomers back into the socialist fold and false left-right paradigm.
    The Left Right paradigm confuses the sheep, as the masses have been steadily indoctrinated over the last 100 years by Socialism as the one fair and "reasonable logic" alternative of Christianity that has been slowl eroded by it.
    Most people whether they realise it or not, have been impregnated by a Socialist mindset, or more specifically, a COLLECTIVIST mindset, that all evils are caused by a small group of Capitalists or Corporations, and that we should organise a One World Governement to legislate society such that these individuals can not do that anymore.
    The Leftists or Socialists operating from many thousands of Marxist, Socialist or IndyMedia websites and others reinforce this mindset, while at the same time undermining the Judeo Masonic Banker Family Paradigm by calling it racist or anti-semitic, a veritable smokescreen or ink cloud (they use printed words! HA! ) produced by this octopus of the money changer cartel that has its tentacles in every power pie all over the world!
    Socialists talk of "the corporations" rather than the International Bankers and their Judeo Masonic Hidden Societies Network which they categorically black out, except perhaps mentioning one, the BUSHes Skull & Bones, as a rich men's club of "the Corporations!"

  • The "Peak Oil" scam vs 'plenty of oil' hidden by energy barons to raise prices & make a killing.
  • Bush Bashers & 'Deception Dollars' , vs perceiving the higher-up handlers of political puppets.
  • Zionist Leftist gatekeepers posing as Anti-war and 9-11 Truth leaders herding the seekers to their anti-war sites, through indy-media, wikipedia, socialist, communist and anarchist sites.
  • "Man-made Global Warming!" This is a more recent attack from the Collectivist Global Bankers that use their socialist "leftist" armies to inundate the socialist masses with propaganda like Al Gore's Oscar winning documentary that human caused CO2 is the cause of the climate change. Therefore, they reason, we should be globally taxed and closely overseen by new international laws governing and restricting our behaviour as good little socialists slaves of the burgeoning One World Government, now pushed as the New World Order.
  • The Black Pope/Jesuit vs Zionist leadership origin of the ultimate conspiracy. [Here an analysis of the debate between Black Pope contender Phelps and Zionism contender Piper Collins on WIng TV!]
  • Disease-mongering scare tactics of the Powers That Be who created and released AIDS and soon the real Birdflu.
  • The Alien connection in our Universal origins vs divine creation & spiritual origins of man.
  • Occult New Age Gnostic proponents versus non-Zionist Christian liberals and conservatives, pushing Da Vinci Code and Judas "gospel".

"So what's the use?"

One might even wonder: Is resistance to media deception by the Antichrist conspiracy even worth the trouble? Well, we all know that there is no hope of rolling back this centuries old entrenched conspiracy. That would be as impossible as collecting all the Evil to put it back in Pandora's box and locking it, and as unlikely as recovering a truckload of eggs from an overturned wreck. In Chinese we say "wan tan!" Which means "the egg is broken!" In the West they sing, "No one can put Humpty Dumpty back together again."
So what's the use, you may say. Well, even though we know that the bad guys are gonna win in the short term and kill a lot of us, as they already have killed millions, it is paramount to reach as many souls with the truth before it has become totally impossible. Some people will not wake up nor believe how bad things really are, unless they can see it, and come face to face with the ugliness, hate and murder of the Antichrists' conspiracy to create their pipedream of a One World Government Phoenix rising out of the ashes of our nations' defeat. And Jesus cannot come and take over until everyone has had their chance and come face to face with the choice to either follow Satan or trust in God!

Joel 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision. 15 The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

So what rests us yet? An ever intensifying infowar over the hearts and minds of the present Earthlings. Whether they will hear or whether they will forebear, they will have to make a choice. We know and realise of course that many billions are going the wrong way and will easily fall for the deception. They will ultimately choose Satan over God's truth, and swallow the easy way of the Mainstream media! They aready are! They will take the 666 bio-chip and thus choose to go through the "Wrath of God", the period right after the return of Jesus and the airlift of His children out of this cruel world, until His third arrival at the very end of the Battle of Armageddon, to stop all warmakers and start His Millennial Kingdom on Earth. That is when we will finally square accounts with the Antichrists--when they will hide in the caves of the mountains (underground bunkers?) saying: "Save us from him who sits on the throne!"

Isaiah 2:19 And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he arises to shake terribly the earth.

Revelation 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

So, we are responsible to give the warning to men. They need to know what they are getting themselves into. That just taking a little chip in their hand or forehead is not a little insignificant thing, but an eternal disgrace to surrender your divine birthright as a free born man to Satan and his cronies for a can of beans! To give up their God given freedom for a supermarket ticket. To exchange their opportunity to become a regenerated child of God for an equivalent of a cow's ear tag under their skin, reducing them to Satan's dumb dupes. What a disgrace!

Yes it will cost many people their lives to maintain this God given freedom of choice, even in the face of persecution and obliteration. But it is worth it to rise against these usurpers of humanity and deceivers of the blind. For they are the blind guides of the blind, and will both fall into the ditch, as we already read in the scriptures above.

So, better than Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death", ring the words of Jesus: "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men!" "And He that takes not his cross and comes after me, is not worthy of me." "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. They that believe and are baptised will be saved. But he that believes not shall be damned."

Damned to the fate of being a Satanic slave of an evil commercial and spiritual system that will damn its followers to serfdom and perdition.

What will you believe? what will you do? Will you take that chip under the skin just to be able to go the supermarket? Or will you trust the Creator of the Universe to keep you and your divine dignity?
The choice is up to you!

(c) Powerpoint Paradise

Just a little Bush Bashing follows here. OK? But at least we don't stop there. We prefer to bash his handlers! And we mean higher than Cheney!


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