The Civil War Pterosaur shot no one should see!”- Must read!

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The most obfuscated “pterodactyl” photo in history?

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There’s a very old photo that no one can see! It’s not that it doesn’t exist,–it exists alright!–but no one is really allowed to see it by the “thought police”. (George Orwell 1984) But even when people see it, many still can’t see it as it really is! At least, very few of them. I hope you can! Allow me to set the stage…

When an octopus is threatened it expels a confusing cloud of ink into the face of its pursuer. The ink-fish is still there, but temporarily becomes invisible behind its cloud of ink while it makes its get-away.

It’s similar to how the “Powers-That-Be” (PTB) often obfuscate (muddle) a true historical event into an unclear event, by spewing out pages of printers’ ink, full of conflicting commentaries, opposing opinions, and confusing chatter.


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