Mobile phones: Tomorrow it’s too late!

Dr Paul Dupont (Chinese Translated.by Yu Fen)

In spite of the dithering by the Ministry of Health and the delaying tactics of the phone operating companies, it is now becoming clear that the mobile phone is a virulent pathogen with damaging effects that we are only vaguely aware of.
Recently it was scientifically proved that there is a connection between certain types of tumour and the intensive use of a mobile phone. Most in evidence are cases of acoustic neurinoma, a tumour that develops on the acoustic nerve, as well as malignant brain tumours. According to this study the risk is multiplied by two or more on the side where the phone is held.
Are the health authorities worried about these results? Not in the least since, according to the official experts, the risk concerns only “intensive” phone users, and, as they add with a certain touch of cynicism, nothing proves that using a mobile phone always causes a tumour to develop.
They are right, but when we know that a tumour usually takes 15-20 years to develop, it would seem logical to conclude that the appearance of tumours after 4-5 years in these intensive phone users is a sure sign of a health catastrophe to come in 10 years’ time. 10 years!  For those who have children, it’s nothing, but for the people that sell telephones it must seem a long way off.
The worst thing in this situation is that it is the younger generation that is the most in danger. It is children and teenagers who use mobile phones the most. And it is at precisely this age that the brain is the most exposed: in a child’s brain almost two thirds of it are affected by the radiation while in the adult it reaches only one third of the brain, which is already far too much!
Even more worrying, the radiation increases in intensity as reception becomes more difficult. So when you use the phone in a train or a car, or when you are in a zone with weaker coverage and the phone has to keep searching for new signals, the intensity of the microwaves is considerably higher.
And with every day that passes we find more electromagnetic radiation in our daily surroundings: TV screens and computer monitors, cordless phones and wi-fi systems. All of which is horrifying. All this radiation is non-ionising, that’s to say it is capable of upsetting the function of our cells, particularly in our DNA, and the functioning of our glands. Among these it is the pineal, the source of the sleep hormone and of the resistance to cancer, that is the most easily disturbed.
We could weep over this tragedy that awaits us, which everyone sees coming and which nobody is doing anything about. But wait –there are millions of mobile phones in use nowadays. And one day, for lack of the will to face up to this problem, we will inevitably be faced with a terrible choice: your mobile or your life!
At that point we will have to give up this magic tool, resign ourselves to taking a step backwards, draw a line through all that it has brought us –will we dare? It’s at that moment that we’ll see if humanity still has a will to live or not. —-


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