Suffering With Meaning!

The meaning of trials is not only to test worthiness, but to increase it. To have suffered much is like knowing many languages: It gives the sufferer access to many more people!
Here is a story that demonstrates victory over defeat through positive attitudes. It’s a true and deeply touching account of a young man named Henry Fawcett. One day his father invited him to accompany him on a hunting trip. They were having a fine time together hunting wild game in the forest, when tragically the father accidentally fired his shotgun at the wrong time, blinding his beloved son in both eyes. The boy was twenty at the time.

Before the accident, the boy had been a bright ambitious young man with a great future.  No one could have blamed him if the accident had made him bitter and full of despair. And that is how it did seem to him at first. But there was one thing that saved him and helped him overcome & fight his way out of deep depression. He deeply loved his father and knew that his father was nearly out of his mind with grief at what he had done to his son.

He knew that the only way he could save his father’s sanity was to choose hope over terrible despair. And that is exactly what he did! He pretended to be cheerful when he was not! He pretended to take an interest in life that he did not feel! He pretended to have hope that he could be a useful citizen, although he himself felt no such hope!

But then an odd thing happened. The pretense turned into reality! His drive & zest for life returned! He determined to fight through and do the very best with his life that he could!  The result: Henry Fawcett was elected to Parliament of England, of which he remained an influential member for the rest of his life. In his later years, at the Prime Minister William Gladstone’s request, he became Postmaster General, where he brought about great improvements in the English postal & telegraph systems, including Parcel Post and Postal Orders for the first time!

Trials & tests are to be expected in life:

Psa.34:19. Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivers him out of them all.



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2 comments on “Suffering With Meaning!

  1. This website has helped me. I almost felt like giving up until I read the story’s. My oldest daughter has turned her back on me and for the last 2 years I have sent gifts to her for her birthday, mothers day etc. I have also sent gifts to her children. She is still hard hearted as ever. I am only human myself and I love my oldest granddaughter and want to see her. My feeling for my daughter is bad. I do not feel love for her any more. It takes much prayer to forgive her and not to hate her. She is very spoiled and selfish. I am getting weary of waiting for her to come around and change.

  2. Dear Tammy
    I understand very well. I have the same problem with my offspring. But it is the price we have to give for following Him often, to give up what is dearest to us. It is tough, but if we ask Him for the grace to do it, He will. And in Heaven everything will be made right again, and we will all make up with each other. It won’t be long now. I know it is perhaps a small comfort, but His comfort is great!
    Cheer up you saint of God!
    Love you!

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