The Best Attitude IS Gratitude!

Our favorite attitude should be gratitude.

“I used to worry a lot”, says Harold Abbott of Webb City, Missouri. “But one spring day I was walking down West Dougherty Street when I saw a sight that banished all my worries. It happened in ten seconds, but during those ten seconds I learned more about how to live than I had learned in the previous ten years! For two years I had been running a grocery store. I not only lost all my savings, but I was heavily in debt. In fact, my store had been closed the previous Saturday, and now I was going to the bank to borrow money so I could go to Kansas City to look for a job.

I walked like a beaten man. I had lost all my fight and faith. But then suddenly, I saw coming down the street a man who had no legs. He was sitting on a little wooden platform equipped with roller skates for wheels. He propelled himself along the street with a block of wood in each hand. I met him just after he had crossed the street and was starting to lift himself up a few inches over the curb to the sidewalk. As he tilted his wooden platform to an angle, his eyes met mine. He greeted me with a grand smile, ‘Good morning, Sir! It is a fine morning, isn’t it?’ he said with spirit! As I looked at him, I realized how rich I was. I had two legs. I could walk. I felt ashamed of my self-pity.
I said to myself, ‘If he can be happy, cheerful and victorious without legs, I certainly can with legs.’ I could already feel my chest lifting. I had intended to ask the bank for only one hundred dollars. But now I had courage to ask the bank for two hundred! I had intended to say that I wanted to go to Kansas City to try to get a job. But now I announced confidently that I wanted to go to Kansas City to get a job! I got the loan, and I got the job!

I now have the following words pasted on my bathroom mirror, and I read them every morning as I shave: ‘I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.'”

A thought on thankfulness: “The finest test of character is seen in the amount and the power of gratitude we have.”

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