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Only God can give real meaning to life! DM

From    DAILY MIGHT   January 4     # 4

So many people today don’t know what to believe; they don’t know where they’re from, who they are or where they’re going.–They’re in absolute CONFUSION!–Because they’ve lost touch with the only concrete frame of reference, and that’s GOD and His explanation of life, the BIBLE! They’ve lost faith in God, so therefore they lose faith in Love, and therefore they lose faith in Life, in people, in EVERYTHING!

But WE (those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior) have found Love that lasts forever and a God that cannot fail!–For we “know Him, Whom to know is Life Eternal”! (Jn.17:3) We’re born again and we now have an utterly different outlook on life and a new way of looking at the World, thank God!

And besides the wonderful happiness, life and love that living for Jesus gives us, we’ve also been given a real PURPOSE in living and Someone to live FOR! We now LIKE to face life, and find a thrill in our new-found tasks and the greatest of pleasure in the fellowship of our new-found family and the greatest of satisfaction in our new-found faith. Thank You Jesus!”

Ah, Sweet mystery of life; At last I’ve found thee, Now at last I know the MEANING of it all!”–It’s JESUS!

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