Not a Second Too Soon!

“Out of the car’s window I could see a huge truck, headed straight for us!”

From Jonathan, Albania

I had to go to Elbasan, a city about two hours south of Tirana, to get some documents. My friend offered to drive me.

Just before we left, my friend wanted to buy a new motorbike helmet. I tried to dissuade him;
I wanted to get going, as we were late, but he still took time to buy it. Finally we were off.

Everything was going well and I was resting in the back seat. All of a sudden I decided to sit up and put on my seat belt (something I don’t usually do when I am sitting in the back seat).

Then I saw my friend’s helmet, and decided to try it on.

Just as I put on the helmet, I saw a huge truck which had been attempting to overtake a car, now hurtling towards us on our side of the road! Both vehicles tried to brake, but it was too late and we hit in a head-on collision.

Our car was a Mercedes, but still small compared to the truck, so the force of the impact pushed us under the truck and we hit his wheel. The car swung round in a semi-circle and a car in the other lane crashed into the side of our car, near where I was sitting.

My head smashed into the window, breaking the glass. — Wearing that helmet saved my life!

What a miracle of the Lord’s protection that I had put on the seat belt and helmet just seconds before the crash! Thank the Lord that we had prayed for His protection, and that His preparation had saved me. I escaped with no injuries whatsoever!

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