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‘Near Death Experiences’ Articles



A true story of Death and Life. Don Piper with Cecil Murphy Courtesy: Grand Rapids Michigan: Revell. The truck sandwiched my small car between the bridge railing and the driver’s side of the truck. All those wheels went right on top of my car and smashed it. Because of the truck’s speed, the accident report [Continue]

The Burning Within! Pt. 3

The Burning  Within! Pt. 3

(Continued from Part 2) My grandmother commanded the flowers to return, and they floated gently back to their places just above the ground. The one in my hands also returned, but its essence remained with me. “All this comes from God, and the power to sustain it comes from him. It is the power of [Continue]

The Burning Within! Part 2

The Burning  Within! Part 2

Then an image appeared in the distance. A woman walked toward me dressed in white. Her hair was white, and her face shone with light. I had no fear of her; the love I felt allowed no fear. She came forward and stood immediately before me. Then she smiled, and I loved her smile. It [Continue]

The burning within Pt 1

The burning within Pt 1

RaNelle Wallace On October 9, 1985, RaNelle Wallace and her husband tried to fly their single-engine airplane through a snowstorm in central Utah. They became disoriented and crashed against the side of a mountain, turning their small craft into a raging inferno. Burnt over 75% of her body, charred and in severe pain she [Continue]