Eternal Priorities

Another famous Christian who always gave God first place in his everyday decisions was William Gladstone, who was England’s Prime Minister three times and was one of the most famous British political leaders of the 1800’s. The story is told of how every day as he went up the steps of the Parliament building, he would stop and witness to the little newsboy there about Jesus’ Love!

But one day as he and his secretary were going into Parliament, another little newsboy rushed up to them, exclaiming, “Please, Sir, you know the boy who sells you papers here? Yesterday he was run over by a carriage and he’s badly hurt. He’s going to die, and he’s asking for you to come and get him IN.” The Minister questioned, “What do you mean, `get him in’?” The lad replied, “You know, get him in to HEAVEN!”

His secretary, however, protested, “No, no, no, you don’t have TIME to go see a dying newsboy! You know how important your speech today is! It could change the course of English history!”

Gladstone hesitated only a moment, then said, “ONE immortal soul is worth MORE than my speech in Parliament!” So off to the little garret he went where the newsboy lay crushed and dying on a rough mat in the corner. With tears streaming down his face, Gladstone led the boy in a prayer to receive Jesus! The newsboy looked up into the great man’s face and whispered, “I knew you’d come. Thank you for getting me in!” Then he closed his eyes and went to be with Jesus!

An hour or two later, Gladstone made it back to Parliament where a heated discussion was raging! He was late and had almost missed his turn to speak, but not quite! He spoke eloquently!–And WON the debate! Afterwards his secretary said, “Sir, how COULD you have gone off and bothered with that little newsboy and risked missing your delivery of SUCH an important speech?”

Gladstone replied, “This speech today WAS a very important & good thing, but getting that newsboy SAVED and into Heaven was a BETTER, MORE important thing! GOD knew I was going to be able to get back in time for that speech! He was testing me to see if I’d put HIS work first!”
–What a lesson on the correct sense of values!