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“What Companion?”

I was driving home after visiting my family for Christmas. Traffic on the two-lane road was slow but steady. A fine mist saturated the cold air, and as the temperature dropped, the highway grew slick.
Suddenly my wheels skidded and the brakes locked. The guardrail was coming up fast! I cried out, “God, help me!” The impact of the crash threw me over the seat and I blacked out.
I woke up on the floor in the backseat. A man and a boy were bent over me. “You hit a patch of ice,” the man said. “A policeman saw the whole thing. He’s radioing for help.”
Peering out the window, I realized that my car had been moved to the opposite side of the highway and parked safely on the grass off the shoulder. How in the world did I get over here? Before I could ask, another car hit the same patch of ice and spun into the guardrail–at the exact spot I had. If my car had still been there, he would have hit me. The man and his son ran to help.
When trucks arrived to sand the road, father and son returned with the policeman. “By the way,” the policeman said, “what happened to your companion?”
I looked at him quizzically: “What companion?”
“He drove the car to this spot,” the officer said. “I saw him.”
“We saw him too,” said the father. “He crossed the lane of oncoming traffic and parked right here. But no one got out. In fact, we had to break a window to get in.”
There had been no man in my car. But Someone had been with me.
–Dorothy Howard