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Cracked Pot PPS For those of us who feel so flawed!

April 2, 2010

By Power Point Paradise — 868 views

“There is none righteous. No not one. Because all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:10,23)

I have a new friend from Korea, and she mentioned to me how she knows some Christians that are so very righteous and good. One is always so perfect and gets up at 5 AM in the morning to read her Bible.

My friend, who is a new Christian, feels she falls short miserably, for she is often tired, and has arguments with her husband, and she doesn’t feel like a very good Christian. This powerpoint is for her, and for all of us who feel like we can’t make it very well.

The question is not, how perfect we are, even though Jesus challenged us saying, “Be ye perfect, as your father in Heaven is perfect!” But the question really is, “What kind of perfection?” What is perfect in God’s eyes. The Pharisees were such perfect people, they even paid tithe on the herbs they picked from their garden, and some fasted often, and daily visited the temple. But we all know how much they lacked, and the kind of perfection they missed. They had very little love and mercy on others.

That seems to be the kind of perfection the Father has. He is perfect in Love! Because God IS Love! And even though all of us fail very often, as long as we have love for others and patience and mercy, we’ll be perfect enough for Jesus.

This story in PPS form will encourage you if you have recently felt like a cracked pot or a crackpot! Be encouraged! We wish you LOTS of love & mercy!

 PPS: Cracked Pot For those of us who feel so flawed!