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What is Creation?

According to Encyclopedia Americana, “CREATION, in a restricted sense, refers to the bringing into existence of the world by God.”

–It’s actually a gift of God for mankind, He loves us that He gave us a wonderful place to be living in. What did some famous scientists & people say about creation?

Isaac Newton

One day Newton while studying the intricately-made model representing the solar system, a friend, who did not believe in the Biblical account of creation, stopped by for a visit.
Marveling at the device and watching as the scientist made the heavenly bodies move in their orbits, the man exclaimed, “My, Newton, what an exquisite thing! Who made it for you?”

Without looking up, Sir Isaac replied, “Nobody.”

“Nobody?” his friend asked.

“That’s right! I said nobody! All of these cogs and belts and gears just happened to come together, and wonder of wonders, by chance they began revolving in their set orbits and with perfect timing.”

The unbeliever got the message! It was foolish to suppose that the model merely happened. But it was even more senseless to accept the theory that the Earth and the vast Universe came into being by chance.

Dr. Robert Millikan  (1868-1953, physicist, one of the most illustrious U.S. scientists),  He said, “Behind every watch there had to be a watchmaker, and so behind the intricate precision of this great Universe there had to be a divine Designer and Creator!”

What does the Bible say about creation?

Genesis.1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven & the earth.”