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“Happy Birthday Jesus!”

From    DAILY MIGHT   December 25     # 360

If when along comes your birthday, on whatever date it is, wouldn’t it be funny if all your friends and family decided to celebrate it by giving each other presents, and never gave you a thing?–Well, if Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday, why don’t we give Him presents instead of each other? And if it’s His Birthday, instead of singing all this other stuff like “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, why don’t we sing “Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!”?

“You can have your little baubles, And your Merry Christmas tree! But all I want for Christmas is the Spirit wild and free! For the Son of God was given and was hung upon a tree, and the only gift for Christmas Is His Gift for You and Me!”

–And if you’ve received His Gift of Eternal Life yourself, then share the real meaning of Christmas with others by getting out and giving them the Love of the Lord and the Words of Jesus! So many need the message and the Gospel of real Salvation. So give them a truly “Merry Christmas” by bringing them the peace and happiness and joy of the Love of Jesus Christ! Give Jesus to others so you can give the Lord the gifts that He is most pleased with: The lives and hearts of men!–The souls you have won into His Heavenly Kingdom!