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Faith & Trust

█        A colored church congregation had met to pray for rain to release a long dry spell. The preacher looked severely at his flock & said, “Brothers & sisters, you’ll knows why we is here. Now what I wants to know is–where is yo’ umbrellas?”

█        A little faith will bring your soul to Heaven; a great faith will bring Heaven to your soul.

█         Where reason cannot wade, there faith may swim.

█ Faith does the same against the Devil as unbelief does against God.

█ A little lad was keeping his sheep one Sunday morning. The bells were ringing for church, & the people were going over the field, when the little fellow began to think that he, too, would like to pray to God. But what could he say? He had never learned a prayer. So he knelt down & commenced the alphabet–A, B, C, & so on to Z.

A gentleman happening to pass on the other side of the hedge heard the lad’s voice, &, looking through the bushes, saw the little fellow kneeling with folded hands & closed eyes, saying, “A, B, C.”

“What are you doing, my little man?” “Please, sir, I was praying.” “But what are you saying your letters for?”

“Why, I didn’t know any prayer, only I felt that I wanted God to take care of me & help me to care for the sheep; so I thought if I said all I knew, he would put it together & spell all I want.”

“Bless your heart, my little man, He will, He will, He will. When the heart speaks right, the lips can’t say wrong.”