Alex Jones Forced to Come Out More Clearly Against Zionism?

If Jones could just only find the godly humility to esteem others better than himself and to not so aggressively attack people leaving them with no dignity, I bet his listeners would triple in a day! But it seems hard for most Americans to find humility, as they don’t only think they are better than the rest of the world, they absolutely KNOW it!

They are honestly the most conceited people on the face of the Earth! They don’t believe they are the greatest and the smartest, they know it!

It’s a doomed country, destined for destruction for its sins because of the horrible destruction it has wreaked on other nations and the poor of the World, and the horrible wickedness of that nation which has led the World in the World’s worst kind of wickedness, sexual perversion, horrible music, depravity in motion pictures, atheism and evolution and devolution and all kinds of horrible things that are going on in the World today! Doomed by themselves in that they had the truth of the Gospel, but forsook it and turned their backs on God. They just don’t seem to realise that God’s word stands true to this day that “the wicked shall be turned into Hell, and ALL the nations that forget God!” Psalms 9:17

And in that respect there is no salvation anymore for Mystery Babylon the whore that has taken over the USA. It is too late. Americans are too proud, too foulmouthed, too cruel, and criminally-minded through the godless media that have turned their hearts to violence. They are given over to a reprobate mind that has no patience nor grace for other people’s opinions, especially in these blogs and comments. They gore each other with wicked verbal attacks and the love is gone! Totally gone. It is a nation that has lost its morals, its saviour, and is overtaken by godless hateful God-haters like Mike Rivero and other ilk like him, attacking ALL Christians, regardless of the fact that most Christians in the world are NOT Zionist, and do NOT condone the crimes of the Israeli government and army against the original Palestinians.

It is actually becoming late for the rest of the world as well, as more and more people turn their back on their Creator, and are condemning themselves to spiritual death that is already upon them whether in the flesh or out of the flesh. If you don’t know how to Love, you don’t know God! (1 Jn 4:18) and you are blind leading or led by the blind. If you deny your Creator Jesus Christ you are dead in you sins already and have no life in you.

Well anyhow America’s alternative truth news will soon fall silent when they pull the plug on the internet and we will all be in the dark. Then Israel will attack Iran, or cause a terror attack in the US to incense America into blind retaliation against the “unknown” Arabian/Persian attackers according to the deceiving Zionist media, and will fight Israel’s war FOR them, to destroy Iran and Syria, and we will all be in World War 3.

I hope not, but I think so! I think that is what the people of this world kind of wish upon themselves in their turning away from their loving Creator. When you turn away from the umbrella, rain is upon you. If you turn your back on God, Satan has full access. There is no neutral position. Neither on a battery. It is either plus or minus. You either allow God or the devil.

Politics and history is like a giant chess game, and most of us are just peons that are being deceived by queens and horses, and normally the wrong side, as their media are stronger than the good side. Yet they fail to understand that God is the great producer and will not be denied his administrator rights to his own board!

Sorry folks if you think I sound a bit defeatish perhaps, but I am not! Just think of the wonderful glorious things that God is already doing now and is going to do even more as the days grow darker and darker. Just last night and tonight I met all kinds of wonderful loving children of God that are getting stronger in the faith and in deeds of kindness and even the remnant of young Christian America is inspired by the “Rachel Challenge” of Rachel Scott the martyr of Columbine, and inspired to show loving kindness to others.

But said to say it is only a small remnant. And I wish that they would go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, as Jesus has asked ALL of us to do. But most won’t & don’t. Well the ones that are will shine the brighter with oil in their lamps when their bridegroom returns for the wedding!

Will you be there on time with the oil of the Spirit? God help us all!

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1 comment for “Alex Jones Forced to Come Out More Clearly Against Zionism?

  1. May 12, 2009 at 5:46 am

    Hey Lu, I linked to your site from my new blog. One thing I can’t understand is how you can have a WordPress blog and a regular non-CMS site on the same URL? It’s a mystery to me. :-)

    I’ll be reading your articles more often after this.

    — James

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