The Alien Deception: Crop Circle Orbs Technology Can Draw Jellyfish in Cornfield

Followed another exotic Rense link today to “Crop Circles Created By Orbs Of Light – Video”. Why exotic? Why deceptive? Because he could have linked us to the original You Tube file, but Rense chose a “Golden Age Today” website instead, where this interesting video is embedded.

Why is that deceptive? Because it puts a religious spin on the video. Just the video on its own, has nothing to with “Aliens” or a “New Age religion” mixed with Shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christ-conscious-ism, and what-not-ism, but the “Golden Age Today” website links all that to Electro-Magnetic balls of light and energy that are apparently related to creating crop circles.

Lights Forming Crop Circles

Without all that New Age religious drivel, the mere video just describes spheres or balls of energy that circle a grain field and cause the stalks on ground level to bend through intense Electro Magnetic heat, which these balls appear to emit. That in itself constitutes NO proof of “aliens”, let alone Shamanism or an endorsement of Brad Steiger and his occult cohorts and fellow travelers.

So what is already going on with these balls? What the heck are they? Well they are obviously little spherical flying objects that carry E.M. energy emitters with some kind of  directional lens, plus a little writer program that converts any 2 dimensional pattern or drawing into a heat-beam that nicks the grain stalks at ground level, regardless of whether you believe they are alien or not.

These balls appear to fly in circles around a center point so as to give the give the stalks directional damage that make them fall in either clockwise- or counterclockwise- direction. (I didn’t check all the circles’ directions) And it is obviously very smart technology!

But does that mean it is “alien”? Not at all! But Rense implies that. Before I get into what these smart E.M. balls may represent, I would like to first finish with dear Jeff the Spinner. As long as I have visited his site, he has been pushing the alien card and its New Age, One World Religion connection! That is what makes him suspect. Because the coming One World Government will have to control us through religion, besides economic 666 body chips!

As the NWO controls its own opposition, it also needs to control the alternative news heads of course. In order to make them popular with us, they have to dish up enough true alternative news to keep us coming back for more. That is exactly why I daily go there, to find the true information links, of which there are a few. Actually Rense doesn’t have that many, especially since he, of all things, started promoting the English tabloids via his links; Like the Banker Telegraph, the Zion Guardian, The Daily Illuminati Mirror, and even the New Age SUN! Ha!

I have read much alien stuff on Rense, also from his purportedly Christian webmaster Neff, who used to put out Alien UFO graphics before these were replaced by Dees’ art. I wrote Neff and Rense once, denouncing their UFO alien spin, but they had a lot of justifications, of course, yet they never stopped.

Rense has caused division in the alternative news ranks, which is a standard dis-informationist tactic utilised by many others like Daryl B. Smith, Hufschmidt, Victor Thorn, etc. Only Alex Jones has never directly denounced any others directly as disinformationists other than condemning some as attackers of his site and integrity.

But, be that as it may, there remains the question of what these “crop circle writers” are in actuality?

How Does UFO Technology Work and Where Did it Come From?

Well, first of all, the better informed among us know that “UFO” technology was discovered by pre-WW2 German scientists of the secret ‘Thule Gesellschaft’,  and that “flying saucers” like the Haunebu model above, were used before and during the war. They were reported over L.A in 1942 and as “foo fighters” by Allied air-force pilots.

Flying Disk Being Shot at in Vain in Los Angeles' Flood Lights 1942

The Nazis had a hard time weaponising them, so Flying Disks didn’t help them to win the war as much as the V1 and V2 program almost did. Electro-Magnetic Anti-Gravity Disks possess their own magnetic gravity field which the Nazis were unable to manipulate well enough to enable bullets to escape it!

This strong gravity field also keeps the aircraft in one piece and helps its crew to survive its extreme courses and instant super speeds! If it wasn’t for that magnetic field they would be subject to momentum and be thrown out through the window!
See the pilots left behind in mid air, when this disk accelerated instantly to 50.000 KM per hour?

The disks are seen to glow in white, orange, yellow, blue plasma fields when the EM generator changes frequency or speed! See the riveting testimony of an honest Anglican missionary called Father Gill during the fifties of his observation of a hovering disk with humans on board in Papua New Guinea, below this article.

The “UFO” flying saucer’s Electro Magnetic technology was stolen at the end of the war by the Allied elite most likely, and transported to Area 51, where it’s been perfected ever since 1945. Then they crashed one in Roswell and had to cover it up in a hurry, and of course by putting an alien spin on it.

Eversince that crash they consider that “Aliens” are a wonderful cover (up) for their hidden undisclosed secret E.M. flight technology, and even Mr. Greer and his “Disclosure Project” is still carrying on that same spin to this very day! That’s why I don’t buy Greer, nor Lazar, nor the “Camelot” crowd.

Did you know that IF there are Aliens in the universe, they are too far away? The so-called SETI scientific study program since 1960 has been searching the skies of space for any intelligent message they could find, all over the spectrum, but so far have never received any signal that sounded intelligent! Intelligent meaning something like the S.O.S. Morse code – – – … – – –  for example. Nothing, nada, niente, nix!

Italian physicist Enrico Fermi suggested in the 1950s that if technologically advanced civilizations are common in the universe, then they should be detectable in one way or another. (According to those who were there, Fermi either asked “Where are they?” or “Where is everybody?”)  The Fermi paradox can be stated as follows:

The size and age of the universe incline us to believe that many technologically advanced civilizations must exist. However, this belief seems logically inconsistent with our lack of observational evidence to support it.

SETI found nobody in space sending out any radio, micro-wave, sound, or light signals that carried an intelligent format. This, by the way, is also excellent proof of the hypocrisy of the Darwinian Pharisees’ “modern science!” On the one hand they scour the skies to record any simple encoded intelligent message, because that would prove without a shadow of a doubt that Alien intelligence exists out there!

But on the other hand, after they finally figured out that our bodies are built on super complicated genetic software blueprints encoded in our DNA as well as in all other life forms, they don’t seem to be able to arrive at the identical conclusion that that genetic message was also sent out by an intelligent being! Our Creator! But that is another subject.

Now why are people so mesmerized by these crop circle pictures? Because we have been kept out of this super high technology loop since 1945, and even before when Nicolai Tesla’s technology was made off-limits as well by J.P. Morgan’s refusal to finance him, because he didn’t want us normal humans to have such easy access to free energy from the sky!

The E.M. anti-gravity engines of the Nazi German saucers were very big, so much that it could only carry one pilot in very closed quarters, in the bubble on top. But don’t you think that since that time, they have been perfecting their E.M. generators a little, and even miniaturised them? Or made them unmanned vehicles piloted from afar, like the airplanes that hit the twin towers? Of course they have! What is so strange about that?

Well, the strange thing about that is that we have no direct clear information on it, other than observing its effects in rare, distant UFO sightings, and in their wanton damage to our dear farmers’ crops. The “aliens” sure don’t love our farmers’ revenues. That’s not very caring. So we can barely expect a higher morality from these creatures.

That’s another reason why they are more likely sent and engineered by the useful idiots of the banking bozos of this planet, who have been dabbling in advanced technology for centuries, as with Marconi and poor brother Tesla.

Forget aliens! These balls are mere miniaturised UFO-s carrying some laser writer coupled to its obviously very powerful on-board E.M. generator, directed by some digital “Photoshop” guiding system that cooks & bends grain stalks and grasses at their bases, into a picture of a …squid!? Wow! I am so impressed by these aliens’ choice of memes! Ha!

Have these aliens no higher imagination than an average squid? Wow! I am so underwhelmed! But most of our Mainstream- and false Alternative media educated suckers seem to be easily impressed! Sad bunch. Some are even forming welcoming committees for these farmer-hating “aliens”, as they are totally owned by them.

And so on their “Golden Age Today” websites they claim “the Aliens come to free us from false mythologies and religious deceptions and traditions” by giving us the “Golden New Age light!” Wow! Thanks! But no thanks! I already have a religion, that proved pretty truthful to me and has also given me quite good discernment to smell a lying rat in a woodpile & not be deceived!

My Master said, “Watch out! For many will come in my name and deceive many! Even the very elect, if it were possible! Watch out when they say, ‘Behold the Christ-conscious guru lives in the desert’, don’t go out to visit him there. (He is a frigging false freak!) and if they say, ‘Behold, the Christ Consciousness is inside the secret chambers of your golden heart, don’t believe it! For many will come in my name, saying they are Christ.”

And so it seems that the blackmailed, threatened-to-kill-their-relatives, or even kidnapped, secret, sorry scientists of Area 51 haven’t sat still since 1945, but have now miniaturised UFOs and many other adaptations.

A Triangle Filmed in Belgium in the 90-ies

Now they even have Anti Gravity powered triangles and football-field-size rectangles, driven by multiple computer coordinated E.M. generators on its 3 or 4 corners plus one in the middle. Coordinated, because the triangles’ and rectangles’ frames would be ripped apart by the smallest difference in speeds between the several reactors on board, and we would have heard of many more Roswell crashes.

So, dear people, there are other, different explanations for phenomena than just “Reptilians, Grays, and Aliens” by anti-farmer Ufologists. I still think, and always did, that the elite has us deceived through the New York Times, Time Warner, and Discovery Channel, but “upstaged by aliens”??? Don’t believe a word of it! Not for a moment. The Banksters are still firmly in charge of Mother Earth, sad to say.

Actually they used quite a few of their miniature UFO balls during their 9-11 attacks on 3000 innocent WTC occupants, as recorded on many videos. Except you can believe if you want, that “the aliens” also had foreknowledge of the attacks and sent some balls ahead to “just document the event” like those 4 Israeli students that were jumping for joy on top of their urban moving van. You are entitled to your interpretation, of course, but I think mine makes much more sense.

Still, whether aliens or elite, they both tend to keep us in the dark not just about their existence but also about their stolen technological achievements, while we have to make do with 13 speed bicycles and stinking petrol cars, and we aren’t even allowed to use electric or hydrogen driven ones, because that wouldn’t give them any revenues. They love the oil farmers, but hate the grain farmers. Well, I don’t like neither of them, Aliens or Elite! How about you?

Crop Circles Created By Orbs Of Light

Here is some older genuine UFO witness from 1959, fourteen years after the end of World War 2.  Father Gill’s Testimony of Humans on Flying Disks in 1959

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  1. Bottomles
    November 3, 2009 at 1:47 am

    Greetings, – da best. Keep it going!
    Have a nice day

  2. Dewitt Talsma
    March 11, 2010 at 1:39 am

    It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up

  3. Power Point Paradise
    March 25, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Welcome Sir, just trying His best. Nobody, un-inititated, normal folks like all of us, understand it as good as the elite’s engineers who are told to keep it under wraps until they will stage “the grand homecoming” of the Antichrist and his ilk, to absolutely impress us with his grand tech. At least they will stop the nuke idiots from launching too many. So they will save the world a bit longer, at least until Jesus Christ returns and takes care of them. Until then my friend! “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!” – The Bible.

  4. March 21, 2012 at 5:25 am

    I like your thinking re crop circles but how do you explain the telepathic thing?
    Some crop circle investigators talk of thinking of a pattern and the next morning finding an exact replica of their design in the field. I find this baffling despite being quite prepared to believe that the circles are man made via stolen Tesla technology.

  5. Power Point Paradise
    March 21, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Maybe those “investigators” are gatekeepers, or telepathic transmitters to the elite? I DO BELIEVE in TELE-pathy. They use remote sensing in warfare. Check our article on Michael Aquino.

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