WHO is the Greatest Threat to Humanity Today Says Dr. Pascal Sacre’

who_vaccinaties_microchipDr Pascal Sacre called WHO, the greatest threat to humanity today in an article published on Mondalisation, Canada, for its role in declaring a pandemic emergency level 6 over the mild swine flu virus and implementing a global mass vaccine programme with jabs they must know are not tested and toxic.


“This mixture of despotism and opacity, of omnipotence and imperviousness to democratic feedback, is lethal. This is the greatest threat to Humanity today.

We surrendered, preferring to go on committing errors, when all the signs of malfunctioning should have led us to regain control.

Instead, we rely on these super powers now suspected of corruption and embezzlement, and endowed with unshakeable bad faith and cynicism.

Guided by the media, only watching what their floodlights illuminated, with our hand in theirs, we choose to believe them without question.

In these circumstances, I do not hesitate to answer my own question.

The world would be better off without these world organizations whose primary mission has been diverted to profit the stock market of a few.

In this case, without the WHO, we would be healthier.

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