15 Facts About China that Will Blow Your Mind


  1. By 2025, China will build TEN New York-sized cities.
  2. By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S. population.
  3. China already consumes twice as much steel as the U.S., Europe and Japan combined.
  4. If the Chinese, one day, use as much oil per person as Americans, then the world will need seven more Saudi Arabias to meet their demand.
  5. There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world.
  6. Chinese are far more likely to believe in evolution than Americans.
  7. Chinese internet users are five times as likely to have blogs as Americans.
  8. China has 150 percent more soldiers than America does — plus a high tech ‘Kill Weapon’ the U.S. can’t deal with.
  9. China still hasn’t rid itself of Europe’s medieval plague.
  10. Forty percent of Chinese small businesses went bust or almost went bust during the world financial crisis.
  11. China executes three times as many people as the rest of the world COMBINED — and uses mobile execution vans for efficiency.
  12. China averages 274 protests PER DAY.
  13. When you buy Chinese stocks, you are basically financing the Chinese government. Eight of Shanghai’s top ten stocks are state-controlled arms of the government.
  14. Fifty percent of counterfeit goods come from China.
  15. The majority of Chinese drink polluted water.


Business Insider February 23, 2010



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1 comment for “15 Facts About China that Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Annoying Mouse
    March 28, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Well, I would add a few points of my own:
    * China, if it would allow its Christians to freely operate, would have a chance to become a more righteous nation than most on the face of the Earth. But on the other hand, if China did that, the Christians would perhaps all turn into little “American Zionist Evangelical clones” supporting Israel, like many Russians & Ukrainians did, after the “fall” of Communism, and that would be a worse mistake than the tribulation that actually keeps Chinese Christians in line with and close to God’s Word, safe from American “Christian” spiritual pollution.
    * Most of us know that both “Failing Gong” and “Da Lie-Lama” are American intel-pro, meaning they are CIA-supported entities designed to undermine China. And the Chinese government knows that of course and doesn’t allow them free range.
    * China is also the only country that didn’t censor its smart banker and economic author Song Hong Pin’s revealing book “The Currency wars”, in which he reveals and analyses the international bankers Rotten-child and Rocker-fellow and their wicked Hungarian agent so aptly named Sorrows’ shenanigans against the Ren-men-bi. You and I who have their eyes open, KNOW of course, how these financial wizards are always trying to create bubbles, only to then pull the plug on them, so they can massively buy up all the real assets for pennies on the dollar. If China is wise they will stay away and stear clear from those bankers and from their pernicious bubbles! Ha!
    * In other words, the Chinese are not stupid! They would be much smarter of course, if they stay very weary of any Isra-helli & Intl. Banking influences. But I’m afraid that even in that they are really not smart enough. The Devil with thousands of years of deception under his belt, is smartest of all in this wicked world, and only if enough Chinese turn to the most smart, the real Jesus, they could survive Satan’s pernicious forces. Even “smart” formerly Christian Europe didn’t survive them. Mostly through the world wars, bribes and blackmails Europe was brought into the bankers’ baskets, their heads mainly into Masonic guillotine baskets and those of the “Russian” Cheka? Remember?
    * I read that the Chinese dept of religion is now also under the influence of Zionist “anti-cult” organisations who “instruct them” in seminars, under the tutelage of people like con-artist Rick Ross! Aye! Now that’s a big mistake. The Chinese should be much smarter than that, and stay independent of such pernicious schemers. They are the biggest cult of all!

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