The Civil War Pterosaur shot no one should see!”- Must read!

The most obfuscated “pterodactyl” photo in history?

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There’s a very old photo that no one can see! It’s not that it doesn’t exist,–it exists alright!–but no one is really allowed to see it by the “thought police”. (George Orwell 1984) But even when people see it, many still can’t see it as it really is! At least, very few. I hope you can! Allow me to set the stage…

When an octopus is threatened it expels a confusing cloud of ink into the face of its pursuer. The ink-fish is still there, but temporarily becomes invisible behind its cloud of ink while it makes its get-away.

James Files pointing to his temple describing JKF’s murder

It’s similar to how the “Powers-That-Be” (PTB) often obfuscate (muddle) a true historical event into an unclear event, by spewing out pages of printers’ ink, full of conflicting commentaries, opposing opinions, and confusing chatter.

Files gets away from “grassy knoll” scene

Take for example the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. The largely unknown, so-called “grassy knoll” shooter Jim or James Files’ confession (1) of firing the last fatal bullet into JFK’s right temple, which made him fall backward and slump toward the left, is purposely obfuscated by reams of newspaper and “tons of ink”, supporting the official (rogue!) American government’s “lone shooter” theory, which still today doggedly claims that “the bullet came from behind!

The result is that nobody knows anymore what to believe, and they’re incapable to see the Zapruder film evidence as it really is, that the President gets thrown backwards and slumps to his left! Everyone is so confused that most people ‘switch off‘, go in denial, and are too mentally paralyzed to pursue and bring to justice the real perpetrators!–The very criminal power elite that even now is still in charge of America! As George Bush Sr. confessed in an interview with Sarah McLellan, “Sarah, if Americans really knew what we Bushes have done to them, we would be chased down the streets and lynched!”

So what about that “most obfuscated photo”?

There exists an old sepia colored photo that was printed in a “believe it or not” type book in the U.S., according to many people who either used to have a copy or read it. It was published sometime between the 1950-ies and 1960-ies. Later, in the early nineties, this amazing photo got scanned and put on the internet, in plain sight! Nevertheless, today, very few people can see it for what it really is! Their “eyes wide… shut!” Why? Because of “octopus ink“! In this case a devious “doppelganger” photo! [Orig. German: “Doppelganger”= A “double” or “look alike” impersonator.]

A doppelganger picture?

Yes! Because there exists a second, virtually identical imitation of this sepia photo, a yellowish photo with very similar content, that most people also don’t know the origin of! (More on that later.) Here are the two pictures. The first we shall call the real “Sepia (colored) shot” & the second the fake “Yellow shot“:

1) The First “Sepia Shot”. Study carefully! Click on photo to see big size.

2) The 2nd “Yellow Shot” imitation.

Fake Imitation of Civil War Soldiers & Pterosaur Photo.

What’s up with these photos?

•Both photos show 6-7 American soldiers with similar Civil War uniforms & similar guns.
•Both photos show a dead, non-decomposed carcass of a recently shot pterosaur!?
•Both hunters have similar positions with their left foot on the pterosaur’s head.
•Both photos’ soldiers hold similar positions in similar open spots in a forest.
•Both photos have blurred edges, but the 2nd one’s blur seems applied & more artificial.
•Both photos have a similar fold line going vertically through the picture.
•Both photos have similar scrape marks at virtually identical spots. Coincidence?
•In the 1st sepia shot details are clearer than in the 2nd blurry yellow shot.
•Sun-faded spots in the 1st photo look more genuine than lightened parts in the 2nd.
•It seems that the 2nd is an imitation of the 1st one, except for the pterosaur size!
•Both photos’ content is very CONTROVERSIAL, to say the least!

The right thin strap crossing the left chest belt with powder horn ending in the side pouch, is a water canteen strap.

Civil war rifles & soldiers in original long coat & short jacket without canteens. Note the brass strap- and belt- buckles!

Photography during the Civil War was already very developed producing clear detailed pictures. Although details on the sepia photo’s edges are not as clear as the middle of the photo, most likely due to chromatic aberration (6), there is no reason for the second photo to be so equally blurred other than by design. Also the Civil War uniforms & equipment in the sepia shot are more correct than in the yellow one, where the belts are incorrect. Also the “Dino” looks kind of flat and non-descript.

We can safely say that the second photo is not as old as the first, and was purely intended as a copy of the first. A “doppelganger“, like Winston Churchill’s look-alikes during World War II, hired to protect him! (How easy it is to deceive the nations. Sigh!)

But what makes these photos so controversial, apart from the weird fact that the second tries to copy the original, is their identical theme! The original sepia photo was taken to record a unique historical event, the shooting down of what to some looks like some “flying dinosaur with canoe-shaped wings!

But to trained eyes it features some type of pterosaur, a pteranodon to be exact! According to the caption of the original sepia shot from the 60-ies “believe it or not” book, it (the flying dino) was shot down by soldiers during the American Civil War in 1864 near the city of Vicksburg. The book didn’t call it a “dinosaur”, just “some kind of unknown bird or monster”, as far as readers remember.

Most people who see it, will say, “But that’s impossible! Because dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years!” Right there, the automatic reaction of most normal people would be to say, “Oh, that is such a fake picture!” and dismiss the photo. They automatically “shut off” their brain by denying what their eyes are actually seeing on the photo, in plain sight!

Why! Because of their educational and media conditioning, but especially when they learn –what they by default had already automatically assumed!– the fact that the yellow imitation is indeed a fake! Not only “rumoured” as such, but debunked and discredited as a proven fake! By who? By its very own creators!

Yes! By its very own creators! Allegedly, an American film & TV production company named “Haxan” claims to have staged the “yellow shot” and its fake pterosaur for their TV series “Freaky Links”, a program on mystery- and paranormal themes for Fox TV in 2001. On their “Freaky Links” website they feature a “Civil War Pterodactyl” page, which “happens” to snag 70 % of  all “Civil War Pterodactyl” searches, and is linked to by many other websites.

On this very popular page they pretend to investigate whether their (own!) yellow photo and its “Civil War Pterodactyl” are real or fake! They even feature “expert opinions” of two university professors, who, when you ‘google’ them, turn out to be non-existent in the respective universities! The original sepia shot is hardly mentioned or shown at all, except via one little link to a very small copy of it, where self-appointed “photographic experts” dismiss it as a “perfect Photoshop creation!

“Watch the hands! Watch the hands!”

Huh? That yellow photo was designed as fake?! What about the sepia one? What the bleep is going on here?

Good questions! But by far the biggest question is: “Why didn’t Haxan use the original, much clearer, sepia ‘Civil War’ photo with the far more convincing, really freaky, canoe-winged pteranodon?

IF Haxan’s ambition had really been ‘to make a successful, lucrative “Freaky Links” edition about real genuine mysteries’, they should have featured and researched the mysterious sepia original instead! Why in the world did they go through all that trouble to produce an imitation of the photo, plus forge a fake monster (a lousy one at that!), and then base their frigging TV program edition on it? Were they nuts?

Nope! They weren’t nuts at all! In fact they were wickedly smart and very cunning! You see, because from phase one, the very goal and objective of the “yellow-fake” creators in the first place, from the onset, the only reason why they created it, was not at all to make a quick buck from some stupid TV emission on some lousy imitation photo! No! Their real objective was to instill skepticism and raise doubts about that original photo!

Whereas the 2001 TV program did use a couple of shots of the original photo, their permanent “Freaky Links” website has been promoting the fake photo ever since the 2001 TV series until today!

Why? To falsely dismiss and discredit the original photo as a fake, to confuse us just as Churchill’s doubles were meant to confuse wannabe German assassins. All along, Haxan’s handlers’ only goal was to black out the original photo, like the sun in a moon eclipse, to make that original sepia shot disappear as a magician spirits away a ball in a “three cups shuffle” trick, all in plain sight while you‘re watching his hands! Weren’t they smart? Oh definitely! They managed to kill most people’s perception by plain psychological warfare!

A strawman, false positives and patsies! Psychological warfare tricks.

Patsy Ruby shoots & kills patsy Oswald

In psychological warfare theory this standard trick is commonly known as “creating a false positive” or “strawman“, after which you successfully attack the strawman as fake, thus condemning the entire issue! (4)

For example, Lee Harvey Oswald, the so-called assassin of J.F. Kennedy, was actually created as a “false positive“, also known as a “patsy“! He was chosen, groomed, set up, and served up to die as a disposable patsy, and eventually murdered by another patsy, the Jewish nightclub owner Jack Ruby, because they (the PTB) didn’t want the American public to find out that they had framed Oswald, as he himself claimed he was!

And thus the plot thickened. So thick, that average people couldn’t make sense of it anymore, all the time aided and abetted of course by the deliberate confusion and clouds of printers’ ink expelled by the mystifying mainstream media octopus, usually complicit in such high treason by covering up the big boys’ crimes. Just as they deceived us about 9-11, the Oklahoma bombing, the underwear bomber, and in so many other instances! — Remember, those “weapons of mass destruction bla bla?” Now it’s the “Iran has nuclear weapons” mantra.

Sad to say, now, when people do stumble across the original sepia photo on the Internet, often they’ve already heard rumours in forums about some “fake Civil War pterodactyl photo” in existence. And so they automatically conclude that this sepia shot is either ‘that fake’ or ‘of course also a fake!’ This false notion then gets reinforced every time when someone ‘googles’ it and lands on Haxan’s deliberate dis-info page, where instead of the real original sepia, they are served up the yellow fake! — As Haxan Productions admitted.

So how about the original Sepia Shot? Is it real?

The book’s Pterodactyl’s long tail ends in a diamond shape.

Just like the sepia pteranodon shot, though not as clear, this amazing photo above is another example of obfuscation! It’s a rather small picture of an anatomically correct rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur or pterodactyl, with its characteristic long tail ending in a diamond shape, held up by a short Texan cowboy! This photo is also from a still available seventies’ book titled “Was Earth Visited by Aliens?”, printed long before the days of PC-s and Photoshop!

In this rare scan, the book’s surrounding text is still visible, as usually this dated information is purposely cut off and omitted, so it’s easier to “debunk the Dino” as “another Photoshop!” Yet the book’s caption right above the photo gives the following interesting credit:

All photos, courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History *illegible* instant photography.

Now I don’t want to be difficult, but I somehow doubt very much that the American Museum of Natural History would show us all their photo archives, that is, if they still have them! I trust them about as much as the Smithsonian Institute, oft reported to deny or be reluctant to disclose the existence of many other historical OOParts (out-of-place artifacts) they are known to have purged from public view.

In my long research on this issue I’ve seen to what lengths these anti-true-History forces go, to cover-up, connive, and deceive us, and to discredit both of these original sepia photos.  But I dare say that the clear Pteranodon photo is the most beleaguered photographic evidence in the world. More dangerous to the ‘Powers-That-Be’ than the Zapruder JFK murder film, bought by Time-Life Magazine who conveniently hid it away from the American public for 14 years! (and probably edited it, as the bottom part is blacked out.)

So why is this photograph more dangerous? Because it obviously is a genuine photo of an 1864 Pteranodon shot down during the Civil War near Vicksburg! And such compelling evidence is clearly not allowed by the NWO, globalist, evolutionary “thought police”, and therefore it had to be “eclipsed” and discredited in a hurry.

Sepia photo clearly features an anatomically correct Pteranodon

“The first Pteranodons in America were first discovered in the upper chalk of Logan County, Kansas by O. C. Marsh in 1870. The only remains collected were the fragments of long wing bones.” (2) Source:

“Although bones of Pteranodon were first discovered in the 1860s, it was not until after the turn of the century that we had a reasonably complete picture of the animal. Its bones are hollow and thin-walled; therefore, they were usually crushed flat. Also skeletons were generally incomplete. Like our model, it was necessary to incorporate bones from several specimens in order to reconstruct Pteranodon.” (3) Source:

The animal in this photo is clearly an anatomically perfectly correct, male Pteranodon, when compared to the museum model! Besides the correct “ante-orbital fenestra” cavity observed just in front of the eye socket, and the identically curved eyebrow skull ridge, and the exact position of the neck, even the right-side lower inward curvature on the museum skeleton’s lower beak in the photo where the throat’s skin was connected, are clearly visible in the sepia photo! And it almost looks like the upper and lower beaks are tied together with twine or cord. Was this Ptero still alive perhaps at the time of the shot, that they had to keep it from biting the hunter’s leg?

American Indian shaman dancing dressed as Thunderbird. Notice the correct lower beak!

According to the above Berkeley University quote, no one before 1900, (forget about 1864!) knew what an anatomically correct Pteranodon looked like! (except American Indians knew what their ‘Thunderbirds” looked like! See left pic) So for sure no one in 1864 could have faked a fancy prop like this, let alone use plastics or fiberglass to produce a photo as real as this one!

Haxan’s fake ptero!

Not even Haxan in 2000 was able to make a half-way decent-looking fake. Their pterosaur prop looks more like a limp plastic bag!

Because this historical photo was published in a book in the sixties as confirmed by witnesses, since this article, detractors can now only counter-attack with something like the following:  [NB: These words are made up!]

“This original sepia photo is a fake created before the sixties publication by a conspiracy of Fundamentalist Creationist Christians seeking to discredit Evolution. They created a huge anatomically fully correct Pteranodon, most likely carved out of wood, be it with anatomically unknown canoe-style ulterior wings. (Probably an oversight) Then, these religious fanatics hired U.S. Civil War actors dressed in correct Union uniforms, kepis, brass buckles, side bags, canteens, powder horns, typical beards and mustaches, armed with the correct bayonet rifles, and then staged and photographed the entire scene in an open spot in a forest. Then these religionists printed this fake on old sepia colored paper, scraped, folded, bashed it up, and even bleached some spots under intense focused light, and tore off some of the sides, and voila! A fake photo of a fake Pteranodon, discrediting our many million years’ old true human evolutionary Genesis and our 65 million year old extinction tale of our dinosaurs. Yes! That’s what obviously happened here! Sure!”

That wouldn’t sound very believable, for the simple reason that in the fifties there were hardly any “hard-core creationists” yet –if any– let alone such unscrupulous, militant ones as to even do such un-Christian things as cheating, lying and conspiring to “make a fake dinosaur to attack Evolution“! Only from the mid-1960-s ‘Young Earth’ Creationists promoted the teaching of scientific creationism using Flood Geology.

In America during the fifties, the biggest sin in school was chewing gum, and Evolution wasn’t even widespread in high schools yet. The so-called “Blue Book” of the ‘New Biology‘ was just then during the sixties, being slipped under the radar into high-schools, and apart from some rare individuals, the majority of Christians were hardly even aware yet of the insidious attack on the true historicity of Genesis in their Bible, nor of the fact that dinosaurs and “legendary” dragons were one and the same thing! So such a ludicrous claim would hold very little water. Except with some intellectually challenged forum-ites perhaps?

Haxan’s Very Fakery Proves the Authenticity of the Original Photo!

By the mid 90-ies the ‘PTB’ were unable to simply destroy this 1864 Pteranodon photo, as they seem to have been able to expunge most copies of the original book from history, from the by-them-controlled US libraries and used bookstores, etc! They obviously were unable to intercept this photo, already downloaded too many times, which was doing so much damage and sowing plenty of doubt in their favourite faith-breaking mechanism of Darwinism. As Trinity said in the Matrix movie, “The truth is out there, Neo!

And so, ever vigilant & on-the-ball as they are, they quickly opted for a strawman tactic instead, to at least try to confuse the ranks. They found willing dupes in “Haxan Productions” (“Hexen” is German for “witches!”), already infamous for creating a successful hoax, the unsavory “Blair Witch Project” movie. And so, these “useful idiots” then fashioned a fake plastic pterosaur prop, photographed it together with dressed up Civil War actors, and until today they stage their yellow imitation shot on their Freaky Links series’ website as “hoax!” and score first place on Google search!

Guess what they named their “Civil War Pterodactyl” TV episode! Try to Coelacanth this! That’s significant! You see, the Coelacanth (“see-la-kanth”) used to be designated by top Darwinists as the “early primate fish long known to be extinct” … until… (ahem!)… the very fish was discovered alive and well, off of the coast of Africa! It turned out to be identical to the fossil and unchanged after “all  these hundreds of millions of years of … e-vo-lu-tion!” Catch the drift of their title? They knew exactly that they were covering up! Sorry Haxan, but we are successfully “Coelacanth-ing this“, by exposing your fakery!

IF Haxan had really wanted to make a lucrative episode for their “Freaky Links” series, they ought to have promoted the original sepia picture, so much older and clearer, and as fact rather than fiction!  Maybe then ‘Freaky Links’, through this “Living Civil War Pterosaur” episode would have become a grand success and blockbuster! But they didn’t!
Why not? Because that wasn’t at all their objective!

Even IF they had clearly promoted the original real pteranodon photo as fact instead of fiction, it might have unleashed an unprecedented, immediate outcry from the “scientific” world with politically correct media headlines like: “Haxan claims civil war photo shows living dinosaur!” Haxan may have been shut down! IF it would ever have gotten that far, because Fox’s censoring executive editors are always on the ball, and would have canned “Freaky Links” in a hurry before it ever hit the TV screens!

Just about as fast as the Globalists shut down water cars before they ever get into production, as they did to the Japanese Genepax Company for example, who already had cars running, as did water-engine inventor Stanley Meyer, whom they murdered by poisoning! Because they just will not allow competition to their lucrative oily energy scheme, which just goes to show how little these hypocrites really care about a clean environment.

Also Haxan’s executives’ very scheme to not use the original photo on their much visited Freaky Links website, but rather to create and propagate the half-ass, fake imitation instead, again proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, their real intent to discredit, “debunk” and obscure the original sepia photo. Using the original would have achieved the very opposite of what they were actually aiming for, as it would have made the photo world famous!

Logically speaking, there was no reason at all to forge that yellow fake to use in their phony dog-and-pony show, other than the calculated intent to discredit this to-evolution-dangerous photo with a “false positive!” Their concerted efforts to create a false positive to eclipse and “debunk” the original photo, proves the very authenticity of the sepia Pteranodon photo! Their silly scheming gave them away! It also proves what a dangerous threat this sepia photo is to the greatest deception of history, the pseudo-science & fake religion of Evolutionism, their slimy scam uniquely designed to try discredit Genesis’ true and accurate historicity in order to stamp out Christianity!

But it won’t work.

How easy it is to delude ‘Average Joe’

These scammers trying to erase that proud pteranodon from our memory and human history, so far had kind of succeeded. Especially considering the pathetic forum comments on the Sepia by some of these pseudo-intellectual, yet cock-sure, wannabe crypto-zoologists, who prove themselves to be the most undiscerning, confused, easily propagandised adepts and specimen of America’s dumbed-down non-intelligentsia. Below are two examples:

Calling our proud Pteranodon a “Pterodactyl“, as good media parrots they dismiss the photo as “Photoshop at its best!” Never mind that neither Photoshop nor PC-s even existed in the 60-ies when this photo was published.

This forum-ite compares the original sepia with a truly Photoshopped fake dino fabrication:

Such are the sad results of modern “Dewey Education”, the deliberate dumbing-down agenda of the American “Education” department. If you haven’t heard about that yet, do watch Charlotte Iserbyt’s videos on Youtube.


Yet as the saying goes, “Give the Devil enough rope and he will hang himself” In spite of the Haxan deceivers, the truth is out now. I just hope enough people will see this and pass on the word, and link to this, to prove how the Secular Humanist New World Order elite does not just intimidate & murder water-engine inventors to limit us to their filthy oil, but is equally vigilant to suppress any-and-all evidence that proves that Darwinism is at best a joke (on us!), but worst a pseudo-scientific scam and propaganda victory for them! The emperor is naked after all, and only a little boy was brave enough to call him out on it. How about you?

Evolutionist Crypto Gate Keeper Loren Coleman

Another telling aspect to this entire saga is the following!
The fake model of the Yellow photo, was bought up by “respected” evolutionist crypto-zoologist, Loren Coleman! This man –or should we call him Gatekeeper?– broadly displays it on his website no doubt as a strong statement, preaching to his forum choir. But also Coleman is guilty of debunking the strawman, the fake yellow photo as “the fake Civil War pterodactyl!” Neither Coleman seems to wanna feature the “real McCoy.” Why do all these talking heads like to eclipse the true original photo?

Loren Coleman’s site features the fake ptero and the fake yellow picture, but omits the true sepia shot.

It makes you wonder about “respected” Loren Coleman. If his intent is to alsodebunk the civil war pterodactyl” [actually a pteranodon], then of course he will also black out the sepia! And that’s exactly what he does! He largely omits that photo, featuring it only together with other “more doubtful easily debunked“‘ pterosaur photos which are not as clear as the sepia one.

Coleman obfuscates original photo

He’ll probably either ignore this article [update: he has so far!] or post some lame rationalisation, or attack the legitimacy of “the Creationists’ sepia shot.” And here I’m not even a “creationist!” I try not to mix religion with science. I just discovered a rat in a woodpile. That’s all. In my humble opinion, Loren Coleman is an obfuscating evolutionist gatekeeper!

To any real journalists and died-in-the-wool truth-seekers, it’s obvious what’s going on here, how this photo is being blackballed, vilified and “debunked!” — That handy word they love to apply to every oopart that doesn’t fit their man-centered, self-centered, secular-humanist philosophy that is killing this world as we speak.

Why all the fuss about one little photo!

This 1864 pteranodon photo is not just an insignificant little photo. It is that dangerous to the elite and their programming of the masses, because it’s not “politically correct“, nor “kosher” to these invisible, stealthy, psychological war-mongering, Satanic powers, who deliberately confuse and deceive us on so many issues: Pearl Harbor, JFK, RFK, JFK Jr., Martin Luther King, USS Liberty, Oklahoma bombing, Palestine, 9-11, H1N1, “Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming”, their fake “War on Terror”, the “benefits” of the “Bail Out” the disastrous daylight robbery of the left-over riches of our nations, etc.

They fight Truth in all its forms, but especially this photo! They don’t mind so much the “Grassy Knoll shooter”, or the “9-11 Truth-ers”, etc. They simply “debunk” those in their powerful media. But their ire is especially roused by and reserved for actual documentary proof of the most persecuted scientific fact and historical truth; Living Dinosaurs in Modern Times! Alive Pterosaurs in 1864! “Thunderbirds” (American Indian name for Pterosaurs) seen in the 21-st Century, or the African “Kongamato” (right pic) and the “Mokele Mbembe” sauropods observed in the Kongo by both African natives and even Westerners.

Mokele MBembe as locals described it, a Sauropod.

Graphic impression of ‘Mokele MBembe’ as Kongo locals who saw it described it, a Sauropod.

Lake Champlain Plesiosaur as seen and photographed by Sandi Mansi

Lake Champlain Plesiosaurus ‘CHAMP’ seen & photographed by Sandi Mansi.

This is the most dangerous evidence of all, as there exists no other documentary evidence as clear as this, still in circulation! Compared to the more ambiguous Dino-Plus-Man Foot prints, or even Champ as seen by Sandi Mansi, this Ptero is the “Real McCoy!” And anyone who loves truth, even though it may be unsettling at first, should take a good hard look at it! Because this is the best historical evidence that Pterosaurs were alive and breeding, procreating and flying around in the mid 18-hundreds you’ll ever hope to find.. staring you right in the face!

A very disturbing pin in the Darwinian balloon. It doesn’t just question but destroys the cornerstone of the entire construct of modern Scientism (pseudo-scientific language!), called “Dinosaurs”, the fabrication that “dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago” whereas this shows that dragons were/are alive recently!

Because it also pulls into question the idea that us humans are a “62 million year old improvement after the dinosaur!” We’re told that our species’ career, started “three million years ago” in their statistically impossible “evolutionary process” whereas beneficial mutations have never been observed changing one species into another! Instead our real Genesis began not more than 10.000 years ago, as the world’s  500 some ethnic Flood histories unanimously dictate!

Pterosaurs were not only alive and breeding in 1860, but are still seen at times in several places around the gloomy globe even today by both believing and skeptic humans alike! And when not if– they are alive, then that means there is something fatally wrong with their “standard scientific genesis theory & consensus

The PTB (powers-that-be), dear readers, do not allow to have their prized propaganda success story of lo these last 150 years, so foundational to all of their so-called “Modern Science”, go down the drain, get undermined, falsified or… perish the thought… defeated!


“Dinosaurs” or Dragons live(d) with man recently!

Dragons are not fictional but 100 % factual and historically documented and are definitely not 65 million years extinct! That is the grossest lie & fabrication they rammed down our throats for so long, which deceived pitiful doubting Christendom out of their saving faith! Dragons were not only real and frequently historically documented, but our wise, respectable, honorable forebears saw them, had to fight them, and were sometimes even killed and devoured by them, as the Welsh King Morvidus in 300 BC was gobbled down “as a fish swallows a little fish!”.



Contrary to the elite-controlled Mass Media TV-industry created ‘popular opinion’, our primogenitors or patriarchs were neither stupid, nor retarded descendants of fictional “cavemen” who couldn’t read nor write, nor observe their own history, as Darwinist “science” would have us believe, reinforcing the miserable meme with every cartoon and movie they plan and produce!



Modern “historians”, severely TV- & Hellywood- propagandised & biased against our true patriarchs and former generations, arrogantly accuse them of “writing fiction” instead of history! How dare they call their experiences “myths!” It’s modern historians who write myths, like the official 9-11 theory that “steel melts by airplane fuel fires” to deceive our present day mass-media dupes!

Dragon-ShangOur forefathers had to deal with dragons, as virtually every nation, culture, or race on this planet did! Especially here in China! All our temples still proudly feature Chinese dragons, and at Chinese New Year we traditionally explode fireworks to scare of the big “Nian” dragon! You think they just vainly conjured them up in their imagination, or as your fancy pants call it, their “collective consciousness” or something? No! They SAW them and had to deal with them! Even your Marco Polo reported seeing them in China as such!

We still have entire fossilized Dino eggs laying around in our Mainland China dinosaur grave yards. Still whole and entire… after 65 million years?? You know how long that is? I’ll tell you, Confucius’ bones are dust after almost 3000!

Oh I see, because they are “fossilized!” Ah ya! 65 million divided by 3000 years? That’s 21,666 times Confucius lifespan “only”! Right! NO WAY JOSÉ! You’ve been had! Wake up!

The “psychological war” mongers and their rich mercantile handlers are very proud of their foremost brainwashing  success! (See Bernays video below!) They were able to dethrone and replace your honorable Christian Genesis of Man consensus of yesteryear by their new fangled “Scientific genesis” consensus! And because of your gullibility they are now laughing all the way to the BANK! Ha ha!

They taught you in school, that silly fable sequence:
“Nothing!–Big Bang!–Gas clouds–Planets–Rain on the rocks–Primordial soup–Emergence of [scientifically disproved!] “spontaneous generation” of life–Simple [very complicated!] Cell, –Amoeba, –Fish, –Amphibians, –Reptiles, –DINOSAURS!!!, –Mammals, –Monkeys, –Primates, –MAN, –Humanism, –New World Order!–Totalitarian Tyranny!”

Well, they don’t teach us the last two of course, but that’s what they have on the menu for the dumbed down masses! Whereas this lone photo denies their entire fabrication, as this huge 1864 Pterosaur is 100 % identical with its alleged “65 million year old” Pterosaur relatives! Which raises a legit question: Are its deceased family members’ skeletons REALLY millions of years old?

How do you assume that one lone straggling Pterosaur managed to survive 65 million years of “evolution”, yet never changing all that time?! Like those 350 million year old flies trapped in amber globs, are still the same as flies today! No change in all that time? Evolution doesn’t seem to work very well! Or perhaps it decided to stop for 63 million years? Or 350 million years for the flies! Like the Wollemie Pine, the “dinosaur of trees“, a few years ago was found thriving in the Australian outback!

Maybe perhaps, this one lone picture, denuded from all their Haxan spin and Bernays’ engineering of consent, could awaken some of you sleepers, and eventually even the entire deceived 21st century “evolutionary” generation of Man, out of their elite induced stupor!

Hello! Can you now finally SEE this photo as it really is? And SEE why they hate it with a vengeance? Can you finally SEE the most beleaguered photo in the history of man? Without all the false religious media conditioning? We sure hope and pray you do! Your future depends on it!


This Above Article Is Now Available here as a PPS POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!


Watch and weep how Edward L. Bernays, the professional deceiver, was approached in 1929 to attract then non-smoking ladies as a new audience to cancer-causing tobacco! How he orchestrated a “Torches of Freedom” march from coast to coast USA, and deceived an entire generation!
Also did you know that Nat Rockefeller confessed to Aaron Russo, that they engineered and sponsored “Women’s liberation” to be able to doubly tax the population, to force their children into state schools, and to frustrate men sexually, to disrupt the Family unit as ordained by God? That’s why many women are like men today, and families fall apart! ‘Bing’ it if you don’t believe it!


  1. SOURCE PICTURES: On this website one can find the testimony of James Files’ confession, that was recorded in the prison where he has been incarcerated for many years.
  2. Source:
  3. Source:
  4. Source: False positives in psychological warfare: Inventing a fictitious persona with actions or beliefs which are then criticized, implying that the person represents a group of whom the speaker is critical. Doing the same with an undesired object or fact, create a false object and attack that for being false, will eclipse and obfuscate the original object.
  5. obfuscation (countable and uncountable; plural obfuscations) (uncountable) The act or process of obfuscating, or obscuring the perception of something; the concept of concealing the meaning of a communication by making it more confusing and harder to interpret.
  6. Chromatic aberration results in the blurred coloring of the edge of an image when white light is sent through a lens. This is caused by the fact that some colors of light are bent, or refracted, more than others after passing through a lens. For example, violet light is bent more than red and thus is brought to a focus nearer the lens than red. No single lens can ever be free of chromatic aberration.” Source:
  7. SOURCE: The “blue book”:  The BSCS or Blue BookAround 1965, the BSCS, the Biological Sciences Curriculum Studies, the Blue Book, came out, which the introduction said was authored and edited and produced by the nation’s 70 leading biological scientists to be used as a workbook in conjunction with biological studies in every high school in the United States and furnished to the high school and to their students individually by the millions of copies, free of charge paid for by the U.S. Government.


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49 comments for “The Civil War Pterosaur shot no one should see!”- Must read!

  1. Dinotopia
    April 8, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Very impressive and well laid out article. It shows to what lengths the elite will go to suppress important information and evidence against evolution. These kind of incidents might be considered obscure and trivial, however because of the enormity and pervasiveness of evolution, these discoveries are very relevant for our times and would be a real game changer if publicly admitted.

  2. Enlightened
    April 24, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Great article that clears the air, but damning for some of these so-called crypto zoologists! I came here from a site that calls itself “AboveTopSecret.” You should see the comments there! Either these people didn’t read your article or that outfit is run by a bunch of gate-keepers posing as forum participants, to steer conversations away from anything truly above-top-secret! They behave in the exact fashion as you described above here. “Thought police!” Keep up the good work!

  3. Enlightened
    April 26, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    I CAN’T RESIST. I repost here for once, an intelligent poster from “ABOVE TOPSECRET.COM”, the commercial gate-keeper “conspiracy” site. Why didn’t she post it here. Stay away from that outfit. She said:

    Thanks for posting that article! I have debated those two pictures with some hard headed skeptics for literally years now, and they refuse to see the truth. The second, fake, picture was done for a program called “Freaky Links”, but is nowhere near as authentic-looking for the men as is the first, and the “pterosaur” in the second looks like a collapsed kite. The first, though, looks remarkably real.

    Some years back, my brother and I saw something that could have been one of these. It was late at night (very common for us), and we were outside talking. Saw something really large (6-10 feet) flying around across the street. Both of us were, and are, quite familiar with various water birds, bats, birds of prey, etc, and this was none of those. Plus, there was something really menacing about it. It scared us both, and we didn’t scare easily. That particular event has already been detailed to a researcher in the field, and should be in an upcoming book.
    Too many people report seeing these things to dismiss them out of hand.

  4. sonofthedestroyer
    May 29, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    Great article. But i dont believe that Jesus Christ is my saviour. The bible is a mixture os historic truth and falsehood.
    But dinosaurs still living in recent times i know for certain. Not because of christians but because of the tribal people of the Congo and New Guinea (aswell as other tribes across the world). These people are not interested in tourism and often dont like outsiders coming into their forests. So they are not lying to get tourists there. They really see these animals. And jesus christ is not their saviour and he is not my saviour either.

  5. Power Point Paradise
    May 29, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Ah, it takes time. It took me 23 years to let Him in.

  6. kenny
    June 3, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    believe in what u believe !!! everything is possible ^_^

  7. Power Point Paradise
    June 3, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Hey there Kenny! You are surprising us finally! At least On line that is! Ha! :)
    Did you mean that “you believe what I believe” too? Well, you’d better believe it! :) Ha! Hao Xiao!

  8. justin
    June 16, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Do you have any idea where this book “Was Earth Visited by Aliens” can be found? This website is the only result I get when I search for it.

  9. Power Point Paradise
    June 16, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Hi Justin. You could email Chris the owner of evolutionary ooparts website at:, who told me he had just ordered a copy of it. Love and peace!

  10. Thunderbirdman
    August 1, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    The “Holy Grail” of Enthusiasts & Collectors of the Unknown

    Books on the Unexplained from Whitechapel Press

    American Unsolved Mysteries & Tales of the Unexplained by Troy Taylor

    The History, Mystery & Unexplained of the Prairie State

    Hauntings, Horrors & Unsolved Mysteries of the Great Outdoors

    The story of the “Tombstone Thunderbird” has intrigued me as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I remember reading the story and being amazed. How, I asked myself, could what seemed to be a prehistoric creature like a pterodactyl be shot by cowboys in the 1800’s? Such a thing seemed impossible but evidence existed in the form of many stories and references to the event and of course, existed in the form of a photograph. That was the really exciting part – that photograph! I still remember what it looked like today.

    Or do I?

    You see, in more recent years, an even greater mystery has developed than whether or not a group of cowpokes shot down a “flying monster” in the Arizona desert. That mystery surrounds the elusive photograph that was taken of the incident and which many of us (myself included) believe that we saw. But if we did, where is the photo and what has become of it over the years?

    One of the first accounts that was written of the Thunderbird that was allegedly killed in Tombstone was in the book On the Old West Coast by Major Horace Bell. I was able to track down a copy of this long out of print title and found it to be a very readable and entertaining book about Bell’s adventures in California in the late 1800’s. On the Old West Coast was published in 1930 and edited from Bell’s writings by Lanier Bartlett.

    Horace Bell had previously written a book called Reminiscences of a Ranger about his life in and journeys throughout California, Texas, Mexico and Central America. Bell had been a miner, a Ranger who pursued Joaquin Murrietta, a soldier of fortune in the forces of Benito Juarez in Mexico, an aide to General William Walker in Nicaragua, a Union officer in the Civil War and on the Texas border and finally, a newspaper editor in Los Angeles. He was considered a history writer and while he admitted to often writing stories that were “tongue in cheek”, he declared that he was a truthful history writer, chronicling events as they happened. This is why the events that he wrote about in the Lake Elizabeth area – and by extension, Tombstone – are so strange to read about today.

    The account in Bell’s book, in a chapter entitled “Spit in the Mouth of Hell”, does not start out to be about the creature that was killed in Tombstone. Bell believed that this same creature had its origins in California instead.

    In October 1886, a Los Angeles, California newspaper reported on some strange events that had been occurring for years around nearby Lake Elizabeth. According to early stories from the days of the Spanish occupation of the region, the lake had long been considered a haunted place, plagued by frightening voices, shrieks, screams and groans that apparently emanated from the lake itself. After the Spanish, the Mexican settlers refused to live near the lake. They called it “La Laguna del Diablo” – the “Devil’s Lake”.

    In the middle 1830’s, Don Pedro Carrillo purchased the land around La Laguna del Diablo and built a hacienda, barn and corral by the water. He disregarded the superstitions about the place but just three months after construction on his ranch was completed, he abandoned the place. He stated that there were supernatural beings nearby and refused to live there. The land remained idle for the next two decades and even after the Americans came to the region, the lake was shunned as a cursed spot.

    Some years later, Don Chico Lopez settled on the property and what occurred next was told in a manuscript by
    Don Guillermo Embustero y Mentiroso, who was a guest at the Lopez ranch. According to Don Guillermo, a great agitation took place during his visit. Around noon one day, Lopez’s foreman, Chico Vasquez, rode up to the hacienda very upset. He told of strange happenings at the lake and everyone saddled their horses and rode out to the shore. They arrived to find the water calm and quiet and Lopez began berating his foreman for bothering them with foolishness but then stopped as a terrifying scream came from some brush at the edge of the lake. The plants whipped back and forth and the account stated that they were so close to whatever was lurking in the brush that they could smell its foul breath. The men were startled when their horses reared up and began running in fright.

    As they brought their horses back under control, the men turned and looked back to the lake. Silhouetted against the sky was a large creature with enormous wings. The creature flapped them over and over again as it tried to rise from the mud. It roared and screamed and churned up the water around it. The horses and men fled in a panic. The next morning, all of the vaqueros on the ranch were mustered, armed and sent down to the lake to investigate. There was no sign of the winged monster but it was said that the smell of it still lingered in the air.
    In 1883, the Lopez horses and cattle began to vanish. At first, bears or wolves were thought to be responsible but then one night, there was a terrible uproar in the corral. When the vaqueros came running, they found that ten mares and foals had been slaughtered. They said that, outlined against the sky, they saw the huge flying creature as it flapped away into the darkness. Don Chico Lopez promptly sold out and moved away from the area.

    Then in 1886, the newspaper reported more strange happenings at Lake Elizabeth. The reports stated that a creature had been feeding on cattle, horses, sheep and chickens and had caused terror and excitement among the local inhabitants. On one occasion, the beast had tried to devour a large steer but as the animal bellowed and kicked, the sound attracted the attention of its owner, Don Felipe Rivera. The steer put up a fierce fight and managed to free itself. The angry creature then retreated but not before Rivera got a good look at it. He said that it was at least 45 feet long and had wings that laid flat on its back when not expanded. He pursued the monster as it started towards the lake and fired at it with his Colt revolver. Rivera said that when the bullets struck the monster’s side, it sounded as if they were hitting a “great iron kettle”.

    But Don Felipe was nothing if not enterprising and he made immediate plans to try and capture the creature and sell it to the circus. He even signed a contract with Sells Brothers, who agreed to pay him $20,000 to deliver the beast to him alive. Don Felipe never managed to capture the creature, although it was reportedly seen several times in 1886. The creature was last seen, according to Horace Bell, winging away to the east.

    “Since then,” he wrote, “it has never been seen in its native valley because it was found and killed 800 miles from Lake Elizabeth, as is proved by the article that appeared in the Epitaph, Tombstone, Arizona.” Bell then goes on to quote from the article, which he apparently saw, and provides details to the story. However, he does not say that the event occurred in 1886, as many believe. He provides a follow-up story, which is about the Tombstone article, that appeared in a Los Angeles newspaper in 1890. For this reason, it’s safe to assume that the Thunderbird (if it really existed) was killed at some point between 1886 and 1890.

    The article states that two ranchers sighted an enormous flying creature in the Arizona desert between Whetstone and the Huachuca Mountains. The beast resembled a huge alligator with an extremely elongated tail and an immense pair of wings. According to their story, the creature was greatly exhausted and was only able to fly a short distance at a time. The men, who were on horseback and armed with Winchester rifles, pursued the creature for several miles before getting close enough to open fire on it and wound it. The creature then turned on the cowboys but due to its exhaustion, they were able to keep far enough away from it until a few more shots could kill it.

    An examination of the creature showed that it measured 92 feet in length and that its greatest diameter was about 50 inches. It had only two feet, situated a short distance in front of where the wings joined the body. The beak, as near as they could judge, was about eight feet long and its jaws were set with strong, sharp teeth. They experienced some difficulty trying to measure the wings, as they had folded up underneath the body as the monster had fallen, but eventually unrolled one of them. It was an incredible 78 feet in length, giving the beast a wingspan of about 160 feet. The wings were of a thick, nearly transparent membrane that had no feathers or hair on it. Its flesh was relatively smooth though and had been easily penetrated by their bullets.

    The ranchers cut off a portion of the wing and took it with them, perhaps as proof of what they had seen. After arriving in Tombstone, they spread the word of the creature and made plans to return to the site where it had fallen and to skin it. They planned, the article stated, to offer the hide to eminent scientists for examination. They returned to the site to bring the creature back to town and here, the article ends. There are no details of the body being brought to town and no mention whatsoever of any photograph being taken.

    The story of the Thunderbird was relegated to the ranks of creatures like the “jackalope” until 1963, when the story was revived. In the May 1963 issue of Saga, a men’s magazine of the day, writer Jack Pearl recounted the story of the Tombstone Thunderbird, along with some large bird sightings of the early 1960’s. Not only did he tell the story though, he went one step further and claimed that the Tombstone Epitaph had, in 1886, “published a photograph of a huge bird nailed to a wall. The newspaper said that it had been shot by two prospectors and hauled into town by wagon. Lined up in front of the bird were six grown men with their arms outstretched, fingertip to fingertip. The creature measured about 36 feet from wingtip to wingtip.”

    While this is a different variation of the story (and size of the creature), it seems to be referring to the same incident. Was this nothing more than a mythic legend of the west, or was there something to the story after all?

    In the September 1963 issue of Fate magazine, a correspondent to the magazine named H.M Cranmer would state that not only was the story true, but the photo was published and had appeared in newspapers all over America. And Cranmer would not be the only one who remembered the photo. Eminent researcher Ivan T. Sanderson also remembered seeing the photo and in fact, even claimed to have once had a photocopy of it that he loaned to two associates, who lost it. The editors of Fate even came to believe that they may have published the photo in an earlier issue of the magazine but a search through back issues failed to reveal it. Meanwhile, the original Epitaph story, which again mentions no photograph, was revived in a 1969 issue of Old West, further confusing the issue as to whether the photo was real or not.

    The Epitaph however stated that it did not exist, or if it did, it had not been in their newspaper. Responding to numerous inquiries, employees of the paper started a thorough search of back issues and files. They could find no such photo and even an extended search of other Arizona and California newspapers of the period produced no results. A number of articles that appeared in Pursuit, the journal for the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained prompted a memory from W. Ritchie Benedict, who recalled seeing Ivan T. Sanderson himself display a copy of the photo on a Canadian television show “The Pierre Benton Show”. Unfortunately though, no copies of the show have ever been found.

    So, is the photo real? And if not, then why do so many of us with an interest in the unusual claim to remember seeing it? Who knows? In the late 1990’s, author John Keel insisted that “I know I saw it! And not only that – I compared notes with a lot of other people who saw it.” Like many of us, Keel believes that he saw it in one of the men’s magazines (like Saga or True) that were so popular in the 1960’s. Most of these magazines dealt with amazing subject matter like Bigfoot, ghosts and more. Keel also remembers the photo in the same way that most of us do – with men wearing cowboy clothing and the bird looking like a pterodactyl or some prehistoric, winged creature.

    Interestingly, a reprint of the original article that appeared in Old West magazine caused a reader to remember another strange incident. He wrote to the magazine in the summer of 1970 and gave a firsthand account of a separate flying monster incident that also occurred near Tombstone. The writer had met two cowboys who told about seeing a similar creature around 1890, although they had shot at and chased the creature until their horses refused to go any further. This giant bird was not killed, brought to town or photographed. In fact, except for the fact that it was not shot down, their account sounds much closer to Bell’s original report.

    During the 1990’s, the search for the “Thunderbird Photo” reached a point of obsession for those interested in the subject. A discussion of the matter stretched over several issues of Mark Chorvinsky’s Strange magazine and readers who believed they had seen the photo cited sources that ranged from old books, to Western photograph collections, men’s magazines, National Geographic and beyond. As for myself, I combed through literally hundreds of issues of dusty copies of True and Saga but could find nothing more than the previously mentioned article by Jack Pearl. If the photo exists, I certainly don’t have it in my own collection.

    So, how do we explain this weird phenomena of a photograph that so many remember seeing and yet no one can seem to find? Author Mark Hall believes that the description of the photo creates such a vivid image in the mind that many people who have a knowledge and an interest in curious and eclectic things begin to think the photo is familiar. It literally creates a “shared memory” of something that does not exist. We think we have seen it, but we actually have not.

    To be honest, I can’t say for sure if I agree with this or not. I can certainly see the possibility of a “memory” like this that we have created from inside of our own overcrowded minds, but then again, what if the photo does exist and it’s out there, just waiting to be discovered in some dusty garage, overflowing file cabinet or musty basement. I, for one, haven’t given up quite yet – and I have a feeling that I am not the only one who is still out there looking.

    But are thunderbirds and mysterious flying creatures actually real? Do they fill the skies of anything other than our imaginations? If not, then what have so many people seen over the years? At this point, such creatures remain a mystery but one thing is sure, the sightings have continued over the years and occasionally an unusual report still trickles in from somewhere across America. So keep that in mind the next time that you are standing in an open field and a large, dark shadow suddenly fills the sky overhead. Was that just a cloud passing in front of the sun – or something else??

  11. Robert
    October 18, 2010 at 2:32 am

    The recent Bigfoot episode is the same story. First photos of the real thing then photos of an obvious fake are distributed to create a hoax explanation. Where are the truth police?

  12. morrison birznieks
    October 25, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    this is a very well made website and has lots of facts and info but maybe you can make a website on the truth of the pterodactly and wen thay realy die’d out from morrison birznieks

  13. Fred
    February 13, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    I remember seeing the photo back in the 60’s or 70’s when I was a kid. I don’t remember where but I’m thinking on TV. I think it was Believe It or Not. But there is one episode I remember to this day of which I haven’t been able to find. The episode was that an inventor back in the 20’s said he could make a car run on water. They filmed the controlled event. He went over to the gas tank and put something in. Then he went over to the front and hand cranked the engine. He got in the Model T and drove off. Later his shop burned down and he died. I don’t remember if he died in the fire or not. All the info gone?

  14. Power Point Paradise
    February 14, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Thanks Fred,
    Another confirmation. Yes if you do water engines you have to be very careful. The reason people die is because they want to hold on to the patent to make money! And then they pay with their lives. If there would be just one person that has the secret plans, and would post them on the internet in one day on many websites, make them downloadable in pdf forms everywhere, then I am sure he would get his reward later, and we would be able to get rid of the oil corps. Selfishness is one of the roots of evil. Imagine if Jesus had made Salvation available for money! Ha! Just the thought! Hell would be full to the brim! Thank God he gave it away for free and died doing it. The “corporations” of Satan didn’t like that either!

  15. Power Point Paradise
    February 15, 2011 at 12:13 am

    Just in case you didn’t think that the Mainstream media and the Evolutionary “Thought Police” are that militant about obscuring and obfuscating the truth, that “the Emperor is naked indeed!”
    Assalaam Alaiykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, well yesterday I came across this wonderful research: … -must-see/

    The problem is that it doesn’t stop at this point, but if you clicked the following link: … 08a607e93d

    You will see that it links to a google search where the terms “powerpointparadise pterosaur yahooanswers” are searched, the only result as you can see is from Yahoo answers, where the cache displayed shows clearly that someone had cited as a reference, but when you click the link to see the current page, you will see that has no mention at all !!!

    The disaster is that till yesterday, the date I discovered the issue, there was a cached page at this adress: … en&strip=1
    Linking to the same page but containing the answer linking back to, but it was deleted today!!!

    You can even check Yahoo search:;_ylt=A0o … top&fr=sfp
    Thus far Noble Lenient’s comment on their forum to be found here:

    It is amazing to me, because in this speccific case both Yahoo AND Google conspired against our reference as a Yahoo Answer to the authenticity of the Sepia Photo.
    There is a war going on, people. God bless NobleLenient, a Muslim, for bringing this to our attention.
    Please anyone link to our research, because the more people know about the evolution scam & the 65 million year extinction myth of dinosaurs, the more people will wake up.

  16. Dedicated_Dad
    March 20, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Sadly, one of the reasons you repeatedly point to support your pic is the proof it is a fake.

    The civil-war soldiers’ possession of “powder flasks” or “powder horns” are proof that the photo’s creator didn’t quite get it either…

    Civil-war-era arms were charged with standardized paper cartridges which contained the powder and ball. The soldier carried these in his “cartridge box.” This standard actually went back to well before the Revolution.

    Civil war-era rifles however used “Percussion Caps” – much like a modern “primer” – they were a metal cup filled with a substance which flashed when struck. The rifle was loaded from the muzzle – one end of the cartridge was torn off (usually with the teeth) and the powder dumped down the barrel. Next the ball was placed and rammed down with the ramrod.

    Again – this far, little had changed in more than a century – but this is where things get sticky…

    In a civil-war rifle, the hammer would be pulled back and a “cap” placed on the rifle’s “nipple” — a tubular fixture which guided the spark produced by the cap down into the powder charge to ignite it and fire the bullet or ball.

    No powder-horn/flask/whatever needed!

    FLINTLOCK muskets did not use percussion-caps. Their hammer held a flint, which struck a steel “frizzen” and created a spark which fell into a small pan, igniting a small charge of powder which would then ignite the larger charge inside the musket’s barrel.

    Flintlocks – though generally also loaded by paper-cartridge – had to have their “flash pan” charged by pouring in a small amount of powder. THIS is why soldiers in Revolutionary times carried a powder-flask — to charge the flash-pan after loading their rifle.

    The “sepia photo” shows men with percussion-cap rifles and powder-flasks — thus proving the pic an otherwise admirable fake.

    Sorry, I really wish it weren’t so, but … There it is…


  17. Power Point Paradise
    March 20, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Dear Dedicated Dad.

    Don’t worry that it isn’t so! Because all hope that it is a true photo, is not lost, because of what appear to be gunpowder flasks. :) I just did a tiny bit of research, and guess what…

    Let me ask you sir; Do you think that some soldiers in World War 2 still used horses, while they had all these modern tanks available? Of course some still did! Even today!

    Only two out of the six civil war soldiers have what looks like a powder flask hanging of their chest belts.
    Could it be that these two were carrying extra revolvers that still needed powder-flasks, like the ones below? Why not! Perhaps they weren’t as outmoded as you think, because no. 506 in the catalog was produced in America in 1860! Four years before this true, genuine pteranodon photo was taken! And if no. 505 was older, well then perhaps it was like a horse in WW2. It must have been extra back-up to their long rifles, for close combat. Actually if you look close at the 2nd flask soldier, he does wear a revolver on his left side!

    By the way, I did not “repeatedly” refer to this horn. Mentioned only twice. But you’re right! I do repeat myself sometimes. G*d help me! :) (Sir. Why do you spell God with an asterix on your blog?)
    So cheer up sir! It IS a true photo after all.

    Who is next to attack a “photoshopped” photo from the days before PC-s and Photoshop!, to save your old cherished conditioning of the Great 20th Century Evolution deception? I went through it myself. As a child in elementary school I also drank it in as “Gospel truth!” I know it is very hard to shake! But most of all very shameful and embarrassing not to believe in politically correct Evolution, and to be made a public example of a “blithering fundamentalist idiot and Creationist.” They got everyone so scared and sewn up in their “The emperor DOES have clothes on!” No one dares to disagree! Except for the brave little boy who said, Look! The emperor is NAKED!”

    Next I will get a comment of someone who will claim to have produced and staged the photo in 1860! Ha!

    revolver civil war

    revolver powder flask

    All this I found on

    Ah, I found some more:

    revolver civil war

    revolver powder flask text

    But let me reiterate (repeat myself) here, one more time, again… The main proof the photograph is real, is not merely in the powder-horns, uniforms, or the correct Pteranodon anatomy, but in the fact that they had to create a fake in order to eclipse the original photo. That’s the “smoking gun!

  18. Price
    March 21, 2011 at 8:00 am

    I believe that dinosaurs and humans co-existed and subscribe to Creation from the Bible. That being said, I think both pictures are fake due several reasons.

    When I look at real Civil War Era pictures, I see people in very stiff poses with their arms in a more military grip than either of these pictures. The “soldiers” are too relaxed and sloppy with how they hold their rifles for it to be a period picture. Also, the body fat content of people in both pictures are well in excess of what people had in those meager days of the war.

    The text claims that Confederartes shot the creature, but we see Union troops in the picture. What’s that about? A red herring?

    I think both pictures are reasonable fakes. That doesn’t mean that the Creation story is wrong. Only that people have too much time on their hands to play around with pictures. I submit this respectfully.

  19. Power Point Paradise
    March 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    You’re right. My bad. You see, I am not American, but I am sure learning a lot about Union soldiers these days.

    As far as fat and skinny union soldiers, you are partly right.
    True there were skinny Union soldiers. Here is one! Caption says he was released from prison, but to me, he looks more released from life! Which does prove that some Union soldiers were stiff when photographed! Then again he is definitely not standing at attention!
    skinny union soldier

    But here are some of the more fatter Union soldiers at Gettysburg, you didn’t think existed. They look definitely more stuffed than our Pteranodon guys. Maybe they just came from the farm to join the army, because I don’t think McDonalds already had a ‘French-Ice’ in Gettysburg at that time! But I might be wrong there again, because perhaps they already had “Freedom Fries” then, instead of French ones.
    Anyway most of you Americans, if you don’t die in the coming Civil War, you will die from French fries & TV dinners, while watching Barry Soetoro on CNN justifing his Noble Prize for Peace, by killing a few thousand more innocent men, women and children, in yet another sovereign country, half way around the globe, while the American Christians scour their Old Testament to justify “supporting the troops” with passages about the Amalekites, instead of Jesus’ direct words to love your neighbours, and if that doesn’t take, to even love your enemies. But then again, Americans, while 70 % is claiming they be “born again Christians”, will damn well do as they please any old how, whether by hook or by crook.
    IF they ever make it to Heaven, it may be to shine shoes in the basement, for going into and all over the world to shoot everyone as fish in a barrel, instead of obeying the Lords command of “Go ye into all the world to preach the GOSPEL to every creature!” (Mark 16:15) (except for the few shining exceptions who establish the rule!)
    fat union soldier

    And here are some relaxed, sloppy, slouchy ones, not even standing at attention while being photographed, playing around with a squirrel, of all things! Shame on these soldiers. they make the Union to stink!:
    skinny union soldier

    Thanks for your correction, mate.
    G’day. And keep the faith! :)

    Who is next?

  20. sonofthedestroyer
    June 2, 2011 at 8:06 am

    You may be interested to know that i tried an experiment.
    I pasted the link to this page on cryptomundo, and Loren deleted it.

  21. Power Point Paradise
    June 2, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    It does not surprise me in the least. Loren Coleman never did react to my wondering about his real motivations, and minimising and obfuscating the original photo with the strawman photo. Thanks for your comment.

  22. Mikee
    June 20, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Great article, the world has been almost completely deceived by the joke of evolution. It has destroyed this modern age. Congratulations to those who can see through this massive lie. Delusion & destruction is the fruit of the evolutionary world view.

  23. Power Point Paradise
    June 21, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Thanks Mikee.
    Thank God for you. Keep on spreading His truth daily. Love and prayers!

  24. TheNobleLenient
    December 9, 2011 at 9:20 am

    You should see the works of Harun Yahya, aka Mr. Adnan Oktar, maybe you should work together, this evil is beyond any religion or political movement, masons and Zionists are just serving partners, I have read a book for someone who investigated the whole thing, and linked it to the Anti-Christ? yup, hard to believe, One Eyed man who lives on an isolated island, he owns an army of demons in flesh, waiting for the right moment to step in, who the hell is he? the Samaritan ? “Moshiach ben satan” as some Christians mention him as the Antichrist? the false Messiah? it is a war like you said, between those who believe in the owner, and those who believe in the cause, the dollar bill explains it all

  25. RG
    April 18, 2012 at 4:06 am

    The first photo is a beauty, and I would love to see a Pterodon flying over my head, but it still doesn’t disprove evolution. The Horshoe Crab is the oldest unchanged living species on earth. It PRE-DATES the dinosaurs yet today can be found on beaches around the world. This merely proves that it is one tough and lucky survivor. Disproving evolution isn’t so easy.

  26. Power Point Paradise
    April 20, 2012 at 2:43 am

    Oh it is very easy… for the billions who don’t believe in it! It is just that that Darwinist religion has Elite and MS media support, what is called political correctness.

  27. pteranodon
    May 7, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Have there been attempts to track the believe-it-or-not type book where the Sepia Shot was published in the 1950-ies or 1960-ies?

  28. Power Point Paradise
    May 7, 2012 at 1:05 am

    We don’t know of any, but people have stated that they had seen it.

  29. pteranodon
    May 8, 2012 at 1:25 am

    All right. Is it known whether someone in the early 1990-ies scanned the photo from a page of that book or from the original photo, perhaps from a family album?

  30. Power Point Paradise
    May 8, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    It is known that it was scanned in the early 1990-ies and put on the internet, because that’s when it appeared. Whether from the book or family album we don’t know. Do you? I wish the scanner would reveal himself. Why he hasn’t, is a mystery. Perhaps fear if he scanned Smithsonian property and has a job there. Even if he would reveal himself now, he could only prove it by showing the original photo or book. Perhaps it is not his! Or hers?

  31. pteranodon
    May 10, 2012 at 12:06 am

    I don’t know either. But maybe some photo analyst could tell if it was scanned from a book page or a photo, judging by the resolution for example. Is it known where on the Internet it appeared for the first time?

  32. DT
    July 10, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    Is anyone going to answer RG’s point above? Even if this photo were genuine it does not dis-prove evolution; plenty of animals are alive today that pre-date the dinosaurs. You are advocating an evolutionist conspiracy which wouldn’t benefit evolutionists.

  33. Power Point Paradise
    July 10, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Mr. Thomas. YOU could answer it. A child could. And it IS answered in the article. Evolution is indeed an elite supported, staged hoax, and conspiracy against the Bible & Christianity! Nothing else.
    Their machinations are obvious in the entire saga of two photos. But this is definitely not the only cover-up either. There is much evidence that dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time as man and not 65 million years ago either. You can find lots of evidence at www. if you care enough.
    But it’s similar to the Anthropogenic Global Warming saga, staged to create a One World Government through international Carbon Tax. The “believers” or green watermelons (red on the inside) say with academic elite and media elite support “The debate is over” “There is a consensus.” “Most scientists support AGW”, “Climate Gate was a storm in a glass water!” “Gleick is cleared from crime!” etc. etc, when it just ain’t so!

    When Bankers own not just the gold but the media as well, appoint the Supreme Court, and buy the Senate & Congress, “Democracy” is finished, except there is a revolution!”
    Like ‘a snowball in hell’, there is no way to turn public opinion away from the hobbled paradigm of Darwinism back to the historicity of Genesis, even though a ‘Recent Global Flood History’ has much more evidence than the “billions of years joke.” But as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no way to convince a public against its will when they just don’t WANT their Creator, no matter what evidence you trot out. And thus it will be a losing battle until the unbelieving tribes of the earth begin their mourning at His Coming.

    TO recapitulate: This obfuscating of a genuine photo of a living dinosaur in 1864 is ample proof of severe brainwashing of the masses, as the bottom video from Bernays is too. Will that video open women’s eyes that they’ve been had? and turn them away from smoking back to becoming feminine again? No! Pandora’s box was opened and there is no amount of people that could collect all the evil to cram it back in again. WHO let the dogs out!? THAT, Mr. Thomas, you and I and everyone have to slowly ponder for ourselves. THAT which will be quickly judged just once in Eternity, has to be considered loooong by the actors. Take your time.
    Peace and Love,

  34. Power Point Paradise
    July 10, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    Concerning the specific quote below and the “horseshoe crab”:

    “The first photo is a beauty, and I would love to see a Pterodon flying over my head, but it still doesn’t disprove evolution. The Horshoe Crab is the oldest unchanged living species on earth. It PRE-DATES the dinosaurs yet today can be found on beaches around the world. This merely proves that it is one tough and lucky survivor. Disproving evolution isn’t so easy.”

    The horseshoe crab ONLY predates dinosaurs in the faulty ‘uniformitarian’ Darwinist history/geology model which postulates that layers were deposited over millions/billions of years! It is faulty! For one because worms and even fish do NOT fossilise under an “inch of alluvial dirt per year” They ROT in a day or two! [SEE our article: ] and now our article has been upstaged by the suppressed news of some revolutionary research at the hydrological dept. of Colorado State University which proves that the “geologic timescale” is 99,9 % too long, too ancient, and doesn’t warrant billions of years. Why! Because the experiment proved that the layers were not laid top down vertically but sideways horizontally AND several strata SIMULTANEOUSLY! Not only that, but fossils in 2-3-4 lower stratifications were laid LATER than those in higher ones, screwing up the uniformitarian paradigm. What that means is that they were all laid down by water in a very short time! See articles here:
    The scintific paper itself:
    AND its lay explanations here:

    The model is a foul joke! ALL deposited fossils were alive at the same time, and catastrophically buried at the same time! Neither horseshoe crabs nor trilobites could head for the hills as fast as dinosaurs could. That is one simple reason why they are oft in different layers. Nothing to do with different lifetimes!

    The model is crooked, and dis-proven already by historical documentary evidence of the major civilisations and historical legends of almost ALL ethnic groups in the world, of a global flood, a boat, and surviving people and animals. Even names! The Indian legend names the Hebrew “Ham, Shem and Jafeth” as “Charma, Sharma, and Yapeti”, while Miau-Zu call them “Lo Han, Lo Shen, Lo Yaphu”, and has virtually the same names for their direct descendants as in the Hebrew Genesis, or Egyptian or Canaanite history.

    Horseshoe crabs, trilobites, coelacants, the wollemie pine, insects found in globs of amber, and many other kinds found today unchanged, all hundreds of millions of years old presumably, are the very PROOF that Evolution is a joke, because in all that time they didn’t EVOLUTE AT ALL!

    There are many more historical facts we could trot out, but won’t. One believes what one WANTS to believe! That’s the beauty of the project called ‘Man': CHOICE! A choice to either be loving, lowly and meek, OR hating, uppity and proud like the Devil and his cohorts. What do you prefer!

  35. Borisinvader
    November 1, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    This is a nice text, i came here looking for the old website of the TV show freakylinks. I watched that show when they aired it, and I remember the sepia one showed on the series. But the yellow one I don’t remember it from the show. It’s the first time i see it.

    Back to the fake or real issue. I guess you are forgetting that the photography manipulation is not exclusive from the PC or Photoshop era. There are plenty of pictures that were in some way alterated, since the XIX century.

    The Certainty that if the photo is real or a fake is not known, and maybe never will be.

    And concearning of the evolution, that IT IS real. Let me point this at you: I don’t know where are you, where did you born or where do. Youlive right now, but as a human being you must be: caucasian, black, asian, latino, etc. Those races were developed by the EVOLUTION to make people survive the kind of weather they were facing.

    Another fact, If you born and lived half of your life in a cold place, like canada, and then you moved to, lets say, rio de janeiro, Your skin wouldn’t be prepared to that weather, you would sweat a lot and get so much sun burn. But, in a few months, or years, your body would be fully adapted and if you retur to canada, your body wouldn’t be adapted to cold anymore untill you last a few seasons there.

    That is EVOLUTION. Tiny type of evolution but involves a certain species fitting to his enviroment and his physicsl needs.

    Also, let me remind you, the vatican, in “the name of god” has accepted evolution.

    Of course I wrote this in no offensive way, if you get offended by your beliefs, I apologise.

  36. Power Point Paradise
    November 3, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Thank you Boris. That Pteranodon picture is anatomically very accurate. Nevertheless the smoking gun is not just the accurate 1864 flying dino and photo, but the fact that they created a “straw man” or “patsy” or False positive in their psychological warfare! On what? On a photo-shopped or manipulated photograph? No such fabrications don’t deserve or get such an expensive campaign. IF it was an early photographic alteration it would be easily exposed and/or proven somehow, but it was obviously OBFUSCATED! THAT’s the smoking gun!

    Concerning your skin color proof of “evolution”, that is not “evolution”, it is adaptation. Adaptation and “micro evolution” like the changes from “proto” wolf to all the different kinds of dogs in the world is no proof of “evolution” where one species is supposed to have changed genetically into another one, nor of “Macro Evolution” that postulates that biological creations originated or “evolved” from an “explosion in space”, cosmic dust-clouds turning into rocky planets with water and a “spontaneous” atmosphere and hydrological cycle, which supposedly caused rain to “break” those very rocks into a “primordial soup” which “presumably” facilitated “spontaneous generation of life” which was already proven to be a scientifically impossibility a hundred years ago. “Evolution” is at best a foolish fairy-tale, meant as a religion-breaking and Bible-deligitimisation, but in fact pseudo-science and a statistical monstrosity staged as a justification for a demonic spiritual rebellion at worst.
    As for the Vatican, I am not a Roman Catholic, nor a supporter of institutionalised religion, and to my knowledge the poor simple Catholic believers around the world are blissfully unaware that their false leadership has long been hijacked by Babylonian Masonic Occult Financial Illuminists who are the same forces behind the Globalist drive for a One World Tyranny also called the ‘New World Order’. Apart from these facts I obviously do not give a hoot about what Papists do or do not believe. I heard they even believe in Aliens now, probably to co-subscribe to the imminent invasion of so-called “aliens” the global elite is gradually staging to intimidate the uninformed ‘sheeple’. Are you?
    Dear Boris, you didn’t offend me. Offenses never make it through, so no need to apologise. Actually I hope that you as a critical autodidact will soon succeed to turn around your own false historical and biological paradigms that have warped your worldview in that you somehow concluded that your spirit (ghost) housed in that body of yours is either non-existent or a mere electronic or chemical neurological brainwave. I hope that you will realise that your spirit requires a spiritual genesis or “Father of spirits” that most people call God, but the Bible calls Love, and Who sent Jesus Christ into this evil world to save sinners, like you and me! He and we love you!
    Kind regards.

  37. borisinvader
    November 3, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Dear Lu,

    Adaptation is considered a process of biological evolution.

    I don’t belong to any religion, I don’t believe in any god our mankind has invented along the centuries, but I still think that there must have been a more powerfull than us entity that gave us life. But I still cannot forget all the evidences that science has gave us to confirm certain doubts about our existence.

    I do believe in other species among the universe, and the fact that the universe is vast enough to hold many, many different species around it. Saying that we’re the only inteligent life form in the entire universe seems absurd to me, I mean if there’s a God, or entity that can create life at will why put it in just a small and insignificant planet.
    But that’s not why we’re debating right now.

    I’m not saying that the photograph was used in a psychological warfare. I just say, that you cannot confirm this one is absolutely, without a doubt real. there are not enough proof of it’s autenticity. we only can assume.

    I would like that this would be real, but I can’t be sure, and maybe I’ll never be sure.

    The lack of the real negative picture is the missing link to close this case.

    As I said to you before, a lot of pictures in the XIX century were manipulated as an experimental technique, and that means that every one that knew how to manipulate pictures could be fooling around on photographs.

    Also, the media, especially magazines (like believe it or not) used to put fake stuff in their publications to fill in space or to raise sells, it’s a common practice used ’till this days. I won’t be surprised if found out that photo was created in the sixties for the only purpose of the magazine. But again, there is not enough proof that this magazine ever existed, we just have jpegs online that show some scanned-ish pages. As proof of that magazine we just have people saying that he saw it but people lie a lot.
    There might be created the whole thing by the producers of Freakylinks as well.

    I wanna put this clear, is not that i say is definitive Fake. I say that there are so much probabilities to close the case. we’re not absolute sure wether is real or a fake.

    I’m open for share any opinions if you like to expand our little chat in another mead you like.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  38. Power Point Paradise
    November 4, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Dear Boris, whether or not Darwinists decided to hijack God-given and -designed adaptation as proof of evolution does not negate it was God’s designed mechanism all along and has nothing to do with non-deleterious genetic mutations between species that don’t exist.
    But I allow no time nor have a desire to long argue myself blue in the face over every little spurious “proof” evolutionists think to conjure up. As they say “the debate is over.” Science seems to be legitimised by “consensus” now instead of traditional reproduction or falsification, like spurious anthropogenic CO2-driven global warming. Useful collectivist propaganda only to create a global tax to enforce global government on us all. So have me excused. :)
    I am glad for your sake that you still believe in “a more powerful than us entity that gave us life”, and if so it is imperative to show your interest in Him and try to search Him out before you leave this life. How exciting that you believe in the mystery of ‘God’. I had that interest too when younger and it set me on a steady path of “seek and you shall find”. And as I turned slowly my face toward Him, He gradually turned His face towards me! It was exciting to discover the Great ‘I AM’ was interested in me and as I soon found out that He LOVED me. When I eventually found out that He actually had come down as a man to come and DIE for us, I was humbled and thankful to discover that He had already offered Eternal Life as a free gift by the simple process of just trusting in Him! I was re-generated spiritually as His child when I voluntarily accepted His Spirit into my innermost being. It was love at first sight. I hope you will experience that too sooner than later.
    Please discover the rest of, as this blog is just a part of a big site. Excuse me for not debating any more, as I plain have no time for all that. But I am happy for your kind spirit and perhaps we will meet in Eternity, unless you come to Taiwan for a beer! Mexico sounds like a nice place as well.
    Kind regards

  39. borisinvader
    November 7, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Greetings Li,

    It was a pleasure to have this debate with you. I hope that you’ve had fun as I did. I don’t have the time to continue as I would like to either.

    I’m not open to any religion to believe, but I’m not closing the door either. If it’s ment to come, it will.

    I’ll have a beer in your honor, hoping that someday we’ll share that beer personally. either Mx or Taiwan. Who knows, maybe our paths will be found someday and maybe we will continue this topic.

    cheers from here to there!

    It was a pleasure Li.


  40. Latest Ptero News
    December 17, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Stunning Evidence Of Living Pterodactyls:

    Alaska: Prehistoric Flyby
    John Bouker, a 22-year veteran Alaskan bush pilot, thought he’d lost his mind. As he headed toward Manokotak on October 15, 2002, he and his passengers thought they’d somehow flown into a scene from Jurrassic Park. Not far off the starboard side of his plane a gigantic winged creature soared. The amazed pilot and his stunned passengers all got a good look at the thing. Comparing notes about the sighting, all agreed that the creature strongly resembled the illustrations in books about dinosaurs and other extinct animals.

    The flying creature was not a bird; it was a living pterodactyl.

    Some ornithologists suggested that what the pilot saw was a large eagle, but Bouker insists that’s not what it was, “You have got to realize that the thing I saw I mistook for another Cessna coming up on me. This was big, big, big. I have seen maybe 100,000 eagles, and I know that this was an awful lot bigger than an 8-foot wingspan. You would not want to have your children out with this guy around,” he was quoted as saying in the Telegraph.

    A witness on the ground also saw the creature. He told the news media that it definitely wasn’t a bird. He described the animal as looking just like a prehistoric pterodactyl.

    Biologist Phil Schemf of the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage, Alaska told the Telegraph that news of the sighting had reached him. “As far as we know,” he told the paper, “nothing with a 14-foot wingspan has been alive for the last 100,000 years or so.”

    Brazil: terror of the pterodactyl

    Other airborne sightings of pterodactyls have been reported. One encounter reported on by David Hatcher Childress involved a commuter airplane that nearly had a mid-air collision with a soaring pterodactyl during 1992 over a mountainous region of the mostly unexplored Brazilian rainforest. The astounding incident was covered by Australian news weekly, People.

    Childress writes: “A U.S. anthropologist named Dr. George Biles was supposedly aboard the plane of twenty-four passengers and was quoted as saying, ‘This was a classic case of a white pterodactyl with a giant wingspan. Of course, I’ve heard the rumors for many years that these prehistoric creatures still roamed the Amazon. But I was skeptical like everybody else. But that wasn’t an airplane or a UFO flying beside us. It was a pterodactyl.’

    “The People story says that the pterodactyl was flying alongside the plane as it was preparing to land and that the pilot veered away to avoid colliding with the ‘giant bird.’ A stewardess named Maya Cabon is quoted as saying, ‘Here was this giant monster flying right next to the plane. He was only a few feet away from the window-and he looked right at me. I thought we were all going to die.'”

    Could such prehistoric wonders really have survived into modern times? Tales of pterodactyls in the past were often called dragons. The description of the “dragon,” however, fit the physical appearance of a large pterodactyl.

    China: the priest and the pterodactyl

    A fascinating story along these lines is featured by the Cryptozoology Research Team. A Russian priest recounts the sighting of a pterodactyl: “Here’s an interesting account, which indicates that a few pterosaurs may have survived in China into relatively recent times. At the end of the 19th Century, a Russian Orthodox saint named Saint Barsanuphius was stationed in Manchuria to pastor the Russian soldiers during the Russian-Japanese War.

    “’I happened to hear from soldiers that stand at the posts at the Hantanza station, forty miles from Mullin, that two years ago they often saw an enormous winged dragon creep out from one of the mountain caves. It terrified them, and would again conceal itself in the depths of the cave. They have not seen it since that time, but this proves that the tales of the Chinese and Japanese about the existence of dragons are not all fantasies or fables, although the learned European naturalists, and ours along with them, deny the existence of these monsters. But after all anything can be denied, simply because it does not measure up to our understanding.’

  41. pteranodon
    January 23, 2013 at 12:15 am

    Lu, do you know about the WWW history of the Sepia Shot?
    Lu says: What do you mean?

  42. pteranodon
    January 25, 2013 at 1:18 am

    I mean for instance in which site you first saw it and where it has appeared earlier. In which WWW page did it appear for the first time and when if that is known at all.

  43. Power Point Paradise
    January 25, 2013 at 4:06 am

    That was around 1996 perhaps? I don’t remember exactly, neither what site. Probably some site like Omniology or the like. Too long ago. Sorry.

  44. Paul Aldredge
    November 2, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    I’ve seen clips where some guys were discrediting Noah’s Ark; no way to heat/steam/bend a timber for a prow. Reading the actual Scripture proves no call for one as the ark was intended to stay afloat. not have a direction to steer; notice: no call for a helm, steerage mechanisms nor a mast!!! There was once a video PROVING a scale model was unsinkable. No proof of global flood? No call for it!!! It rained 40 days and 40 nights. The fountains of the deep were opened. The water rose from the fountains like a sink or commode slowly backing up. The water drains away and a couple of decades of weather will wash away all remnants of whatever floated. Score TWO for the Bible, ZERO for illiterate people who don’t even read what they claim to prove false. Just like the first photo. The PROOF is, no one could have been so accurate in the so-called fake pteranodon. Also, where are all the fossil remains required to PROVE how a bat evolved, for just ONE example. The movie Armaggeddon, claims the sun was powerless for a thousand years to pierce the dust and debris cloud; that ends all life. No sun, no plants. No plants, no herbivores. No herbivores, no carnivores/omnivores. They claim desert animals took thousands of years to adapt!! Where did they live while adapting? If you can’t make it in the desert in your life time, you’re just DEAD!!!

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