Poor Thai ‘red shirts’ victims of the New World Order

คลิกที่นี่เพื่อการแปลเป็น ภาษาไทย ของข้อนี้ Read in Thai)

I love Thailand. I lived there 14 years, doing volunteer work. I know Thailand’s problems. I have seen it change from a simple gentle society to what it is today. But what is happening now is very tragic. Thai people were always one, no matter what, but now they are sadly divided! And why? Because of a big fat lie!

As the proverbial red carrot, ‘democracy’ is held out by the World’s elite via the by-them-controlled mass media, as “the ideal system that will bring liberty and equality, and bla bla bla“, and it is all a total lie!
Just look at the United States itself, that great proponent of this big lie, its voting machines are rigged and its government is now fully hijacked by a financial power elite, driving away and marginalising their own normal people into “tea parties” because they want to “take back their country!” Well where did they lose it?

They lost it when America began to behave more like a damned “democracy” than the lawful republic it was ordained to be by its constitution that upholds the real values of freedom and opportunity for all. Most senators and congress men are now ultimately bought, bribed or blackmailed! In other words, the “democracy” is owned by the bankers and led by their media! Goodbye US “democracy!” Hello American “mediacracy!” The American government is now but a tool of the so-called “New World Order”, that collectivist communist tyranny of a coterie of International money changers and bankers.

Is that what these poor duped farmers and socialist university intellectuals in Thailand are fighting for? If they “win”–as they probably will except for a miracle of God, because their “great leader” Thaksin–who is most likely an NWO tool, and this staged rebellion, are just as much orchestrated by the collectivist internationalists as is the “Muslim” terror in the South–they and the rest of the Thais stand to lose the very thing they want and everything that they already have but don’t realise. And what’s that?

Their stabilising, moderating, benign monarchy, guaranteeing Thailand’s constitutional sovereignty, freedom, and independence from a burgeoning New World Order that intends to further fleece Thailand from its riches (as it did during the Bangkok Crash), usurp its power, and reduce it to global slavery, just like they did to the US via outsourcing and the bail-out robbery, and as they are doing to Iceland, Greece, Portugal, and all the others that are about to follow their sorry fate.

Yes! Many people in the North & East are poor! But so are the millions of disenfranchised homeless, unemployed workers, and dispossessed former home-owning middle class, in America, Canada, Europe, and Russia together! And let’s not even mention all those other “wonderful democracies” in impoverished Latin America bought up by bankers, or for God’s sake in Africa or India! Or maybe you socialists think that China is a real democracy? Ha!

Yes! The Thai ‘democracy’ is just as faulty as all the others, and is also ruled by both international commercial interests and the local plutocracy lording it over lots of poor people! But so are all the other “democracies” in the world lording it over their poor! There are very few exceptions, except those few “democracies” that are rich enough not to have any poor people, like Sweden, Holland and Norway perhaps? I mean, have you looked at poor “democratic” Britain recently? The English are poor prisoners in their own Big Brother tyranny!

All other “democratic” developed nations in the world have already fallen under the debt dictatorship of the NWO, many ruled by socialist tyrannies where people don’t have such freedoms anymore to protest on such a violent scale, as these pitiful by-a-rich-tycoon-manipulated “farmers” from North East Isaan and Northern Thailand lay claim to.

In the post-revolutionary West they wouldn’t even be allowed to organise themselves as these “Red Shirts” do. Westerners have no more independent voices nor organisations. Suppose for example, that the Scots or the Celts from Wales would rise up like this, they’d be utterly demonised in a hurry as “xenophobic far right wing conservative radical elements” by BBC, the “British Banker Controlled” media, or “Biggest Broadcasting Con-men”, and blasted by heavy teargas and rubber bullets, before they’d ever make it to London!  Ha, are you kidding?

But when Thai people insist on doing this kind of stuff, they’ll rapidly lose the very thing they are trying to obtain. They will lose their national strength, their natural national defense in unity as a people under one of the last real benign monarchies in this world, even a constitutional one at that, under one of the greatest kings this World has ever seen outside of Jesus Christ!

But these poor deluded deceived “red shirt” dupes don’t even know history enough to realise how the World’s elite has always used “divide and conquer” tactics to break nations! And as Thailand’s division continues and worsens, it will surely be followed by the ultimate conquest by these alien bloodsuckers, just as sure as night follows day!

Thailand’s unity as a nation is its survival! As a unified people, it goes back longer than 700 years ago when the Thais left Yunnan in Southern China where they had lived as a united people before moving to Siam. And hello! Even then, long before the Sukothai days, there were already rich Thais lording it over poor Thais, but they all got along anyhow, because they had to as a tribe! They knew their brotherhood would be short lived, lost and their existence would end, if they didn’t stick together like Thai birds of a feather, to defend themselves from other foreign nations. But now?

These “Red Shirt” simpletons, blissfully unaware that they’re bearing the colour of internationalist bankers and their red collectivist pipe dream, are losing that useful unity in a hurry, to the outside wolves who have confused them with the same false promises as the by Wall Street financed Bolsheviks gave to the poor deluded Russians before and during the 1917 Russian revolution, and as the by Freemasonry steered Jacobines gave to the Parisians during their bloody French Revolution! “Liberté, egalité, fraternité!

The Results? More French blood flowed through the streets of France than ever had flown in their wars with outside enemies! And even more blood flowed from 60-80 million massacred Russians, than ever had in all of their history! [All together the victims of collectivist Communism were over 300 million murdered]

If the French and Russians had simply stuck to their own faulty monarchies, (and they were very faulty compared to your benign King!) which were also under financial threat of these same foreign financial vultures who certainly did not care for their people at all, they would have lived and perhaps continued longer as free nations!

If the Thais would only stick together, they would at least have some defense against the vultures that are patiently circling high overhead or waiting in nearby trees, while egging on these poor deluded dividers. Poor Thais!

Northerners & Easterners save yourself from these lying deceivers that are worse than the Thai plutocracy which has ruled you for centuries anyway.

Why! What will you achieve? Only International take over and control from the collectivist One World money changers awaits you. Do you really think they love you more? Do you really believe they will give you “freedom & democracy?”

You deceive yourselves! You are duped! Go home to your towns and villages. You will say in the future, “We never had it so good! But we didn’t realise it then! We had little money, but we were free Thais with at least the natural resources God blessed us with so abundantly.”

Of course! There are always poor people! But for God’s sake it is the same bloody problem in every God-forsaking country all over the entire world. You are not alone. And the faulty Thai leaders you now have, are at least a whole lot better than the evil International leaders you will get when you continue on this fatal road.

Go home! Stop listening to this rich charlatan, tycoon Thaksin who “gave us cheaper doctors and easier credit.” He is just as much a selfish businessman as most other Thai plutocrats, but this one deceived himself into thinking that “IF he were king he could turn the country around!”, while he’s just–wittingly or unwittingly–also merely a pawn of international money changers selling Thailand down their murky globalist river. (Remember Soros?)

Oh these poor deluded “red shirts!” If they only knew they are some other rich tycoon’s dupes! Thailand means FREE land! Oh dear Northerners and Easterners go back home to still free Korat, Udorn, Ubon, Kalasin, Prae, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, etc., and count your blessings! Just think what it used to be like 50 years ago, when you had virtually nothing, no scooters nor pick-up trucks, and were virtual subjects to the Chinese middle men, without many doctors, with few schools and universities, and without as much Maekhong as you drink these days. Ha!

No! I am not patronising, I’m not making light of your plight! But what makes you think that Collectivism or Communism which will automatically result from this bloody mess, is going to make you any happier? If you don’t believe it, go take a look at Vietnam and Laos, if you can get in, then you will know what will happen if you lose your own Thai constitutional monarchy and most of all your Thai free identity. Remember Pol Pot?

No! This is not simplistic, you red collectivist critics. We have lost our freedoms and voices to your type of henchmen all over Europe & America now. The only reason we were not as poor was because the money vultures, were extorting the 3rd world from its riches, and could afford to throw some paltry peanuts of “middle class standard” to the Western poor, until they are now finally destroying that very middle class too, stealing their homes and revenues, through Euro swindle, and Federal Reserve “bail out” robbery in the once great US. Many of the former dispossessed middle class dupes are now living in tent cities.

Please Red Shirts, take off these Satanic colors, and thank God for what you have, and unite under the king God gave you, and unite with your fellow countrymen. Don’t let your country be stolen by the vultures because of your lack of discernment and wisdom. A lot of things can be achieved by peaceful means.  And if not? A thankful heart is a happy heart.

Violent revolutions have seldom helped the poor people to achieve what they really wanted and needed. Please, if you love yourselves and your nation, go home! Thais! Unite! Don’t lose a good thing for a so-called “better” and inherit the worse in the end. Please go home! In peace!

Now that I have said my piece to the dear poor farmers and workers, I’d like to shortly address the Thai plutocracy. As much as the French revolution was staged by the money vultures, it was caused by the selfishness of the French plutocracy who didn’t take their mandate from God to be righteous and fair rulers over their own very serious! They let their selfish lusts drive them to unfairness, oppression, a lack of concern for the poor, and extortion, and France was really lost! These selfish rich had in the long run only themselves to blame for losing their rule and mentor-ship over the French masses.

This very same thing is about to happen in your country, unless you can see the writing on the wall, and you repent and take better care of your own people as the brothers and sisters they are. Stop the extortion and fleecing of your sheep, your Thai family! Give them a better deal. Pay them their due. Or you will surely end up like those former selfish rulers of France, Russia, Armenia, and many other countries all over the world. Dead! And your nation will go even deeper into receivership under the greedy clutches of the international bankers. Love your neighbour as your self! Love your brothers and sisters. Take care of them, or you will lose the divine right to rule! Is it too late?


Can Bangkok Thailand change its red (shirt) karma?



Thai powerpoints

True Beauty — 512 KB

เค้าเมฆพายุฝน !
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เป้า หมายแห่งชีวิต
Guide to life-Thai.pps

มุม มองเกี่ยวกับ “ความรัก”
Love through eyes of the children- Thai.pps

สตรี ที่แข็งแกร่ง หรือ สตรีที่เข้มแข็ง ?
Strong woman- Thai.pps

The Book of Your Life Thai
Book of your life- Thai.pps

ชีวิต ที่เรียบง่าย และความพอเพียง
Ah, The Simple Life-Thai.pps

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49 comments for “Poor Thai ‘red shirts’ victims of the New World Order

  1. thailand bangkok news - www.thmnews.com
    April 12, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    great post , really good view on the subject and very well written, this certainly has put a spin on my day, many thanks from the USA and sustain up the good work

  2. Power Point Paradise
    April 12, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    THIS JUST IN……..
    Nine of 12 victims killed by super power rifles
    An independent panel conducting autopsies on 12 bodies of the red shirts protesters who were killed when the red shirts protesters battled with troops revealed that nine of them were shot by high power rifles.

    Pol Lt Gen Jongjet Aojenpong, a chief doctor of the Forensic Institute, a member of the panel, talked to reporters after completing 11 bodies.

    Jongjet said that Hiro Muramoto , a Japanese television cameraman of Reuters news agency was killed by a gun bullet.

    But detail of his autopsy was withheld at the family’s request.

    Muramoto was killed on Saturday as he was taking photos in the red shirts’ sides.

    Monchai Jong, 54, died from heart failure while a man whom he did not identify was killed at close range.

    The independent autopsy panel announced that 9 protesters were killed by high-powered rifles while another protester died of heart failure due to chronic diseases.

    High-powered rifles can only be used by specially trained gunmen particularly in the army.

  3. M.De Stephano
    May 17, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    All I can say is: “I am impressed by the quality of your comment”. A piece to read for everyone !
    Good work !

  4. Power Point Paradise
    May 17, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Thank you sir. It’s just that I really love the Thais and Thailand, and I hate what is going on there because of damned glory seeking politicians and money vultures. Wish we could have a chat and beer together. :) Come to Taiwan! Cheers.

  5. tsubaki
    May 17, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    You may be right, but you will have a tough time convincing the poor people I saw. They consider the current government to be inspired by Satan, and the talk of the NWO is too abstract when they see all the money and power in Bangkok. And, for what it’s worth, it looks to me like the NWO has already taken over. Abhisit was born in Britain, and went to Eton and Oxford, right?

    The counter to your argument is that good things have come from struggling to get them. The US was created out of a fight, and the progress that the US achieved wasn’t because the oligarchs wanted serfs to have any.

    Finally, you refer to the divine right to rule of the Bangkok elites. Do you see the same right in, say, Burma?

  6. Peter Waine
    May 17, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Get a grip of your Monarchy and The Banksters and get rid of them both…The writer of this artical is still asking you to choose a vulture when both are just that VULTURES waiting to pick at your bones in the sand…Rise up and get rid of your monarchy and the banksters for they are hand in glove PLEASE this is your only hope.

  7. Power Point Paradise
    May 17, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    Thank you Tsubaki san. I agree with you that it is hard to convince the Red shirts, which I assume you are referring to? They have made up their minds at home upcountry, listening to their peers complaining how bad they have it, and then launching out on a long travel to Bangkok, hardening their positions and mind sets. It is hard to back track. I know how long it took, and still takes me, to change my point of views. But perhaps we can reach a few? Or at least some who were tottering on the brink of becoming a collectivist globalist communist and dash Thailand down the tyranny chasm.

    I know how they may hardly be aware of the difference, if at all, between the Thai rich and the New World Order mega rich, but that is why we can educate them via blogs, as the MS Media surely won’t. It took me years before I understood who the real elite was in this world.

    It is true that the NWO has taken over much of Thailand, but by no means completely yet, as in Laos, Vietnam, and other places. There is no way back there, and they brook no resistance whatsoever. Freedom is fully gone there. They are now “peoples’ democracies!” And nobody dares to resist or speak out. I know! There are Vietnamese in my school and we politely don’t talk about Politics, as “they are Communists” of course! (There might be informers among their class mates, see?)

    I don’t know about Abhisit, whether he is a Mason or was bought, bribed or blackmailed by NWO agents (while in Eton and Oxford) into getting even more credit from the “IMF”? It looks like eventually most countries in the world are bound to go belly-up in the widening Crash, and then the NWO will take over anyway. But why let them bring on a socialist tyranny in Thailand today? Lets postpone it as long as we can.

    I don’t know if you can compare the French & Russian revolutions and genocides favorably with the American revolutionary struggle 200 some years ago, regardless whether it was caused or allowed by the Masons. The bankers had little power over America until 1913 when Wilson presented America (and the rest of us as a result!) on a silver platter to them with the founding of the Federal Reserve.

    The American struggle seemed benign. The Russian & French and other European revolutions I consider evil, along with the Communist take overs in most countries! Millions were massacred for “the glory of the proletariat!“, bla, bla!

    Recently Nepal was taken over by these no doubt NWO sponsored “democratic” Maoists, who murdered thousands of innocent villagers, farmers, soldiers, and policemen. IS there “democracy” now? It is debatable, isn’t it. “Great” struggle!

    The “divine right to rule”, is something that only exists if you believe in it. Do you believe in the “Divine” Tsubaki san? If not, then there is no way that I could explain it. If you do, then there is a Divine Right to rule just by the fact that people are allowed by Heaven to get it for some reason. Why, I don’t know. It is how rulers react to this right, and whether they believe in it or not, and especially their reaction to this right, what makes the difference.

    Who am I to say whether Mao responded better to this right than the oligarchs in say Burma? Who killed more of their own citizens? How about Bush and Obama? It seems to me that they responded very badly to this divine right and killed millions of Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghanis, Sudanese, Yemenites, Pakistanis by drones, as we speak! And even by their own state and a foreign power’s sponsored terrorism, like 9/11. Yet the Western MS media praised them to the heights, while condemning Third World rulers they manipulate and extort in secret (See the book “economic hitman.”)

    Any good 3rd World rulers who resist the International bankers get shot, suicided or “plane crashed”, (see our article on the Polish crash right now!) or they are demonised by the Western Zio Media. I think it is very difficult for the Thai plutocracy to walk a fine Buddhist middle path between the evil demands of the oh so powerful intl. bankers and their own people.

    I think the “divine right to rule” so far has been in better hands in Thailand then in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Thai people have prospered, been blessed, and been happier than if Collectivists had inherited it. But that is of course hard to prove, except by looking at the collectivist regimes we have had so far in the world. Russia? Hmm. Eastern Europe? Hmmm. China?? Hmmm. Indo China?? Hmmm. Cuba! Hmmm. South African collectivists acting as democrats? Hmmmm.

    Well your guess is a s good as mine. But I vote for letting the present rulers continue, unless they really start genociding and suppressing and extorting their own Thai brothers and sisters like the fore-mentioned collectivist human projects.

    Long live the King! And long live freedom and Thai friendliness unhindered by globalist collectivists that want to freeze us all into a block of New World Order Ice. “Give me freedom or give me death!” (Patrick Henry) I guess we’ll all get the latter! From them! The collectivists. But until then? We shout freedom, faith and love from the roof tops.

  8. Power Point Paradise
    May 17, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    How about you? Peter. Can you get rid of them vultures or vote in some better vultures in your country? Like in the good ol’ USA? Obama is a vulture puppet. I’d rather live under the Thai oligarchs than under Obama! Better medical care for sure and better healthier food, and much more freedom! So much so that many Westerners move to Thailand to escape the tyranny at home! I know Thailand and even if the rich are terribly selfish, they are not as vultureresq as the economic hitman and their international vulture rulers! Give me Thailand any day. Even in the North East, there is more food available than for dispossessed Americans on food stamps!

  9. William Benedict
    May 17, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Good article. I agree 100%. I despise the bankers and their horrible exploitation and infinite greed. I highly respect the Thai monarchy and pray that it continues. I am sickened by what is happening now. I am living here for the past 26 years happily and never dreamed we will see this.

    My wife is from a simple farming village in the NE. When I met her there were not paved roads, no running water, no telephones, now twenty years later the roads are excellent, the water is there, phones are there, and everything one needs to live peacefully is available in the village. It is a very wonderful way to live. My wife’s parents do not have much money, but they have 100% of their food from their own land, their home is owned, their land is owned and they can always smile.

  10. Power Point Paradise
    May 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    God bless you William! I know exactly what you are talking about. I lived there in the North East, and their poverty was nothing compared to for example the poor people in the bitterly cold Ukraine, where we distributed tons of second hand clothing in the poor villages.

    The Asians are generally so much better off than the “former” poor Collectivist Communist slaves, or their present slaves. Or even now the present Euro slaves! Look at the poor Greeks, or the Poor British! Sad story! And all the other Europeans are going the same way.

    Freedom? Democracy? There? Ha! No way! When they forgot the love of God, they forsook their own freedoms and God given civil rights, and the Devil was unto them! Now they can’t even recognise the robbers!

    Yes these Red shirts don’t even realise how good they have it. They have never been to Europe! Or to Detroit! Or London East End! Or for God’s sake the Ukrainian country side! They surely don’t have pick up trucks or scooters.

  11. tsubaki
    May 17, 2010 at 9:46 pm


    Good site, by the way. Apologies if this sounds harsh, it’s just meant as a way of discussing why the NWO can divide and rule so easily.

    There are rotten elements on both sides, so we don’t know who shot what kind of bullet when. Besides the yellows and reds, there are bound to be some who want turmoil. “Fire in the minds of men”, and all that, if you are into the study of Illuminism. And those elements were probably behind the apparent coup in Poland.

    You are certainly correct about Thailand being freer than the West. The West is just a consumer-driven prison camp, and the consumer part is about to vanish. A casino-gulag economy is what Max Keiser calls the US. Having said that, though, most people don’t care about freedom, and want cheap health care or gasoline, both in the US and Thailand. And this is where the elites in Thailand have failed – they’ve made or arranged their billions but only left a small amount for the bottom 60%. You can say they have roads now in the North, but they would say, “So what? Look at the luxurious lifestyles of the crooks in Bangkok. They used to live simply, too. Why should we be any different?”

    In some ways, the simple life you remember there left because of the elites, not the peasants, who are looking at the materialism in Bangkok and on the television and have caught the attitude that built up in Bangkok over the last 30 years or so. I remember tramping around a village when it first got TV and had nothing. That place is probably a hotbed of Red support now.

    So, the elite should lead by example. If they wanted a unified society, they would have compromised somehow. The Reds I met would ask where your appeal for unity was when the yellows were shutting down the airport. Why no sacrifice by the billionaires?

  12. kingnek
    May 17, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    U got it wrong buddy, it is the other way round. Abhisit is the IMF shill, Thaksin was taken out for destroying the drug trade. The NWO is backing Abhisit, not Thaksin. I am not a Thai by the way, I am a Singaporean and I support what former Malaysian PM Mahathir’s former political secretary, Matthias Chang, an anti-Illuminati author has to say.

    He revealed that Thaksin was going against NWO’s plan in his website. Matthias wrote Future Fast Forward, a very much anti-Illuminati book.

  13. Power Point Paradise
    May 17, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Could you offer more proof than that? Are you saying that therefore the red shirts are against the NWO?

    Even if they were, my main point is that if the Thais don’t stick with their King and in unity, that their very division will destroy the nation. As I said I am not sure whether Abhisit is a Mason or who is, but this rebellion is opening Thailand up for the vultures even more. And at least as such they are the tools of the NWO.

  14. s
    May 18, 2010 at 3:11 am

    I’m no expert but I read the IMF has already been in Thailand for over a decade. It looks like the problem here is that the IMF HAS ALREADY taken over and the people are trying to get it back. Looks like the so-called classic “IMF riots”.

    If the current guy is so great why is he having his own people murdered?

    He was educated at Eton I read.

    Sweden and Norway are socialist, and they’re a hell of a lot better off than Thailand, from what I’ve seen.

    “Divine right of kings”? Huh? Maybe you’d be happier in Burma or Nepal?

  15. Power Point Paradise
    May 18, 2010 at 8:50 am

    IMF riots? No! They’re “democracy” riots. Fighting for a big fat lie! Like in your country! Harper gave the same identical Iraq speech in your “parliament” as the Australian prime minister did in “his”. Word for word! Who wrote and ordered them to deliver that speech? Ha! Are you sure that you live in a democracy? Hmmm.

    Nobody here says that the present guy is so great. As the temporary Thai “boss” he is expected and needs to restore order for the majority of Thais who clamor to be able to live freely in their own apartments & to freely go back to work in their own city, and business men who have seen their Tourism revenues dwindle, want to salvage what is left of their businesses. Are we sensitive to their needs? Or do we have some misplaced sympathy for so-called “democratic socialist” revolutionaries?

    Abhisit? Caught between an intl. zio media rock and a hard “red shirt” place.

    Sweden and Norway can afford welfare. So far! Collectivism works as long as there is money to spent, and the interest on IMF loans is paid. But democracy there?? Ha! In Morway a Nobel peace price for war mongering Obama was ordered by the internationalists and obtained. (probably through bribery and blackmail.)
    And in Sweden TWO top pro-Palestinian politicians were murdered in cold blood by..uh.. Mossad?? You call that better off?
    Collectivism is total government control. But who controls the government then? The zio media? Then it is a mediacracy!

    I don’t see how “divine right” is abused more in Burma or Nepal than say for example Israel or the US or the UK (Canada?) that have all been involved in fleecing and killing their own people with state terror, either creating/allowing/letting 9/11 happen, and many murderous genocidal campaigns in many other countries killing millions. That’s greater abuse of divine right than the Burmese oligarchie.

    If there is no divine right, then you and I are subject to random evolutionary terror. Pick your poison. Neanderthalers like Cheney or Harper clubbing you to survive as the fittest, or a small chance on some godly rulers, when their people deserve it. For people do get the kind of rulers they deserve, that’s what I believe. What do you deserve? Obviously not much! Canada is also a bought-off democracy and a socialist collectivist puppet regime led by media gangsters!

    Yes! I and many others do prefer Asia to the overly controlled Big Brother states in the West. Are you happy there in Toronto? Many Canadians believe that they’re living in a bogus democratic state. Check out Henry Makow’s website for info on that.

  16. tsubaki
    May 18, 2010 at 11:14 am


    Matthias Chang’s books and web page are worth reading. I agree with you that a rebellion may weaken Thailand to the point that a Western takeover is easy. In fact, Webster Tarpley suggested as much on the Alex Jones show today.

    One other thing is that I was under the impression that Thailand paid off the IMF loan under Thaksin and, of course, he led a fairly successful fight against drugs. Those two things would have angered the NWO greatly, as well as the Thai military in particular. This doesn’t make him a positive influence or anything, and I would argue that Thailand is already under the grip of the international banking cartel. I hope they break free, but isn’t their finance minister a total shill?

    If the Anglo-American Empire were backing the Reds, there would have been a huge media surge on the topic, and statements by big names, such as Clinton, about how the government is being brutal or shouldn’t have come in via crooked courts and coups. I think it’s just that the West is hedging its bets as it looks like the Reds will eventually gain power, and the US wants Thailand to stay a part of the military system it has in Asia.

    This is all a tragedy, and I have considered moving to Thailand to escape the NWO, but the indifference of the elites and the anger of the lower class are hard to miss.

  17. Power Point Paradise
    May 18, 2010 at 11:26 am

    You are Japanese? :) And considering to flee the NWO from your country? The Thai military, by the way, is not one entity. There are also many factions. That is the problem too. The infighting, again the lack of unity, THAT is what weakens countries. Divide and conquer! I am convinced of and believe in the fidelity of the king to his people. He has sacrificed for his people, and is almost the only thing now that holds it out of the total hands of the vultures.

  18. Paul
    May 18, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Computer messed up. Great article and like i said i will be back in Thailand in 2 months. Everything you say is 100 percent correct. Many educated Thai’s know this, but it is very hard to explain to the uneducated poor people. To give you an example, i spoke with a few red shirts and i told them, that within 5 years, Thailand will not be around, i explained to them, that ASEAN, will be formed and you will have a common currency for all of S.E. Asia and just like the European Union all your (Thailand) borders will come down and all the people around will flood Thailand looking for work. Look at England if you do not believe me.

    The only one who can stop this, is the King, he is only one of the few Kings left, that really has power. Sad to say though, he is in hospital. Thaksin is a puppet, who just wants to be President of Asean. He stole over 3 Billion dollars and did so many bad things.

    To Powerpoint, again, excellent article. I am glad you had the desire to communicate the Truth.

  19. Power Point Paradise
    May 18, 2010 at 11:49 am

    God bless you Paul! I know I have tried to talk to them too. Sweet people but totally charmed, and now dupes of these divisive politicians who are mostly in it for the power and the money. And have convinced themselves that they are a Godsend to Thailand, I am sure.

  20. tsubaki
    May 18, 2010 at 1:36 pm


    Not Japanese; just lived in Japan for quite some time with a Japanese wife. It’s less bad here than in the West, but Japan was built up and then half-way destroyed by the usual suspects, such as the Rockefeller interests. It has been a real tragedy. A similar thing may be happening in Thailand, though the internal political situation is quite different. The SE Asia financial crisis was a created scam, and it allowed Western big business to come in in a big way. It’s criminal. I was in Phuket a few months ago, and you have old Muslim villages that can’t even use the ocean properly because of the big hotel chains in the way. Their ancestors were fishing there, and now they can hardly even go for a walk on the beach and the money all goes to some CEO in some big city far away – usually the West.

    re: Paul’s comments
    One ASEAN country is undoubtedly something a lot of bad people want to create, but there are other issues that make this much more difficult than in Europe. The first is that there is no real Asian identity to speak of, at least not along the lines of the brainwashing Europeans have received for decades. The next thing is that the Anglo-American Empire is in a big struggle to contain China and Russia. This means breaking up or damaging any peaceful relationship in nearby countries, such as Thailand or Burma. It is more important to keep China controlled by the US Navy than just about anything else. If China can develop pipelines and roads to avoid the oceans, the whole world would change dramatically. It is probably better for the US to have great turmoil in SE Asia than a neutral ASEAN country that would do business with China. And this gets back to the original article about how internal divisions may lead to disaster.

  21. Power Point Paradise
    May 18, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Tsubaki san, you can find my email by clicking on my sponsor and bottom of the page. I’d love to hear from you.

  22. Anglo-Saxon
    May 18, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Excellent and thoughtful article, PPP. This is my first visit to your website, but it won’t be my last.

    I am still trying to work out who is the NWO shill, Abhisit or Taksin? Here is a precis of my thoughts, although I do acknowledge the role others have played in providing me with priceless information.

    As other contributors (above) have pointed out, Abhisit’s years spent in Eton and Oxford would suggest he is the one who has been selected to advance the NWO agenda in Thailand. Never trust anyone belonging to some overseas elite who has been educated in Oxford. Oxford University lies at the heart of the New World Order (it is where Bill Clinton tried to be a serious student, and failed!). Look up “Rhodes Scholarship” for more insights.

    Takin’s role is more mysterious. Taksin’s actions against the drug trade transformed Bangkok (for the better) within a few short months. It may have been a bloody policy, but it seems it worked as planned. An improvement in the general atmosphere in the city was palpable. I also noticed that right after the completion of the clean up, scores of Indians who hitherto could be seen pacing Bangkok’s central districts after dark, selling trinkets, boiled peanuts, and what-have-you, had also suddenly disappeared from the scene. Had they been performing another role?

    Just 3 days ago I came across a comment left in an English newspaper suggesting Taksin was ousted because he was about to sign a military agreement with CHINA. You will recall that Taksin has spent some time in China during his exile. Naturally, the USA would take great exception to any moves that might bring Thailand in closer alliance with China. It is assumed the CIA then stepped in and financed (urged) certain Thai military agents to initiate the coup (which installed Abhisit by non-democratic means). My commenter source mentioned that there are at least 2 Thai Generals who have received CIA training.

    Thinking laterally, you should also note that Heroin is presently flooding the cities of Europe thanks to bumper poppy crops in Afghanistan. These harvests are being reaped in those areas under the full control of the USA military. What mafia operatives in the CIA and US Army have done is simply transfer their Columbia know-how from South America over to Central Asia. Taksin’s well-intentioned sabotage of Thailand’s role as a narcotics distribution point would have created great anger in American quarters, and a desire for revenge.

    And to confirm the earlier comment, yes, Thaksin’s administration did pay back the IMF loan, and it was paid back in full well before the scheduled date: a loan forced upon Thailand by Wall Street’s (and George Soros’) criminal manipulation of Thailand’s Stock Market, Currency, and property market during 1996-97.

  23. Power Point Paradise
    May 19, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Anglo Saxon sir, Welcome to Paradise Post. Sorry I was under the attack of a 18 thousand hits wave and slept and had no time to acknowledge you yet.
    I appreciate your viewpoint. The jury on Thaksin is still out, as you can see by the latest new headlines about him. Thanks for your input. Thais should unite under the King to survive is still my main point. Anyone threatening him is suspect. Please pray for Thailand! God bless.

  24. Anglo-Saxon
    May 20, 2010 at 1:07 am

    I agree PPP. The jury on Thaksin is still out. I am still sifting through new facts as they become available. This issue has had me baffled for the past 2 years, although I never really gave this issue the attention it deserves until the Red Shirts began their street encampments.

    It is my information (and you might know this already) that the Crown Prince is generally disliked, and that he will not be allowed to assume the throne, when the now sickly King Bumiphol eventually leaves this earth. Because everyone knows this succession will not go smoothly (the Crown Prince is a playboy, a murderer, and looks awkward in public) many Thais (and Farangs) have become quite jittery over Thailand’s Royal future.

    In this respect, your recent articles on Thailand have provided much needed analysis and perspectives. Thank you for your efforts PPP (and for excusing the spelling errors in my original comment above).

  25. Nick
    May 20, 2010 at 1:38 am

    Great article and spot on! I have been posting this article on many message boards to put the record straight, and it has gone all around Thailand. Thanks for the article its made it much easier for me to convince people. Keep up the good work.

  26. Power Point Paradise
    May 20, 2010 at 1:43 am

    Thanks Nick! God bless you. That’s all I really wanted. To reach Thailand with the UNITE NOW message before it is too late. Would you know someone who would be willing to translate it into THAI perhaps??? That would be so cool! Love & Peace!

  27. Nick
    May 20, 2010 at 1:47 am

    Let me put the record straight about Thaksin.

    This guy is 100% Illuminati/Zio minion. When he was ousted he sough refuge in the City of London, now note I say ‘City of London’. The ‘City of London’ is the business district of London, but unbeknown to most people it is a country on its own and nothing to do with the UK even though in London! In 1666 whilst the Great Fire of London was still burning, they declared every man, woman and child in the UK ‘Died at Sea’. This is why we are now Governed by the ‘Law of the Sea’ hence standing in a ‘Dock’ when your in Court. Anyway, Thaksin fled to the City of London, and there was nothing us in the UK could do because of this reason. Therefore, Thaksin is 100% a Zionist minion working to topple Thailand. It amazes me when the UN offers to intermediate when in reality it was those banksters who control the corrupt UN who instigated this problem!

  28. Power Point Paradise
    May 20, 2010 at 2:26 am

    You know Anglo, Man’s idea of righteousness is so different from God’s idea of righteousness. Often the sinners are MUCH much closer to God than the so-called “righteous” people. Look at King David in the Bible. He started out like a little lifted up spoiled brat by the time he killed Goliath, then thinking he could get away with murder by the time he stole Bathsheba and got her pregnant. Then he got humbled, and asked God for mercy. WHO KNOWS! Maybe this crown prince is by now sufficiently humbled through his bad choices, his UNpopularity, the fact that his sister is “so much better”, that IF he gets in this position that he will do even greater things than his father!? Who knows!? Let’s pray for him that he will turn from a prodigal son into a beloved son of the Father. God! Perhaps he has always felt that he was a “no good” prince, always in the shadow of his great father and his “goodie two shoes” sister? Perhaps he had no confidence whatsoever in himself anymore, and despised himself and then out of reaction became an “enfant terrible!” I don’t know! But you know God loves those that are despised by man, rejected by man. Because Jesus Himself was despised and rejected by man. [check out my Shrek site in that respect] He BECAME a friend of sinners and publicans through the things that He suffered. Jesus was the oldest brother over 4 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters, and he had to probably discipline them and help take care of them, especially after Joseph left this life. He was probably greatly unpopular with them. It says that “even his brothers did not believe in him!” Then on top of that He had all that divine insight and could look straight through people all the time and see all their effectations, cover-ups, and insincerities, and then to STILL love them? Wow! I couldn’t have done it! But Jesus loved them anyway.
    So now I talked myself into a prayer campaign for the crown prince. IF he ever makes it that far, as the country is going down so fast and is on its way to become a lawless ‘DEMOCRACY” which is always gathered up by the internationalist collectivists and the money changers, destined to become Communism/Socialism.
    I was thinking just today, that I wouldn’t be surprised that it may be time soon for the old king to go Home! To spare him all the heartbreaks having seen his people become so selfish and demanding, while he himself tried so hard to change their lot in life and improve their lives for the better. He may leave this plane and go to his Heavenly reward soon. Second reason I think so, is that this maybe just what the Thais need now. When he dies, his funeral will be a great humbler and thorough cleanser of all the division and hatred. It will cause national reflection, and perhaps a bringing together of all these demanding divided people. They are demanding! I sw all these red shirts driving around in their pick up trucks down there in Ubon setting fire to the gates of the city hall, and I was thinking, “Man, there are billions of people in this world who can’t even afford a scooter or let alone a pick up truck! I sure can’t! I am a poor missionary. But here they are, driving proudly around with the violent demons on their backs, ready to saly or maim the soldiers or law enforcement officers of Ubon. It is heart breaking how these people have become so lawless over the years. I was shocked! What has happened to the Thai people? I know they get a little easier worked up and sometimes violent when they drink too much whisky. But this was during the day! They seem to have no compunction anymore. “Oh just knive that police man! He stands in the way of democracy!”

    Anyway! If the king dies, it will probably be the greatest funeral this world has ever seen. So much so that it will stun the world! If I was a Thai I would walk after his bier. I am not Thai, but I would like to be there to pay him respect.
    I know most westerners when they read this, are probably bewildered by my eulogy, [and he isn't even dead yet, ha!] But Westerners have lost so much of respect, love, humility, meekness, and simplicity. They can’t even feel God anymore! I watch these forums and messages, how people cut each other down with harsh words and ugly language. It is amazing to me how the world has denigrated to using the wonderful God given sexual parts and functions of the human body as swear words! As if they don’t like them? What’s wrong with them? They are literally foaming out of their shame! Ha!
    Now I must admit I get a little pissy too, when people slight the truth and come on sarcastically, I can get a little sarcastic as well. But not to that degree.
    Anyway. Yeah! Let’s pray for the crown prince that he will get confidence in his role and calling, and find the mercy and love of God. Sorry if I talked so long. I got inspired by your comment. God bless and keep you!

  29. Anglo-Saxon
    May 20, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Dear PPP. A pleasant comment, written by a pure heart. You are correct about Westerners. On average, it is my observation they have become rather more than just a pathetic disgrace (both the men and the women). Anyway, thank you for pointing God’s blessings at me.

    I expect to be shedding a lot more than just several tears, when King Bumiphol eventually passes. I do hope and pray I shall not be asked to do so for at least 3 or 4 more years.

  30. Jack
    May 20, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    First, I share with you that all Thais have to stay united under the king, who is such a great person and allow Thailand to stay independant, proud and united. His majesty allow Thailand to keep it own culture but adapt it to the modernism, that’s why Thailand is such a great country. And I share your opinion that democracy can be a big lie if the country is not ready for: welfare economy, strong middle class, education…

    But, the problem of your article is you charge Taksin as the responsible of all of this and describe him as the man who want take over the country for his own interest. I don’t have sympathy or not for him, but when we judge we have to try to be objective and not only have a single sided point of you.

    I think everybody can have the chance to have access to education, to have security and to have opportunity.
    Taksin in same time that he takes money for himself (as previous gvt, do you remember the asian crisis, the bankrout of bank of commerce, why gvt not let talk Rakesh…, what is the nickname of the former prime minister in Thailand, Painter…), in same time give hope to people and try to give them opportunity
    - Loan for villages (loan not give money as the gvt try to do now)
    - OTOP
    - Taxi metter
    - Infrastructures
    - Possibility for the best of each school, to study in big universites
    - Healthcare system

    In same time, people as Sonthi that allow Taksin to be elected, considerated him as ‘the best prime minister ever’ until he give him advantages.

    Do you remember where Taksin come from and do you know where actual pm come from, their cursus, do you think who is more involved with NWO

    Do you remember how get the power the actual gvt, by blocking government house and airport during long time?
    Do you think there will have NO blood if army decided not to intervent when they block all?

    I think it’s you defend the NWO by use the division and say that reds don’t respect the king, reds and rural person respect more than everybody the king and love him as other thais, please look who are in the yellow shirts (former communist and integrist from the 70s)

    It’s you defend the NWO and the division in Thailand, trying to put more oil on the fire and design one enemie that maybe as USA do with muslim, that you will design as a terrorist.

    Please open your eyes, and fight the uneducation, the people who loot and arson but not put all people in the same basket.

    Please understand, that some people just don’t want that the only way for their daughters to get money is to finish maid or work at Nana/Patong.

    I know some people don’t care and use this for make money (actual commerce minister is the boss or POseidon massage parlour)

    Anyway, I think Taksin is just a symbol and even if he uses his popularity and democracy to affirm his power and relatives, he set up policiy that benefit not only to rural and poor but also to bangkok urban class.

    So, the only way for these people to forget him , is someone not give them free money (as the 2000THB voucher paid by IMF just when PM get power) but a long term way to have a normal life. If you read what they ask, it’s not money but just someone that can represents them and offers them a hope to have a normal life.

    ps When I talk about red not talk about thugs that burn and loot (this exist everywhere), them have to be condemn severely. I talk about the people you meet everday in and outside Bangkok, who even not wear redshirt, but support them or there cause.

    The problem will never finished and the division will be more huge if you just focus to find a guilty but not take these points in consideration.

    Hope my comment will be publish and will accept a different pov.

  31. May 20, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    However the current violence turns, the situation is destined to remain volatile for years to come because the two sides are about equally split. If no compromise acceptable to both sides is reached, it could lead to widespread conflict, perhaps even civil war.

  32. Tony
    May 21, 2010 at 12:21 am

    A lot of you making “claims” seriously need to dig into the facts, get some articles and some sources together and see if your theories shake out. Saying Abhisit is NWO without a single source or connection is mere speculation. I am bound to believe he is as corrupt as any other politician in the Thai government, whose allegiances shift like dunes in a desert, but regardless of how they compromise Thailand’s sovereignty, it seems like SOMETHING is able to keep it together in spite of it.

    What is that “SOMETHING?” I truly believe it is the people, their independence, and regardless of what the monarchy really is, to the Thai people, it is their source for this unity and this fierce independence that has kept Thailand free from the globalists.

    Please do some investigation.

  33. Power Point Paradise
    May 21, 2010 at 1:27 am

    Hi Tony! Just got home! Thanks for answering the questions some here had. It is helpful. I liked how you, on his blog, put that global warmist out to pasture. Greg Dale! I wonder if they are actually lying about AGW for filthy lucre sake, or if they are just deceived? I like your take on that.
    Another question I have is this. Do you know anyone who could translate this article above into Thai?

  34. andy
    September 3, 2010 at 1:30 am

    Wow your article is pretty offensive! Not to sound harsh but This is clearly a delusional point of view. So according to you, the poor are too stupid and incapable of understanding the complexities of Thailand, and that they have also probably been bribed or brainwashed by Thaksin. That’s an insult!

    To believe the crisis is just a story of Thaksin versus Thailand, and has nothing to do with social justice, democracy and equal rights, is to totally misunderstand what is happening. Those Thais who dismiss the red shirt movement as nothing more than a rabble of witless peasants who have no understanding of the concepts of democracy and fairness, who have no legitimate grievances, and who have been paid or duped into backing the sinister machinations of Thaksin Shinawatra, are displaying exactly the condescension and double standards and contempt for the poor that they claim do not exist in Thailand.

    You’ll never understand because you pay too much attention to rumours about the centrality of Thaksin’s role in the Red Shirts. You totally ignore the Red Shirts as a “social movement”. You just don’t get it do you? Whether Taksin is a fraud or do does he really believe in their cause doesn’t matter now!

    Please, go do your research on the monarchy’s role in this mess! The root cause of Thailand’s crisis is the monarchy!!!

  35. Power Point Paradise
    September 3, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Have you read the very informative comments below the article at all?

    “The poor” are not stupid. All kinds of classes whether rich or poor are “stupid”, that is to say uninformed, about what is really going on in the world. The entire take in this article and many of the comments below, is how the globalists–the vultures–will take advantage of the division between Thais and conquer it even worse than they are already doing through the IMF etc.

    And that very essence of the problem escapes tons of people all over the world, not just in Thailand. Most uniformed people who don’t know history get all riled up for “democracy” and “socialism” and dig their own graves doing that.

    Did you understand the connection between the old newspaper article about the Western financial elite helping the Bolshewik “Russian” Revolution in Czarist Russia and what is happening with the RED shirts? Thaksin is just like Kerenski, just a “democratic” stumbling block into the red abyss of totalitarian “socialism!”

    The “left-right” dichotomy is like a puppetshow staged by the world’s elite to get you all riled up to fling about false slogans. Like “democracy & human rights” are mere carrots to lead us into their New World Order.

    Study the many comments here & articles & quotes on this subject on this site which are worth studying and get your feet wet before you try swimming in a polemic you may not be able to negotiate yet. It is merely a matter of getting more information that can lead you to a finer grasp of what is really going on in the world.

    Wishing you love, peace and wisdom.

  36. February 4, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Did you know Prachatai is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)? NED’s board of directors are all CFR, RAND, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace globalists.

    The entire “red” movement in Thailand is a globalist orchestrated “color revolution” designed to strip Thailand of its sovereignty. Once they are done, they are going to run the poor people over just like Thakin’s golfing buddy Hun Sen has done in Cambodia.

    Check my blog, I fully document it.

  37. February 4, 2011 at 3:10 am

    And “Andy” YOU research Thaksin’s golfing buddy Hun Sen and what he did to his “rural poor” with his (I kid you not) “People’s Power Party” in Cambodia.

    You will find he has evicted millions of people from their land by force using his military, and then sold that land to foreign investors. He’s been doing this for quite some time, including during Thaksin’s stint as his “economic adviser.”

    Any group of people who would associate or follow him and his lackeys on stage are obviously ignorant to what they are a part of. The Monarchy has a nation wide initiative encouraging people to learn how to grow their own food and become self-sufficient – the keystone of freedom. Thaksin and the red shirts preach for the creation of a socialist welfare state (Read the Red Siam Manifesto). Socialism is dependence on the state, the very antithesis of freedom.

    Hope you learned something Andy about Thai freedom, and perhaps your own.

  38. Power Point Paradise
    February 4, 2011 at 3:56 am

    Thanks Tony for your comment.
    Appreciate your articles and deep research! I wish you would get a translator to get it all into THAI! What are you waiting for? Educate the Thais! I wish I could find a translator myself for my article, but it is not easy from Taiwan! God bless and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
    Love in Jesus

  39. Power Point Paradise
    February 6, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    WE can’t “convert” or change Thai people. Only God’s SPIRIT can, when the dear Thai people are ready and prepared by loving concern, deeds of love and kindness, and sound speech which cannot be condemned. Many Thais are more “Christian” in their lifestyle than some of these protagonists of American style religion, that are so loud, brazen, very ethnocentric, often warmongering, Zionist excusers of genocide. During my time there I found Thai people some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and many were/are very ready and willing to receive Jesus into their hearts. The changing of their minds may take a little bit longer. But then, look how long it took/takes, to change our mindsets on some of these things. No? And doesn’t it sound a bit patronising when we say that “Thais won’t ever listen to this point of view”? Many Thais come here and do agree. True, some don’t, but isn’t that what this life is all about? Choices! And we learn mostly and most from making the wrong ones. Look at the Russian people! They learned some things from wrongly agreeing with the Trotskyists in 1917. SOme 60-80 million Russians were genocided by their wrong choices. Same thing with the French Revolution. It sounded so right, “Equality, Liberty, Fraternity!” The poor only discovered too late, that they were victims of a Masonic, Illuminati conspiracy, and more blood flowed in France than ever before in their history. Whereas when the French nobility and people made the right choice to listen to a French little girl called Jeanne d’Arc, they were able to liberate themselves from a heavy English and Burgundian yoke, to be a free-er nation. So it’s all decided, whom we listen to. As Jesus taught, “Take heed HOW you hear!” That’s why the enemies of mankind deceided to hijack the mainstream media, so they could control what everybody is “hearing”. And very few intelligent people wake up out of their mainstream media slumber and conditioning, who dare to say, “Enough of that fecal matter! No more MS Media for me! Turn off that TV! I’m sick and tired of BBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Time, Warner, Newsweek, Stern, Spiegel, Frankfurter< New York Times, Washington Post, AOL, Yahoo, Google, Little Green Footballs, Huffington Post, Salon, and and all the other so-called free, green, watermelon, media that pretend to be alternative. Are you? Then there is hope for you.

  40. Andrewp
    February 11, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Regarding your faith in the benign monarchy, the big unknown is, what will happen when the king is gone, which is inevitable and more relevant every passing day!

  41. Power Point Paradise
    February 12, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Hi AndrewP,
    That is indeed a great unknown! I believe that the collective “Karma” of the Thai people, leaders, etc. will decide that. IMHO, every nation gets the kind of government or rulers, it deserves, and prays for. God is merciful, and knows that we are not perfect. The Thai people have definitely been more blessed than most of their neighbours, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are collectivist “people’s” dicatatorships, and Burma an isolationist oligarchy. I am afraid though that the Thais have lost some of that original “namchai” and other good things, while many leaders and people alike have become quite selfish. So yes, it is a toss up, right now. Time will tell. I don’t think though, that this world has much time left, as I believe the return of Jesus Christ is at hand. And just “as it was in the days of Noah, people are too busy eating, drinking, building, marrying and giving in marriage. The flood came, and they knew it not, and took them all away!” Jesus said that that’s what it will be like in the very end of Man’s history. So get ready! “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” (the Bible) Kind regards! Lu.

  42. asa
    July 12, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    powerful article

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