Pilots film Chemtrails from above. Definite video proof! MUST WATCH! UPDATED!

Jet pilots trail a chemtrail-dispensing K10 airplane from behind, and state that it is spraying from its wings, and that they will put it on Youtube. It turns out that the original video text has now changed, stating that “They were just joking.”

The important conclusion is the following: the military élites have made another enormous mistake in compelling the pilot to recant. This is the very proof that these pilots showed real chemtrails to pollute the environment and poison people.

If you want to hide something, you don’t yell: “I wasn’t for real!!! I wasn’t!!!”
It’s better to shut up than talking. But the system prefers to block and censure more than allowing that the truth comes out. The pressure on the pilot is more effective in spreading the truth, than the videos showing chemtrails..

“This is the point in which someone decided to protest. The govt. in Australia gag all who work in the “geo-engineering” industry and have supposedly provided a “whistle-blower avenue” for pilots and others within the industry to lodge complaints under the onus that they can prove that there is significant risk to public health. Now to consider if one was to blow the whistle, they (the authority) suggest you go to the boss with evidence proving the industry is killing people. But that seals their fate!

“Great work in again getting the best view of the worst goddamn nightmare to ever hit planet earth. Sorry I cant chuckle with those guys filming, I’ve been living under this eco-terminal crap for too many years, they’ve done a great service in sharing this with the world. So many sick kids, and old people, living in this town is almost a guarantee to acquire Alzheimer, dementia, autism and many other known metal-based toxic illnesses associated with this disaster in the making.”

“The answer is: MILITARY. Thousands of people, planes, and military bases around the world. Just like the so-called Homeland Security program, its easy to do whatever you want when you call it top-secret in the name of national security. And everything is compartmentalized – not everyone knows everything, just their own little part. Its not that easy to arouse suspicion these days, apparently – most people don’t even notice how much their world is being modified – without consent.”

“If you can’t see this happening then you are either too young to remember what our skies should look like or you are scared to admit it even to yourself. WE ARE BEING SPRAYED LIKE BUGS People LOOK UP! Is your sky as you remember it ? You are probably taking too much Prozac that’s why you cant see it. Come off the stuff and see clearer.”


So what are WE going to do about it? Just forget about it? They are spraying you too, and your children, and family. You don’t want to know? Afraid that people will call you “conspiracy theorists?” Well, then you deserve everything that is coming to you.

Stand up citizen! Stand up people! Tell your neighbour. Show this video to your friends and family. Call the authorities and show them the video. Make a stink! Get active! Here in Taipei they are spraying also. Regularly. Yesterday it began as a clear day with high big clouds and big patches of blue. By noon there were these trails being laid and after a while all was hazy where it had been blue before!

What is it doing to your children? Don’t you want to know? Then call up your politician! Lawmaker! Parliamentarian! Whatever! But act!



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5 comments for “Pilots film Chemtrails from above. Definite video proof! MUST WATCH! UPDATED!

  1. William
    September 19, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Why are the flap track fairings labeled “nozzles”?!
    And don’t you people understand aerodynamics and atmospheric science?! Wow, this article is so full of lies! It’s fail!

    PPP: Ah, cool down a bit. The Italian video editor perhaps just got a little bit carried away. We also wondered about these fairings (those ‘canoes’ sticking out of the flaps folks!) being “nozzles”, as anyone who often flies and sits behind the wings knows, but to conclude because of this that “this article is SO FULL of lies, then you must be Italian too.

    There definitely IS spraying going on! And who knows, perhaps these Italians got it right by coincidence, that these sprayer planes are thus modified that they have tubing and nozzles built into the flap track fairings! How are you so sure that that is not the case? You can actually hear the pilot saying, “it looks like it is spraying out of the top of its wings.”, so there is a balance in the reporting.

    Now this is from a ‘flap track fairing’ company itself! Hear ye William!

    “The aerodynamic fairings contain a number of technical systems essential for flight, and FACC´s development team is responsible for their integration. These systems include a cooling system for the hydraulic units, an emergency power turbine and a fuel drain line.”

    So these FTF-s DO contain a fuel drain line, then those must have nozzles, no? And how easy it would be to connect a chemical draining line to the same nozzles, would be an interesting question, don’t you think? And it looks like that there are FOUR sprays coming out of this TWIN ENGINE plane. Strange?

  2. WiganPete
    August 23, 2013 at 1:11 am

    How do you get 3 people in the same cockpit of a 2 seat fighter jet…The one the slide show following the bigger plane.
    If there were 2 people in the planes, they would still have to talk over a radio.

    This is something chemtrail people don’t pick up on. No common sense!

  3. Gabriel Incertis
    November 5, 2013 at 8:13 am

    Dear Gabriel Sir,
    You are being dis-informed. This is a disinformation (“debunk”) site putting down aerosol engineering (chemtrails) as contrails. To do your OWN research into “aerosol engineering”, one doesn’t go to snopes.com or any other obvious debunking sites, as they are of course designed to throw you off track! There are lots of good solid scientific sites where you can find US patents for aerosol spraying and much much more true info. Good luck! EOD
    Love & Peace

    PS: You could start here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymF6YkVJ-RYhttp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/what-the-hell-are-they-spraying-on-us/

  4. February 13, 2015 at 7:50 am


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