What if Gulf oil volcano is a Man-made Global Warming methane plot?

What if this entire man-made disaster was not just an “inside job”, meaning caused on purpose, but caused for one special reason alone; To cause & support real man-made Global Warming by releasing huge amounts of methane gas into the world’s atmosphere?!
Don’t know what Methane and methane hydrates are? Read this…

Although methane is a cleaner-burning energy source than other fossil fuels, it is itself a significant greenhouse gas, about 25 times more potent per molecule than carbon dioxide on a 100-year basis. Thus, understanding the potential environmental impacts of methane hydrate degassing and the seafloor hazard (“geohazard”) potential resulting from methane hydrate dissociation, whether through natural processes or through oil and gas drilling and production, are also important as its potential for commercial production is considered and tested.


methane bubbling up in the water

Well, of course, this makes sense. We wouldn’t want to inadvertently disturb a big patch of methane hydrates, which might lead to the release of a shitload of gas into the water column, which would eventually lead to its bubbling out of the sea and into the atmosphere.

You see, if the methane in ocean floor hydrates gets loose, that’s much, much worse than if we successfully capture it, pipe it somewhere and burn it. In this latter case, we only get the carbon emissions from burning the “pure” natural gas (CH4), not the full-blown greenhouse effects of unadulterated methane in the atmosphere, which converts to CO2 over time there—it’s 25 times more potent per molecule [as a greenhouse gas] than carbon dioxide on a 100-year basis.

Cloud of Methane bubbling up

They–the elite powers that be–have been chem-trail spraying us all over the world, except for in countries like China, that are not aligned with the West. But they do spray off and on here in Taiwan, for example on favourable weather days.

I have often surmised that the reason for this spraying might be to cause extra, un-natural cloud covering to help Global Warming along. Now this is not “thus saith the Lord“, but what else could they be doing it for?

I could hardly believe that the various governments and local subservient elites would go along with such a huge spraying scheme, if their own health and that of their own families would also be impaired through it. So there has got to be some other motivation behind it than for example spraying H1N1 through the air. But like I said, I don’t know.

Since the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico they have been spraying the oil with Corexit, and the Gulf water, although it “looks” half way decent, is not! (See the article and video below.) The oil emanating from the seafloor contains about 40 percent methane, compared with about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits, according to  John Kessler, a Texas A&M University oceanographer who is studying the impact of methane from the spill.

Also at one instant the gulf beach breakers were seen bubbling with so much gas, that it made head lines and TV news in the States, supporting the methane story. The first attempt to seal the well was aborted because of methane crystals clogging up the device. You have to understand that methane hydrates are part and parcel of  ocean floors all over the world in the form of methane ice, also called “burning ice.” The ice doesn’t melt under the sea because of high pressure and low temperatures keeping it in its solid form of methane ice crystals.

But the bore hole of the oil volcano has been worn down so much that it is breaking up the ocean floor and there seem to be many cracks in it, apart from the ones monitored on TV. Are these cracks and holes breaking up methane ice into its methane gas and water components?

And why is it hardly reported if that is the case? Have they created a methane volcano instead of just an oil volcano? The oil is reported to contain 40 % methane! That is an awful lot of methane coming loose and mixing into the water and ultimately bubbling free into the air.

We know the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) theory is a hoax and a lie and a conspiracy to create a World scared of carbon, so everyone will “voluntarily” decide to stop “climate change” by curbing their “carbon footprint” through a nifty carbon credit scheme! That is the whole quintessence and real reason for it oil. (I mean for it all) to ultimately create a financial carbon tax machinery with “carbon credits” and so on, based on your “carbon prints”. And that carbon tax will become the first real GLOBAL TAX that we’ll all have to submit to, which will necessitate a global financial structure, in other words….and here it comes… A GLOBAL ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! TAADAA!!!

Now, as many of us news watchers know, the carbon scheme has not been doing too well. First of all, because most true scientists, those untainted by AGW research funds, ridicule the entire idea that carbon causes warming, as 30.000 honest scientists signed a petition to throw out the entire AGW scheme on basis that it is all a fraud. Temperatures rise and cause the rise of CO2! CO2 trails temperature! Not the other way around! So no amount of global carbon tax is going to stop the World temperature from rising, because “carbon” is not the culprit.

Carbon is a greenhouse gas, but that only means that it regulates the earth’s temperature so that we don’t freeze to death at night and burn up in smoke during the day. It is God’s moderating mechanism to keep the world’s temperatures from peaking and sinking too much within 24 hours. A godly thermostat!

And CO2 is a beneficial gas without which we wouldn’t have any food to eat, no plants or trees to grow, nothing to feed our cattle, and the planet would starve to death!

But the evil PTB need “rising temperatures” to justify their Man-made Global Warming myth, so they can justify a One World Government, and more control over the type of light bulbs you use in your home, and how much you drive your car, or not at all!

The Climate Gate scandal didn’t help matters much either, although the “im”-partial justice committee pardoned and cleared the Climate Crooks from “any evil motives.” Sure! Even though we alternative news watchers are aware of the AGW scam, most of the world, believe it or not, is definitely not aware!

And the global news media and global corporations are doing all they can to help the myth along in their coverage and even their green advertising and their green policies, as we speak. They haven’t given up on their long term expensive scheme, just because of some silly “Climate Gate?” They are undaunted by this small set back. So don’t deceive yourselves, as many do, saying, “Oh the Global warming myth is dying and finished!” It is thriving and growing in the minds of the mainstream media zombies everyday!

Here in Taiwan for example; At least 95 % of the Taiwanese are convinced that AGW is real. They were subjected to a hairy-scary TV documentary, called “plus 4” (degrees) that was subscribed to and supported by local university professors, who don’t want to look stupid in the eyes of their  Western, politically correct, AGW “scientific” peers and research funds dispensers, locally & abroad, and so they are more than willing to go along with the entire AGW spiel, whether they are really aware or not.

The Taiwanese government and the local EPA is to over their ears in “AGW” and “the dangers of Carbon”, banning the student water fountains’ paper cups in our universities, so that we have to bring our own cups and mugs to drink. The local Wall Street Journal lie dispenser, the China Post, is a willing complicit AGW scare tactics organ. This fecal sheet also regularly spreads H1N1 vaccinations propaganda and of course absolves Israel from any guilt in massacres and executions and ethnic cleansing and whatever else they do, and is propagandising for a Syrian intervention like criminal NATO did in Libya, and promoting the nuclear WMD lie for war on Iran.

It is mainly the “AGW Zion Post” here that brainwashes most of the English speaking upper and middle class, academics, government officials, and some students that can read English newspapers. As for the rest of the media, they happily bumble behind and along.

So forget a public Taiwanese outcry against lies like “rising ocean levels”, “dying Polar bears”, and “carbon credit” scams! They are probably already measuring every Taiwanese their carbon print and what it is gonna cost them in tax! And the Taiwanese very easily misled, as you can tell, go right along with their own demise.

So forget a rise in Asian or World public awareness of the AGW plot against science. There ain’t no such thing. Local Taiwanese architects have to learn “green architecture!” What is that? How to cut “carbon emissions” (as if it is spewing out of a hole!) with special building codes, guidelines, construction materials, and more of such hype. They are properly AGW educated in almost every kind of field where Carbon exists! That is everywhere!

They have an entire New Age sect here led by a Vietnamese lady guru who promotes global warming dangers on-line 24/7, in 12 languages! They are even about to make us all Buddhist vegetarians, so they can kill the local cows with their God-made methane-farting mechanisms, so we can “keep the island from sinking.” Ridiculous? I know. But it is worse here than I can explain. They also believe 2012 is real! See this chart here? A whopping 76 %

How SMART Asian believers are obediently following AGW

Most alternative news readers and watchers believe that the world is about to wake up from their Media-induced stupor, dreams and deceptions. Well I’m afraid they themselves are the most deceived part of the public in the world.

Most of the Asian world has hardly heard about “Climate Gate!” and they are not about to dispense with their hard-gained erudite knowledge of AGW which they have just learned to internalise into all of their systems. That would be a colossal loss of face!! Dont’ you understand the Asian psyche? It would result in 10 % professional suicides and probably 25 % in Japan! SO forget a population awakening. Anthropogenic Global Warming is here to stay! They are not farting (methane) around here. :)

Which brings us back to the initial theme of this rant. Are they releasing tons of methane into the Gulf and then into the atmosphere? Are they helping Global Warming along? Are they heating up the atmosphere with 40 % methane containing oil volcanoes? I wouldn’t be surprised. They–the Powers That Be–have been known to do stinky things like this as long as we can remember.

Well, just wanted to share with you my innermost fears, that man is basically evil after all, and will do literally anything to gain money and mostly for power and women! You know most rich people? They are not interested in money anymore. They are after power! The greatest aphrodisiac men can have, as arch Mr. evil Henry Kissinger once said.

So, will the dispensing of exposing alternative news change the world? Nah! It won’t. But we still have to continue spread the news, regardless, if it was only to scare the rich and powerful evil-doers, to at least let them know and tremble that absolute justice does exist, and that Hell is very real and waiting, and being heated up for them right nice … as we speak!

And if that is you? Well, I love you, but I’ll tell you, if I were in your shoes, I would repent in a great hurry, right now! Why? Because Hell is extremely hot!



MOBILE, Alabama – 16 July 2010 – News 5 – More than a week has passed since Alabama’s beaches have seen significant oil, and despite warnings along the Gulf Coast, some swimmers are taking their chances.

News Five collected samples of water and sand from Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Katrina Key and Dauphin Island. To our eyes, the samples appeared normal, until we took them to a local lab to be tested.

Water and sand along Alabama’s coast should contain no more than five parts per million of oil or petroleum, according to Bob Naman, an analytical chemist. But, the samples we collected tested much higher.

From 16 ppm to 221 ppm, our results are concerning. Even more disturbing is what happened to a sample collected from the Dauphin Island Marina near oil containment boom.



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2 comments for “What if Gulf oil volcano is a Man-made Global Warming methane plot?

  1. Rabe
    July 25, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Technically, though being an engineer, I don’t understand the phrase

    25 times more potent per molecule [as a greenhouse gas] than carbon dioxide on a 100-year basis.

    Isn’t that the same factor on a, let’s say, 1, 10, 1000, 10000 year basis? And also per m3?
    Creating big numbers?

  2. Power Point Paradise
    July 25, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Yeah maybe. I didn’t say that. I was quoting this article. Would you think that this time measure doesn’t make sense? May be! Yet I do know that methane is more powerful a greenhouse gas, and that’s what it’s mainly about. But any better statistics, send them to me, and I will correct the numbers. Thanks.

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