WikiLeaks/ WikiPedia: Truth serving Lies (with CIA/ Mossad oversight) VDO

PPP Editor: I was tempted to post “WikiLeaks” before, but didn’t! Just seeing Julian Assange gives me the creeps. If he really exposed stuff they’d poison his Aussie beer. Mossad would fly him to Egypt for torture. But no! The World idolises him: wide media exposure, interview on “NWO opinion shaper” TED and Bill’s Camelot, slick suit PR image, deceptive “wise and prudent hold back” personality “annoyed” by 9-11 in-/out-side job, denying Osama B.L. is long dead! Assange is controlled opposition! We’re not impressed!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010.

So Wikileaks has exposed the truth about the Afghan/Pakistan war? 91,000 leaked documents expose the fact that war is a nasty, two-faced, dishonorable business with even (shock horror) covert operations set up to assassinate leaders of the enemy.

What is getting most attention, however, is the allegation that the ISI (the Pakistani Secret Service) is secretly backing the Taliban and other documents demanding that the Pakistani government turn decisively against the militants, creating a justification for US operations inside Pakistan and a possible pretext for full-on invasion of the country.

Kind of a sneaky personality. I trust him as far as you can drag an elephant by the tail.

A few months ago we were reading that the US were funding the Taliban. There are many other stories of this kind from people like Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen.


All this ‘whistleblowing’ does little other than serve the interests of the US possibly expanding their war. No establishment figure is seriously compromised by these ‘leaks’, nor is policy undermined in any new way. The war is wicked? The people who care already know that and this ‘new’ information makes little difference to that perception one way or the other.

Why do the ‘leaks’ contain no embarrassing whistleblowing. Why is there no exposition of the betrayal felt by many soldiers and their officers who know the war(s) have got nothing to do with protecting America or the UK (….I have spoken to one British army officer who is acutely aware of the betrayal of his troops and of wider British interests and is waiting for [and working towards] the same revolution as myself. Meeting this man was the most encouraging moment of the last six months for me).

Wikileaks made its name with this footage.

Again, innocent people get murdered by coalition troops. Evil…embarrassing….but tell us something we didn’t know.

We know that the powers-that-be are determined to control both sides of every argument. They lead the opposition against themselves. That’s why “Stop The War” will not even MENTION 9/11 Truth and exclude from the ranks of their leadership anyone who wants to raise reasonable questions about the events of 9/11.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is ‘annoyed’ by 9/11 truth. That there IN ITSELF makes him, to any sensible person, a placeman of the security services.

This, like the StopTheWar position, is called a ‘limited hangout’. There is no end of this kind of maneuvering out there as in, for example, Chomsky’s indefatigable support of Israel (“America” is the problem, not the international bankers who own it nor the Jewish Lobby who control it…..criticism most definitely never goes THERE. These are simply NOT issues).


‘Limited hangout’ is making a pretense at protest in order to disable genuine protest.


It is the Hegelian dialectic in action.

Many good people are led down futile paths when they trust and follow these people.

Even the name for the operation, ‘Wikileaks’, tells a story.

Here we see one CIA/Mossad operation supporting another. We are supposed to see ‘Wiki’ and think ‘truth’ as in that honourable internet encyclopedia ‘Wikipedia'(……whose ‘Mossad’ entry, by the way, does NOT include their famous motto, “By way of deception thou shalt make war”). There is a lifetimes work for somebody exposing the spinning and obfuscation in support of establishment narratives on this lousy site.

For a more detailed look at the ‘Wikileaks’ operation see here.


Uh-O. Lookee here….Wikileaks ‘reveal’ that Bin Laden was being tracked through Pakistan:

“In August 2006, a US intelligence report placed Bin Laden at a meeting in Quetta, over the border in Pakistan.
It said he and others – including the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar – were organising suicide attacks in Afghanistan.”

So there it is. That evil fiend, Bin Laden, is not dead (as most people who follow the information believe). He is alive and well and organising Al Qaeda, or is it the Taliban, to carry out suicide bombings against our boys in Afghanistan.

Well, now we know.

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the 40th episode of New World Next Week – the video series from & This week we look exclusively at the massive media hype surrounding Wikileaks, wider wars & the future of the web.

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3 comments for “WikiLeaks/ WikiPedia: Truth serving Lies (with CIA/ Mossad oversight) VDO

  1. Power Point Paradise
    July 29, 2010 at 2:26 pm


    I think I was there when Bell questioned “What about 9/11?” !

    On June 21st I met Julian Assange at a seminar organized by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. He was a bit jet-lagged after just flying in from Sydney, but still seemed like an easy-going cosmopolitan traveler. He was standing in the entrance of the European Parliament in the company of a very special and likable politician – Icelandic poet and artist, former Punk-singer now Icelandic Parliament member Birgitta Jonsdottir ( )

    I noted that Julian Assange was well versed in the security passes needed to get into certain meetings of the European Parliament. I believe it was during the press conference for the seminar ” (self) censorship; new challenges for freedom of expression in Europe ” that Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell had the chance to ask him that question. I had slipped in to this press conference almost by accident, as I was early for the hearing that was about to take place. I remember the question, and it is funny that at the time, the answer to the question “What about 9/11” didn’t shock me more than it did, when he answered it cautiously. The quote from the Belfast Telegraph reporter could be a journalist’s short-hand of Assange’s answer. As I recall it, he tip-toed around the question, indeed saying that there were many established facts about government lying that WikiLeaks could contribute, showing black-on white how we are manipulated into war and mass financial fraud. I do not recall Assange using the words: “false conspiracies such as 9/11” because that would have profoundly revolted me.

    This being said, I do not have the audio of the press conference: it should be available somewhere. It is possible that I could have repressed hearing such an absurdity from Assange’s mouth. Now that I think back about it, it could be he said “un-proven theories”, and already that IS bad enough!

    Both he and Birgitta Jonsdottir were like hero’s to me, but I agree entirely that, after 9 years of serious citizen investigation, like that done by or , the issue of 9/11 IS the ultimate litmus test to see if a journalist / politician is informed, and working for a better understanding of reality, or a victim/perpertrator of the Mighty Wurlitzer supidification meme that high-rises pulverize with their occupants in New-York due to barbaric Muslims high-jacking airplanes with box-cutters.

    As a participant citizen in a hearing entitled: “(self) censorship; new challenges for freedom of expression in Europe” fumbling a bit awkwardly to find the right words, I tried to steer the discussion to the issue of 9/11 : see my own intervention at 2 hours 26 min on this video link of the full seminar: ( watch at 2:26:00 ).

    I will send this link to Birgitta Jonsdottir, who is still a hero to me, even if I do not recall any of her thoughts on September 11th 2001. How many sitting politicians do you know who write poems like this: Cry from the Heart

    Birgitta Jonsdottir would be as inspiring as Cynthia Mc Kinney to me if she also gave full support to the WeAreChange 911Truth Citizen movement of the World. I believe she hasn’t arrived there yet, because she lives in a Scandinavian “duck-pond” mentality where people just don’t do such dastardly things as a psychological ware-fare operations killing 3000 of its own citizens to put the country in a State of Emergency due to “external attack”, and implement a phony “War on Terrorism”.

    Julian Assange, with a broader back-ground in government lies, should know better: he should come clear about any remark he would have done implying that September 11th 2001 being a government inside job “is not proven”. It is clearly proven by peer-reviewed scientific journals proving the use of tons of expensive Pentagon High-Tech sol-gel-nano-thermate, and the collective scientific opinion as expressed by more than 1200 architects and engineers on the excellent site of

    I still tend to believe Assange is passionate about his work, but if you’re out to leak some essential documents, there is no need to only go via WikiLeaks. The Icelandic Media Initiative is on a good way towards realization, and the Swedish Pirate party is also setting up a site with Parliamentary immunity and secrecy to ensure that the internet stays a source of information and freedom of expression and thought.

    Best regards from Brussels, Belgium,

    Dr Eric Beeth

  2. Power Point Paradise
    July 29, 2010 at 2:29 pm



    Perhaps Wikileaks is the mother-of-all limited hangouts, in that they will reveal seriously damaging evidence, however they are very selective with this evidence for damage control. For instance, with the ‘collateral murder’ video leak, the general reaction was anger towards our ignorant and brainwashed men in uniform instead of at the willfully evil men in suits who killed us, lied to us about it, then shipped our men over in the first place.

    Wikileaks comes away looking like a saint, while further dividing We the People, by design.

    Given Assange’s reaction, I can only assume he is playing his role as gatekeeper, or needs a weekend visit from Harrit & Gage…

  3. Power Point Paradise
    July 29, 2010 at 2:35 pm


    What better way to catch

    What better way to catch whistle blowers & contain leaks than to secretly become THE ‘ place you can trust ‘ to reveal the secrets to the world? Of course ,it would be necessary to expose some small potato scandals (easily fixed by rolling a few low level heads) in order to maintain your reputation,but they could then be pointed to as evidence that your legit. 911 is my litmus test & he fails. I predict Wikileaks will NEVER report anything other than small,easily fixed ‘scandals’. Anyone who ‘leaked’ anything big or important to them would disappear & you’d never hear about. It sort of looks like a sting operation to me. Just my opinion.


    yes, 9/11 is the litmus test…

    . . . and this bloke fails miserably. another gatekeeper revealed


    Limited Hangout…most likely…but

    Hey all, this is a great thread…

    That we are good enough to be reasonable as we consider that Asange is most likely a limited hangout, and also most likely operating with a gun to his head because of his organization being “conveniently supplied with incriminating videos and other forms of classified? information” and further, most likely infiltrated as most of our organizations are, is a very BIG compliment to the 9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice Community.

    This 9/11 story is FAR from over…so lets just keep moving towards the TRUTH.

    Seems the HI PERPS have alotta problems with this “Truthy Thing”.

    9/11 Truth for World peace and Justice

    Robin Hordon
    Kingston, WA

    Sounds Just Like Chomsky-Biggest Fraud Out There!

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

    Some of you may remember the last time

    this guy was the subject here. I said my gut feeling was that he was just the frontman for a deep state cover team.

    I got a lot of flack. Maybe now “Camusrebel’s gut feelings” will be given a little benefit of the doubt.

    I used terms of endearment like “assclown” and I think maybe “asshat”. I did not go with one that tempted me…”assmunch”. I’m not especially proud of my middle school attempts at humor, but I stand by the sentiments. He is NOT a founder of WLeaks. That took a lot of $(Soros? Mossad? Lanngley?) and this ass(fill in your favorite) was a broke, busted hacker. Albeit a very talented hacker. Other hackers that were busted for similar top level break-ins have done time. He did no time.

    I did mention the possibility that WLeaks had gotten some 911 whistleblower gold but buried it and that maybe the leaker was quietly disappeared.

    Still pure speculation but now rings even more true.

    The whole comparison to Daniel Ellsberg is, I think, quite telling as when one looks into DE and his motives for outing the PPapers, CIA ties and motives are all over it.

    For more

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