God can control Global Warming but not Globalist destruction of the Earth!

With more new research by Roy W. Spencer and William D. Braswell showing how any global warming surplus gets converted into more cloud covering to reduce Solar heating to stabilise the world’s mean temperature like a thermostat, it is obvious that God–the persecuted, ultimate Creator of this His own global project Planet Earth!–is well able to protect us from too extreme temperatures. God created a resilient climate system that can take some banging up.

But what He can’t control however, is the wanton damage globalist merchants (and some dumb farmers) are doing to the Earth. Of them He says in His word,

Revelations 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

The Chinese are cutting down the forest upstream in West China causing landslides. Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Indonesian, Brazilian, Colombian, Bolivian, and other forested nations’ businessmen are cutting down the rain forests at a murderous rate, destroying the Earth’s prime oxygen producers.

The warmist alarmists are more concerned to demonise Carbon which makes our plants and trees grow, and is an integral part of the greenhouse thermostat God installed long ago to ensure that we wouldn’t freeze to death by night, nor burn to death in the daytime, than about the trees that are getting destroyed by the millions every year!

The Globalist Climate fanatics have helped “brainwash” Taiwanese Buddhists into wanting to kill the cows that fart “too much methane!“, and to turn all Taiwanese into blooming vegetarians to make sure that the dairy farmers will go out of business! All that to “save the climate!” –Ah the humanity!

Research funds-hogging Anthropogenic Global Warming Spreaders are more interested in false data and graphs demonising Carbon, than loudly protesting British Petroleum’s cover-up of their ever-spouting oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico that kill the marine fauna and people in neighboring states with Corexit!
Where are the Greens when you really need demonstrations!?

They seem more interested in chasing Japanese whalers to save the whales than saving the entire marine – and human- population of the entire Gulf? They don’t seem to care much that the warm Gulf stream is threatened by a cooling down and slowing down by these oil residues well hidden underwater! Where are the Green watermelons when they’re really needed?

How about these red-on-the-inside Greens protesting against the destructions by Monsanto of the seed-carrying self-propagating traditional cereals? Or against the way Monsanto drives thousands of Indian farmers into suicide because of their evil GMO cotton variety they pushed on these poor farmers, who have not enough water to satisfy these demonic seeds?

How about them climbing onto the Sidney Opera House with banners against the logging industry and their producing too much carbon by burning the forests of Sumatra and Borneo?? We needed them yesterday! Not so much for creating carbon by burning, as well as that they are changing the earth’s climate by destroying the weather-controlling and climate-retaining natural forest carpets of the Earth ensuring that Monsoons are on time, and distribute enough water to these countries, some of which are now getting parched and drier by the year.

It is too late for these politically correct Greens to save the Sahara, Australian outback, Saudi Arabia, Gobi desert, and the Middle East from desertification. We could hardly hold them to blame for these ancient destructions of God’s nature which sanded over the sphinx in Egypt and are now spreading deserts into Turkey, Southern France and Spain! Those they could still save perhaps, if these Marxist Globalist Warmists would just get off their behinds! But I haven’t seen it yet!

No! Instead they would like us non-socialists to commit suicide and submit to their culling of the herd of man, in their campaign to reduce our world population from over 6 billion to under one billion. Of course they are not volunteering themselves. They, the obedient Marxist servant class, are “chosen” to survive, to serve their international banking masters in their perfect new socialist order, after the proceeds of global carbon tax are fought over and devoured by the survivors of the fittest merchant elite after World War 3! Oh the sullen socialists. They don’t ever get it, do they?

Just like the smart elites always find some useful idiots to pull some plugs for a few dollars after they evacuate the rigged buildings, these minions are convinced that they will participate in the grandest dialectic experiment of history, when the secular humanist pipe dream of their masters will come to its futile fruition, in some elusive “golden age of man with democracy and brotherhood for all!” Ha! What a sour joke.

That’s what the great Russian Marxist leader Mikhail Borodin believed in 1923.  Mikhail Markovich Borodin (1884 – 1951) was the alias of Jewish Mikhail Gruzenberg, who was a Comintern agent.

Borodin was a Russian Communist sent to China in 1923 to help organize the Nationalist Chinese Party. After joining the Bolshevik party in Russia in 1903 he first worked in Mexico and later in China with Sun Yat Sen and the Kuo Ming Tan and with the Communist party in the 1920-ies and 1930-ies.

A journalist asked him, “Do you want to take over China?”
Borodin replied “No, but our ideas will!”
The reporter said, “But you are too few! Do you mean you will take over one fifth of mankind? Never in a thousand years!”

Borodin retorted, “Oh yes, we will! You forget that I am not here for my health. I don’t spend my time in bars or at the races like the English. I’m not interested in a career or a fortune like you. I serve an ideology, and it is not numbers that count, it is dedication.”

“You Americans would not understand that. You concentrate on comfort and personal success. You had a chance here, but you didn’t care.”
“I am interested in China, to help her change. It is not a matter of whether we enjoy the work, it is necessary, and that is all that counts.

“Long ago I made up my mind that Communism alone is the answer for the world, because unlike religion, it insists on changing things. I decided to go where I could help most. The Party decided I could help most in China so I came. Nothing else matters.”

Then he said, “I used to read the New Testament. St. Paul was a real revolutionary! I take my hat off to him. But where do you find him today? Answer me that! Where? Where?”

Poor dedicated Borodin was ultimately accused of being an “enemy of the Soviet“, and was sent to a gulag in Siberia where he died in 1951. Confused by vain churchianity and eventually recruited by cruel Marxism, he never did discover the real truth! And neither did others, billions of of Chinese!

Poor Borodin! If only he had looked a little bit further or harder! For just about that time and even before, some very dedicated Christians like the “Cambridge seven” were very active in China with the “China Inland Mission.”

CIM was founded by radical revolutionary missionary Hudson Taylor! God had shown Hudson to adopt Chinese dress to better relate to Chinese people, for which  he was ridiculed by his expatriate churchian contemporaries in Shanghai. Hudson Taylor and his colleagues could have shown Borodin how to be a revolutionary “Paul!”

Because of such radical “Pauls”, 8 % of the Chinese population is now known to be Christians. You realize how many that is? At least a 100 million Chinese! That’s more than all present British, French and German dedicated Christians left over from Hedonism, put together! The Communist authorities are so worried about them, that the underground home churches are continually harassed, their leaders imprisoned, as well as tortured & even martyred!

What are you living for? Are you living for comfort, the pub, or the horse races? What are you doing for Him and others? “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot gain, to gain what he cannot loose!”
“It’s better to live for something, than to die for nothing”, like Borodin. His beloved Communism killed him.

We’re all gonna die some day. Better be a martyr for a worthy cause.—The cause of Eternal Love! Jesus said: “What shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul. What can a man give in exchange for his soul?”
Why doubt? Just believe! If you don’t know how, just ask Jesus to help you believe. He wants to come into your heart!



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2 comments for “God can control Global Warming but not Globalist destruction of the Earth!

  1. openmind
    March 31, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    forgive me for my ignorance in my way of thinking religion and climate change are same to me FRAUDELENT it is just plain greed for control and money by brainwashing billions of suckers, coz religion is not apealing to young ones any more.scare young fragile minds world is going to end tomorrow because of us.world would be ok but we will phase ourselves out.what a pity dinosaurs did not have money to pay carbon tax they will be still with us what a joy to seven or so billions children who believe anything they told.if human never destroys anything lives in jungle primitive sustainable way even then human race will cease to exist as evidence shows mother earth is constantly changing even fictious god cant help us.

  2. Power Point Paradise
    March 31, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    Dear Openmind,
    I forgive you for your ignorance, because it is normal for young people not to know as much or to be as fully and properly informed yet. We live and learn. But it is also true that young people are more influenced by the mainstream media than former generations, as the media masters are more powerful now and much trickier than even 30 years ago. So I don’t hold anything against you. :)
    And yes indeed! “man-made CO2 Global Warming” is as much a religion as Evolution. In that case we all have a religion. Even Atheism is a religion! It is a faith (because we don’t really know!) that there is NO God! You say that:
    “religion is not appealing to young ones any more, scare young fragile minds that the world is going to end tomorrow because of us.”
    I assume you meant religions of faith in God, because we all have certain religions, faiths or beliefs, in order to deal with “the MYSTERY of life!” Some believe there is nothing after death, some believe that their personalities or ghosts continue in another realm. Neither one has any proof that they can present to the other as fact. Yet atheists have no experiences that there is NO life after death, whereas millions of believers have/had very tangible experiences that there IS! Even yours’ truly! I can only tell you about it that I’ve had true experiences, but you would perhaps call me a liar. But it is strange that if I say what Japan looks like because I have been there, you DO believe, but if I relate to you what I really saw and felt from another Realm of existence or The Spirit World, you call me liar, perhaps?
    So, as they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, similarly “faith is in the eye of the believer!” And you may call it “brainwashing”, but they were experiences, that were not given to me by any religious organisation or medium. So that one doesn’t fly. Dear Openmind, I wish you were! Wishing you much love and faith!

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