What happened 5000 years ago?

“If homo sapiens has been on earth for 100,000 years, why did God sit idly by for  95,000 years before getting involved”, asks Christopher Hitchens.  “Was he napping for 98% of human history?”

Dinesh D’Souza answers:

“The Population Reference Bureau estimates that the number of people who have ever been born is approximately 105 billion. Of this number, about 2 percent were born before Christ came to earth.”

“So in a sense,” Kreps notes, “God’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect. If He’d come earlier in human history, how reliable would the records of his relationship with man be? But He showed up just before the exponential explosion in the world’s population, so even though 98 percent of humanity’s time-line had passed, only 2 percent of humanity had previously been born, so 98 percent of us have walked the earth since the Redemption.”

With an argument that boomerangs, D’Souza continues..

Bra humanoid upright What happened 5000 years ago?Homo sapiens has been on the planet for 100,000 years, but apparently for 95,000 of those years he accomplished virtually nothing. Besides some cave paintings, no real art, no writing, no inventions, no culture, no civilization.  Both the wheel and Egyptian hieroglyphics are only 5000 years old.

How is this possible? Were our ancestors, otherwise physically and mentally undistinguishable from us, such blithering idiots that they couldn’t figure out anything other than the arts of primitive warfare?

So how did Homo sapiens, heretofore such a slacker, suddenly get so smart? Scholars have made strenuous efforts to account for this, but no one has offered a persuasive account.

Well, there is one obvious way to account for this historical miracle. It seems as if some transcendent being reached down and breathed some kind of a spirit or soul into man, because after accomplishing virtually nothing for 98 percent of our existence, we have in the past 2 percent of human history produced everything from the pyramids to Proust, from Socrates to computer software.

He really captured my attention.


PP Editor:

So What DID Happen 5000 Years Ago?

That was a pretty good refutal of Hitchens’ anti-historic rhetoric, regardless of my unbelief in ‘cavemen’ and its inherent enormous Darwinian timescale D’Souza still applies. Ancient history began much more recent than that, especially when you realise that a mere 4.500 years ago a horrendous global Flood struck our Earth (as duly recorded in over 500 global Flood legends!  It totally wiped out the first Human Era which had spiraled into utter debauchery and cruel violence, a multiplied re-run of which we are experiencing today!

ark wave What happened 5000 years ago?

Only 8 people survived that first “lawless” pre-Flood era, and they –in turn– kick-started the post-FloodLaw” era (Moses), which was eventually inseminated by the amazing grace of Christ and His Law of Love which began the “Love” Era!

That grew over 2000 years into a quasi-global Christian civilisation, even if only by proxy of Western influence of at least a “Thou shalt love!” consciousness, which is now fast being dismantled via anti-Christian Zionist Cultural Marxism. Nevertheless, the over-all accumulative results of that Christian Era are the hundreds of millions of re-generated souls awaiting our final arrival into God’s Eternal Repository of the Heavenly Realm.

sumerian kings list cuneiform What happened 5000 years ago?The earliest ancient civilisations; Sumeria, Indus valley, Xia Chinese, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Canaan, almost all acknowledged this humongous disaster 5000 years ago. This reboot of the human project and face-change of the planet, was recorded for example in the Sumerian Kings list which duly mentions the Flood.

Most records, whether oral, cuneiform, Egyptian, mention the fact that their nations originated from two primo patriarchs with their three sons and three wives.

We Chinese have a couple called Fuxi & Nüwa, the Miao-Zu have Nu-Ah, his wife & three sons lo Han, lo Shen, & Yaphu! The Indians call him Manu with three sons Charma, Sharma & Yapethi, the Hebrews call him Noah & Ham, Shem & Japheth.

Just the Greeks have three sets of names; Nereus & Dorus, Deucalion & Phyrra, or Ouranos & Gaia, for the same original family that survived the Flood, probably handed down from the proto-tribes that morphed into the Greeks! Pelasgians, Javans, Minoans, Illyrians, and Mycenaeans (1600 BC to 1100 BC)?

EuhemerusEarlyKings1 What happened 5000 years ago?

Then there are 500 more similar Flood stories from virtually all ethnic groups in the world! Darwinian coincidence or True History? I know it is the ignored elephant in the Historical Academic Livingroom!

MammothHall What happened 5000 years ago?

obamagod What happened 5000 years ago?But why did all early ancient civilisations and universal tribes “happen” to have the same recorded legacy? Is it perhaps true after all, that they and we all did descend from those first survivors, even though names were changed, persons deified and facts embellished? That still happens today! Look at Obama!

Even Genetic Science demands we descend from a “Universal Eve“, our “Mother of all living”, and she definitely needed a “seeder”, a universal father, who happened to be called Adam. And considering how Jesus cleansed lepers in the blink of an eye and made paraplegics walk instantly, I can even believe that God was able to rip off one of Adam’s ribs during his “deep sleep” and turn it into the most beautiful chick that ever walked the Earth. Some would call that “great faith.” Ha!

Actually there has been done some interesting demographic research proving that the amount of people living today could have only been the result of about 4-5000 years of history. IF it had been much longer we would now be buried in billions more people and real overpopulation. Many by mainstream media contaminated people will cry at this instance, “Well aren’t we?” and quote the faulty alarmist conclusions of the Club of Rome and such. No, we are not.

Just because the globalist PTB (powers-that-be) have engineered food shortages through for example assigning much of the corn harvests to bio-fuel, or by having Monsanto stealthily take over millennia old farmers’ natural seed policies with their Genetically Modified (GM) non-sustainable pesticides, and non-procreating GM seeds, as well as via other destructive practices to exterminate the “useless eaters”, as they call them, does not mean that we could not have had enough food to feed billions more than we have right now.

Just because these methods of depopulation are merely a couple of many devastating policies of the Globalists to induce hunger and malnutrition, like promoting city convergence of millions of impoverished country folk, or their dumbing-down of worldwide education (For that see Charlotte Yserbit’s Youtube videos), it does not mean we could not have had a happy natural world! It has nothing to do with “over-population.

Then there are the devastating genocidal World Wars the Intl. bankers organised and foisted upon us (as they are doing right now over Iran!) which killed about a hundred million of our forefathers! Or how about the by the Rockefellers’ sponsored infanticide (baby murder!) conveniently called “family planning” under the euphemism of “abortion” that so far killed more souls than all these wars combined!

How about their unnatural policies to make women work away from home instead of taking care of our children and homes, so they could double-tax our families and brainwash our children better in suddenly necessary public state schools.  (Google: Interview with Aaron Russo, how Nat Rockefeller admitted how his family and their foundation was responsible for so-called “woman’s liberation” to achieve these goals!)

That was certainly not very liberating for our girls, to be taken up into the unnatural rat-race for a “career” (even as soldiers now!), where men are already suffering enough, having been alienated from their former natural professions people used to have, like farmer, carpenter, butcher, baker, milkman, artful builders, etc. No! Now they have to become gambling stockbrokers to waste people’s money, and wicked lawyers to defend the multiplied millionaires against us in court, or become key-board-punchers at computers in large multi-national corporations, while the owning intl. bankers are stealing their hard-earned pensions! No, that was certainly not very liberating for anybody.

And our children in the meantime? They are brainwashed by Marxism, Atheism, Secular Humanism, while being babysit-ted by ungodly televisions and internet porn sites or learning to kill in violent computer games, while both parents are away in slave jobs being “liberated!”

Eventually these “socialised” kids will even rat on their parents to the “authorities” when their views and political leanings are anything but “politically correct”, and get them arrested and dethroned from parenthood, while the kids are taken away by “social workers!”–A new kind of Marxist Gestapo aimed at the personal lives of billions.

Yes, Mr. Hitchens certainly didn’t know what he was talking about when he said that God was sitting still for 95.000 years. Actually He is very much involved in what is going on today in this God-forsaking world, and is in fact carefully planning His imminent return and take-over of this bewildered pitiful planet and its lost enslaved citizens, victims of a Satanic systematic brainwashing cult that owns all the TV sets, public schools, and information channels, except for some blogs like this one.

As my favorite line of a Simon and Garfunkel song goes,
And the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls, … and in the sounds of silence!”
Meaning, that when you get real quiet…. you might actually receive the voices of the other world, voices of sanity and what is really “normal”, the loving voice of God trying to win your embittered, alienated hearts, back to loving naturalness, simple life and good godliness. I hope you can hear it.

[PS: It helps a lot to cut the TV cable!]

noahwarns2 What happened 5000 years ago?

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