John Stossel Rips Apart Global Warming! – VDO

They say “the debate is over!” Thousands of scientists don’t think so!
They say “polar bears are dying”, but they are actually increasing
They say “the sea levels are rising 20 feet”, but experts say no rise to be seen.
They say “these scientists are on the IPCC list”, but they are sceptics that want to be off it!
They say “Man is cause of global warming”, but scientists say the sun andcosmic rays are!
They say “Temperature follows CO2”, but actually CO2 rises follow temperature rise!
They say “Never before so hot as now!”, but history shows much higher Medieval Warming!

Who to believe? The Mainstream media? Most of them preach AGW, anthropogenic (man made) global warming, but 30.000 scientists signed a protest against Al Gore’s false theory. It is an inconvenient LIE! MUST WATCH VIDEO!

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