Howard Storm Interview #1 Howard Storm was a professed atheist, until June 1, 1985. When he had a near-death experience, a journey he says which took him straight into hell. His encounter with the souls damned to that eternal abode of never never land is very striking!

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2 comments for “Howard Storm DIED, WENT TO HELL & CAME BACK!

  1. Karen
    December 10, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    A very powerful and credible testimony! It seems that we are driven into the presence of God and that anyone that truly finds Him, God being a personal being and not a force, has to have been through some kind of suffering or deep dark experience. We as human beings do not naturally seek Him, there has to be something wrong, something missing, a painful experience of some kind, that drives us to seek deeper meaning and answers as to “Why all this suffering?” “What is the point and purpose to my life and why am I here?” Some of us experience total and utter emptiness, others go through painful rejection or loneliness, some experience physical pain and suffering and some are even confronted with death itself. It’s ultimately about life and death, both spiritually or physically and this earthy experience it seems, is designed to bring us to the realisation that we are more than just a physical being with physical needs, that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and that our spirits have very real needs also. When man took his first breath, his first breath being the breath of God, the breath of Life to give us both physical and spiritual life then man became a living soul (body and spirit means soul).

    From the very beginning, we were created to experience life to the full both physically and spiritually (in a pure and uncorrupt way) but we have been deceived into thinking that this physical existence is all there is and that the fleshly pursuits of life are the ultimate goal and purpose and the source to all happiness. Life is more than flesh! We need to realise that we are both body and spirit and that we will never be totally fulfilled until we become reconnected with the very source of all Life that brought us into being, the source of all Love which is Jesus Christ, our personal saviour who loved us so much that He gave His very life for each of us individually. He willingly went through pain and suffering on our behalf, the worse suffering of all being the total and utter separation from His loving father which is what actually killed Him! He took our sins (bad deeds that separate us from God) upon Himself and He went through all that for us so that we would never have to suffer spiritual separation from God, emptiness, and a meaningless existence. So I thank God for the things that I’ve been through, which were for my ultimate good, and brought me upon my knees in desperate prayer and into a very real spiritual encounter and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hallelujah thank you Lord, thank you Jesus!

  2. Power Point Paradise
    December 11, 2014 at 2:15 am

    Well said. Thanks!

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