The Video Every Christian Should Watch!!! Blessed are the PEACE MAKERS!

Christian Zionism

This is an amazing MUST WATCH series of 4 videos pinpointing exactly how and where America went wrong from the past up until today! As the saying goes, “How do you get out of a problem? Through the door that led you into it.” Very early on, at the end of the 19th century, Christian America was targeted by Antichrist deceivers who led them by the nose into very UN-Christian acts for which they have come into judgment and for which America is already suffering the loss of their faith, morals, ethics, freedoms, prosperity, and very soon their very lives, through anti-Christian persecution, as described in Revelation 18.

It seems inevitable, as many Christians worldwide are following the same pernicious teachings highlighted in this Video series. Please watch and weep, and spread this true message far and wide in churches and congregations all over the world! May God bless us with the truth!

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