MUST WATCH! Dr. Thomas Levy Video – Vitamin C Facts Fiction & the Law — The hijacking of a people movement!

Dr. Thomas Levy Video – Vitamin C, The Facts, The Fiction and The Law. Mr. Smith, a farmer from New Zeeland, was deadly ill from flu, and dying in the hospital, when his family researched Vitamin C as cure by administering it intravenously. They had a hard time finding medical doctors who wanted to help, but finally they located one. Mr. Smith’s life was miraculously saved by Vitamin C!

After the, mostly inaudible, speech by farmer Smith himself, Dr. Levy makes an audible speech of the power of Vitamin C, but now I even wonder about him and whatever happened with his influence in New Zealand. All these enthusiastic people at this meeting, should get back together to re-ignite this great initiative, which was obviously hijacked by Big Pharma from the get-go. A sad story of a lack of civil vigilance by gullible New Zealanders, in the face of powerful mercantile opposition and conniving! Here below was the fiery blurp! (I wonder if New Zealanders have fluoride in their water that makes them so docile! Nazis did to the Germans!)

Dr. Thomas Levy Video – Vitamin C, The Facts, The Fiction and The Law

Friday night’s event with Dr. Thomas Levy. 9 Part Video Series – Raw, unedited footage. You can also read [READ: MUST READ  & SPREAD!…

his powerpoint presentation with scientific references here.

The Sad Story of the Hijacking of a Great Potential Movement

Here below is the old blurp of the website that was promptly put up after the above recorded video event in New Zealand. I monitored that website for quite some time. Its contents were never changed. There was very little real information available. I wrote them an email to alert them to their site’s ineffectiveness. They ignored us. Now it is off-line, while the dot com is for sale, and has been off line ever since. The only website left now is a commercial “alternative” medicine one by Appleton.

This is what happens when a popular movement arises to make real changes in human society from the ground up. If it is dangerous for a corporation like in this case the International Drug Industry, it was dangerous for Big Pharma. Big Pharma does not want this vital Vitamin C information to get out.

So what did they do? They had their people present and in this meeting, infiltrating the spontaneous movement. Their dupe proposed to build a website to make “action on line.” And the result? They buried a potential civil movement that could have changed even legislation in New Zealand and could have given a voice to us the health persecuted people of the world.

I don’t know what ever happened to all these riled-up, whooping people in this above video. I guess they all petered out and went back home to their TV-s, like Israel of old went back to their tents!

———the great promising empty blurp——

Help Us to Effect Change!

People of the world, we are raising money to change the law so that this safe, life saving high dose vitamin C therapy can be adminstered to patients, where appropriate, upon their request. When we can make it happen here in New Zealand we can change the world. With your donationwe can keep alive our campaign to support patients’ rights to receive high dose vitamin C in hospitals if they request it.

let us rise up and LIVE!!!! (yeah right!)


They never did .. rise up and live. These poor deluded New Zealanders rose up after the meeting and went back to their TVs to be further brainwashed by the Powers That Be, and Big Pharma, that Intravenous Vitamin C is “no force for good, that it is against the law, that it doesn’t work, that there are NO doctors that will administer it, and that if they do, they break their Hippocratic oath”. Ha!

This is what happens when the sheeple don’t fight their battle through, and decide to be lazy sheep, that prefer to let others lead, that don’t want to sacrifice for a good cause. Don’t blame it all on the corporations either. Basically it is the spiritual inertia and apathy of the people themselves that is the cause of a lot of the suffering in the world.

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