“Mubarak is Dead! Long Live Bumarak!” Or some other NWO musical chairs winner?

Most ‘normal’ people are quite shortsighted and almost as gullible as un-informed. The Egyptian people played their designated role to pry Mubarak out of the Egyptian throne. What is the result? Democracy? Come on! Lets not be naive. Right now, if you could only see it, on the top of the mountain –or Illuminist pyramid– of Egyptian society, permanently veiled in mysterious, obfuscating media clouds, the Egyptian Elite is playing “Musical Chairs!” You remember that game, don’t you! A number of chosen Egyptian participants are now dancing around a limited number of thrones, one of which has become vacant by pressure of another NWO-CIA color revolution, and they’re all violently trying to grind their fat, little, rich asses together into the limiting chair, as soon as the sad, wailing, music stops.

Musical Chairs Illustration Courtesy http://mattiasa.blogspot.com/

If you only had access to the party room–because no Egyptian rioter is invited except for that Google guy perhaps–and could watch them! You would see there CIA puppet Suleiman, and of course NWO puppet El Baradei, while Wael Ghonim and other sycophantic factions are cheering on their chosen candidates in raucous racket that the neighbours can only hear but not call the police on, because some of their generals are participating too, or perhaps even pressing into the chosen throng of gamers. Who can tell?

While the Egyptian people got this victory for them with their blood, these brave, hopeful worldchangers aren’t even allowed to watch the game from a distance, like on TV, let alone attend it! Are you kidding? No way, Baradei! They are still out there in the cold, solliciting Army repression, who now have an excuse to beat them to a pulp, because… as they will say…

“All your demands have now been answered! You ought to go home now like good little slaves, until we need you again! But if you stay any longer on “Liberty Square” we will shoot the unruly among you, and put the rest of you in jail. By the way, we’ve got all the addresses of your ringleaders and leading bloggers, pictures and all, and we know just what to do with guys like you. Remember Suleiman? Well, he is good at it. And even if he doesn’t get the throne–obviously, as publically he’s been discredited too much–he will still fulfill his wonderful destiny as CIA tool to further the repression and regression of the Egyptian people into chosen cannon-fodder for World War III, towards demonisation of all monotheistic religions, plus the finalising of our glorious Luciferian One World Government!”

Yup! Those are some of the things the demonstrating, yelling and dying on “Liberty Square” have accomplished. Another thing the brave Egyptian people helped bring along, and which the NWO eventually needed, was the semblance of some Arab “democracy“, so the MI6 sponsored Moslim Brothers can get conveniently madder over spiraling food prices, courtesy the IMF, and react increasingly violent, while Israel begins to turn up the war music against Palestinians, the Lebanese, and eventually Syrians and Iranians.

That’s what Nathan Yahoo is for, after all. He was chosen for his succesful conducting the Israeli Wagner Choir, and now leading the Settlers’ Brass Band, loudly trumpeting the murder and massacring of Palestinians on the occupied West Bank, and now even of Israeli Human Rights activists and Leftists! Or whoever else stands in the way.

Yes my dear fellow Globians, all things are going according to pernicious plan. “Moobarak is dead! Long live Boomarak!” Or whatever his name will be. It really doesn’t matter. Things are going just fine, all according to Lucifer’s millennia old One World planning, which God so deftly fustrated at their last Tower of Babel! But now again, once more, everyone on Earth speaks one language, English! And so you can hear them sing alltogether now, in all different kinds of English accents, the staged song of Satan…

“We are one world!
“We are its people!
“We’re un-informed,
“After all we’re mostly media sheeple!

“An’ Eternal choice we’re making
“Infernal as it may seem,
“Satan’s rule is getting closer daily..
“For you and me…”

“We are the world!
“We are good sheeple….

“we are the ….  [Choir fading away under the increasing bedlam of machine gunfire rockets, and roaring cannons…]

I hope I’m wrong…


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