Wael Ghonim of Google plays an integral part in ElBaradei’s bid to seize power. Egypt wake up!

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer

PHOTO: Another stooge working for ElBaradei
As many honest people are still confounded over the true nature of the Egyptian protesters occupying Cairo’s Tahrir Square, yet another hero lifted up by the globocrat controlled mainstream media has turned out to be linked, knowingly or unknowingly, to a foreign plot.

Google marketing executive Wael Ghonim had gone missing on January 28, 2011 after taking part in organizing the first of the protests just days earlier. When he was freed two weeks later he was exalted a hero and served as a catalyst both in Egypt and worldwide to try and reinvigorate the faltering protest.

While Wael Ghonim is portrayed as a passionate activist fighting for the Egyptian people, his allegiances are much more specific. Having been living abroad in Dubai, his Facebook page didn’t pop-up overnight, it was actually created nearly a year ago in tandem with Mohamed ElBaradei’s arrival in Egypt during February 2010. Ghonim also created ElBaradei’s official campaign website. Ghonim and ElBaradei then concurrently campaigned for the coming November 2010 Egyptian election and built up an opposition network in support for ElBaradei. This network included the April 6 Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the independent labor unions now making up the bulk of the protests.

After ElBaradei’s predictable loss, Ghonim shifted from campaigning to protesting. Contrary to popular belief, the protests weren’t spontaneous or even tipped off by high food prices, but rather meticulously planned by Ghonim and the “Revolutionary Youth Movement,” with members drawn from the opposition network ElBaradei had been busy building since early 2010. The date January 25, 2011 was specifically picked after the uprising in Tunisia played out.

The Wall Street Journal reported in detail how organizers selected spots where multiple protests would begin, the routes they would travel and where they would ultimately meet. They even walked the routes at different paces to calculate the time it would take to travel them. They hoped that their movement would spur others to join in before they all moved to Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

When we consider that the “April 6 Movement” was in Washington in 2008 consorting with the US State Department partnered, corporate funded Movements.org, then moved on to supporting US International Crisis Group’s (ICG) Mohamed ElBaradei beginning in February 2010 and finally organizing and participating in the protests starting January 25, 2011, it is fairly suspicious. That a Google marketing executive, returning from Dubai, was involved in identical activities also on behalf of ICG stooge ElBaradei and not being anything more than innocuous is a stretch of the imagination.

Perhaps Wael Ghonim is unaware that Google, the company he works for is a corporate sponsor of Movements.org. Perhaps he doesn’t know who ElBaradei really works for and that he consorts with the very men making the US policy he feigns to deplore. Perhaps he is unaware of what designs such men have for his “new” Egypt and has no clue that everyone involved in his protest has been networked, funded, backed, and even directed by foreigners with nothing but exploitation in mind for Egypt’s future.

For Mr. Wael Ghonim of Google, he should perhaps fire up his employer’s ubiquitous search engine and begin educating himself on who he is consorting with, what their real intentions are, and for whose benefit, before bringing another 30 years of despair and anguish upon “his” people.

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5 comments for “Wael Ghonim of Google plays an integral part in ElBaradei’s bid to seize power. Egypt wake up!

  1. hend
    February 13, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Perfectoooo !

    First just to put you on the same page as I’m, what’s the relationship between wael ghonim and baradei and the US .. we all know that the US would love to have Baradei as president in Egypt. But what’s the connection between ghonim, the summits he attended, the communication with the US. And his support to baradei now, while everyone else just can’t stand baradei… they made wael ghonim a hero ,, an influence on Egyptian youth so that they can influence the Egyptian people on who to elect as upcoming president …. Its big game and a big dirty sneaky one.. it’s a fact that if the US wants something it will definitely get it… we also can’t forget about the masons, who play this world like a chess field !!! I need you to open up your minds and read between the lines…

    Now you will ask, but ghonim did something good, and was asking for better future,, yes he did ,, he wouldn’t have had so many people follow unless it’s for a good cause ,,, and this is how they attract people… this is stage one… this guy was just a tool for phase two… that neither me or you know where is it going… but I can guarantee that there is a phase two…. It’s like attracting a little kid to candy world that has a door to hell… please take the time to read this … and I will leave it up to your conscience to know what to do

  2. Power Point Paradise
    February 13, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    Thanks Hend
    We and other alternative sites are aware of their machinations, but are the Egyptian young people? See the other article on Google Revolutions. Smells BAD! Wishing you success to keep the revolution safe from the impostors. May God bless you! You should start a blog yourself!

  3. tsubaki
    February 14, 2011 at 11:05 pm


    I have relatives by marriage who are Egyptian. They know quite well that everyone promoted in the West is an operative or shill. But they were sick of Mubarak, and felt that the risk of a change is worth it. The poorer folks are hurting with the price rises, and aren’t really thinking as much as just desperate. Mubarak seemed like a bad Pharaoh.

    The problem, of course, is that it doesn’t matter much what the people want. It’s up to the military, and the top at a few groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Don’t, however, believe the Western press in terms of the popularity of their operatives.

  4. Power Point Paradise
    February 15, 2011 at 12:44 am

    Hi Tsubaki, Great to hear from you again.

    I hope it’s true, that not only your relatives, but a majority of the people, protesters, realise that the CFR, US State Dept, Google, several Youth movements alliances sposored by Google, and a whole group of Corporations, plus Soros and his fund, etc. etc. , are trying to manipulate the results of this uprising.
    How many times in history, has “the public” been aroused for the machinations of the Globalists. Even during the French Revolution how many dumb Parisians, plus young Noble–not so noble and not so intelligent–French Intelligentia, were recruited for a Masonic, Illuminatic, Republican, Jacobinic plot, to topple the Monarchy. The same during the Russian Revolution, as you saw in the newspaper clipping in the article of our “Poor Red Shirts” article. The NWO leaders are great people manipulators of old!

    Tony Cartalucci, God bless him, is a thorough journalistic researcher, who meticulously documents and links to all the evidence that the dirty NWO provocateurs were behind this one as well.

    Now if a majority of the populace realises this much, then there is no fear that they will be manipulated. But I kind of doubt that the majority knows all that. Just like the Red Shirts, the majority is and always has been wrong. One thing we learn from History, is that the majority NEVER learns from history, because they don’t study it. They only consume the NWO “news” deceivers of the lying mainstream media.

    Anyway, IF a semblance of a democracy ever arrives, which I am not sure that it will right now, unless the CFR and State Dept. put great pressure on the Egyptian military to bring it about, as that is really what the NWO is after, at this point in time, then there will be reason to worry in Egypt. Why? Because “democracy” always is one step toward collectivism, either through the actual voting majority, voting it in like with Allende during the Chilean Revolution, or if not through the voting, through blackmail, bribery, intimidation of the duly elected MP-s or the new members of Egypt’s Congress! (as happened in the USA, where the entire “democracy” is ubservient to the Intl. Bankers.)
    The Egyptian Elite is already bought out and recruited, as they want to keep their billions, and in order to do that, they know on wich side their bread is buttered. On the collaboration side only, of course!

    I am pretty sure that all these “democracy” color movements in the Arab world are brought about, in order to get World War III underway. Not that the Egyptian people want that, but the elite wants it, to forge their New World Order on the anvil of history! Out of their horrible chaos, they expect their new order to arise! Ordo ab chao!
    World War 1 led to the destruction of the Russian, (the enemies of the Redshields), the Austrian & German empires, etc. World War 2 led to the destruction of Germany alltogether, and the founding of the Zionist state in Palestine as an irritant to bring about coming WW3, which is designed to destroy Islam and Zionism together, and any remaining institute of formal Christianity.
    Precisely therefore it is produced, staged and directed as a Religious Conflict. The nations and normal peoples involved do not want that, but that is why they are turning up the hate on all sides, against Christians, against Orthodox, and especially against Muslims, as the latter know too much of the enemies plans, and are somewhat independent of the Intl. Bankes as a result, and they are supposed to fall in line!

    I’ve often felt that you are a socialist yourself Tsubaki, or have great confidence in the dialectics of the people, or proletariat to bring about the utopian pipe dream of the Wall Street sponsored Neo- Marxists, that WILL everntually take over the world with their global regime, arising from Russia, according to the prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, and others.
    Correct me if I am wrong. We still love you OK! :) But you would be on the wrong side eventually. Not only during the coming great persecution of Chrstians worldwide, but after, at the return of Christ. That is, if you haven’t yet received Him by that time. He is coming my dear friend, and He is a Libertarian during this period of grace, and is watching what we’re doing with our freedom of choice. Whether we will love or wether we will forebear.
    I hope you will love Him and His people, and be one of us, when He arrives in the clouds and sky to save us all, and eventually to save the world from the power-hungry Luciferians.
    Are you with us? I hope you are! May God bless us with truth, peace and love!

  5. tsubaki
    February 16, 2011 at 11:34 pm


    I suspect that Arabs are far more politically savvy than, say, Thais or Indonesians. It’s just their history and culture. But, like the French during their revolution, the Illuminati are good at playing off the jealousies and other deadly and minor sins found in men to their evil ends. So I agree with your view of a goal of WWIII to discredit God, and help bring in their New Order. I just happen to be very disappointed that the upper-middle class seems so addicted to its materialism and status over the “cows” that they enable the dark side to lay the groundwork for their plans. And the somewhat rich would sell their countries down the river to get a bit richer. I do happen to think that the natural resources of a country should be maintained or distributed as a dividend to the citizens, not the richest 0.1% in a country, but tend to be against what most folks view as socialism, such as what is found in Western Europe.

    On the theological front, you outclass me, of course, so this is difficult. I have Eastern Orthodox tendencies, and see the West in total Egyptian bondage, even to the point where the dollar bill, which is not based on anything other than criminal banksters’ promises, has a pyramid and the Eye of Lucifer on it. And we shall just have to wait and see which country gets back to the Law of Moses first. Will it be Israel, with the most Masonic/Illuminist Supreme Court imaginable, or perhaps the US, with a Supreme Court that is lawless beyond words? Traditional Islamic law, until the Freemasons took over, was far closer to the Law of Moses than that of any Western nation today. And I’m not so sure that the “evil from the East” won’t be the Holy Roman Empire that has returned as the EU. It is far more socialist than Russia today, and far more controlled by the Egyptian banksters.

    So I am with you in the fight against these Luciferians, and hope that Christ will return and smite our foes and all the wicked. I am a bit hesitant in being confident as to when what will happen. The NWO has tried many times before, and they may fail again as what they want is so inherently evil and destructive that it can’t hold together very well. They will, though, at least be able to create a lot of wars or depopulation, so we are in for a long series of tribulations no matter what.

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