Webster Tarpley: Panetta Proclaimed CIA-Backed Military Coup in Egypt Under Cover of Tahrir Mob

The USA&I’s (United States of America & Israel) meddling in sovereign countries continues unabatedly. Egypt is only the beginning. The CIA and Soros through these coups are changing the sovereignty of countries. We are not criticising these poor people that are rebelling against their corrupt regimes and US sponsored dictators, but they should be more critical of WHAT they are getting involved with. It is all planned, staged and scripted according to the Globalists’ plans for a One World Government.
“Democracy” is just a New World Order tool to get the Globalists into a power of a country, to be able to buy, bribe, blackmail and control politicians to control the debt policy of a country, to enslave it under the IMF and World Bank even more than they already are.

Take this picture for example. This was posted on TWITTER! Here is just ONE picture, propelled into prominence by the Twitter Regime. What does this yellow paper  say? “ONE WORLD! ONE PAIN!”

Who is this fellow? Perhaps he is an innocent Egyptian supporter of Wisconsin, but I doubt it. This is most likely one of the planners, or  “stager”, or a provocateur getting mileage out of Egypt to promote “One World!”

American NWO Imperialism needs to be reigned in. It can be reigned in! ~- Did you know how? How about we globally, all of us begin refusing the American Dollar tomorrow, and sink the entire nation. Take away their power by taking away their money to be a global empire, pushing a global NWO. We should be fed up with the USI, The United States of Israel. They are getting too obnoxious.

Watch these movies and weep. And someone should warn the Egyptians, and the other countries. They are also undermining Thailand with the Red Shirts! See Tony Cartalucci’s articles on our site. Spread the word about these nefarious undermining powers.

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