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As distrust in authorities and corporations increases–what some gullible people call “paranoia”–the search for anonymity and privacy and security goes ever onward! My axioma is largely: “Trust no one!”  I don’t even trust myself, so why should I trust anyone else? I trust my wife of course though! Hey!

Of course we all have to decide to trust some people “with our trust”, especially as followers of Christ! As we first trust Him, we have to also learn to trust His closest followers to certain extents as well. Note I said closest followers! But on the internet it is better to be paranoid.

Mr. Moxie Marlinspike, which is his pseudonym, is an anarchist hacker turned whitehat and security expert, who now offers a proxy-service Firefox add-on called “Google Sharing” that hides your details from Google. Many people wonder though if they can trust Moxie with their IP adresses. Well it comes down to a choice. You either trust Google or Moxie with it. I chose Moxie for now!

One thing that made me wonder, was his friends. At the beginning of the video below, he pleads for the release of two of his best friends that were hiking in Northern Iraq in Kurdistan and were arrested by Iran, where they have been in jail for quite a while. That raised my suspicion a bit. What the Hell were they doing hiking in Zionist proxy Kurdistan? But maybe they were innocently doing so? But why did they get arrested by Iran? Were they spying after all for Israel?

I researched Moxie a bit. A likeable fellow who hates the system, yet works for it as a white hat, hacking vulnerabilities to report them to corporations! He also is friends with Jeff Moss who works for Homeland Security! (Hmmm! What a job!) He got stopped though by authorities flying into JFK, but hey, that could have been staged for us to think that he is “for real!” After all, the enemy often, if not most of the time, leads the opposition!

What is going for him? Three cute young girls trusted him enough to go sailing in a shoddy tub with him hundreds of miles over the ocean to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic, which trip he recorded and edited into a gripping documentary that can be viewed here. I like the guys’ guts, and the way he improvises his life in this world. Reminds me of myself somewhat.

He also designed an app for Android phones to be anonymous as well. I don’t know, I’m a bit of a luddite. I don’t use a cell phone. So pray about it, and trust God to lead and guide your choices! May God bless! Watch Moxie’s talk at a privacy conference here:


Moxie Marlinspike on Internet Anonymity

ITWeb had an article earlier this month on Moxie Marlinspike’s keynote address at the ITWeb Security Summit in the Sandton Convention Centre. Moxie is a computer security expert well known for showing the world how insecure SSL communication and certificates can be. He is also known for his campaign for internet anonymity and privacy in the digital age.

Thus was the topic of his speech at the ITWeb Security Summit:

Marlinspike asked the audience how many of them would be happy to carry a government tracking device. No one raised their hand. But when asked how many in the audience carried a cellphone, the results were the opposite. There is not much of a difference, he opined. “A cellphone has real-time positioning and cellular companies are required by law to supply this information to governments. The difference lies in choice. People choose to carry cellphones.”

Moxie also talked about Google, and its tendency to save all of your search criteria, choices, maps, directions, etc:

In addition, Google claims to ‘anonymise’ users’ data after nine months. “Anonymise means drop the last octet of an IP address,” he explained. “Cookies are simply translated. It also says it takes privacy seriously, putting it under the user’s control, but in fact only shows the user some of the information they are most obviously capable of connecting to you. In addition, it requires that the user has an account, remains logged in while using services, and maintains a consistent cookie in order to participate.”

The scope of the ‘Google choice’ has become quite large, he added. “We need some innovation that allows us to reject this type of false choice while still maintaining anonymity. We need anonymous access to Google services that is fast and reliable.

To this end, Moxie created “Google Sharing”, Basically, a Firefox plugin that connects your browser to a proxy server run by Moxie that offers anonymous use of Google services.

*NOTE – as always, it is a security risk to connect to a proxy server that you have no control over.

Unfortunately, with all the scare of terrorism, cybercrime and state backed cyber espionage we live in a world where the bad guys mascarade as good. In trying to ferret out these threats, personal privacy and anonymity is taking a back burner. For the full article see “Privacy Dies Off”.

~ by D. Dieterle on May 23, 2010.

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  1. The cell phone quote reminded me of something I saw on T.V. a few years back. Some national security guy, on a debate over cell phone tracking and spying by the government said,“If people are really freaked out that the government is tracking you or listening to your calls, just turn your phone off. They can’t do anything without your phone being powered up…”Now, that government security guy HAD to know that absent removing your battery, it doesn’t matter if it’s turned on or not. The GPS can be activated remotely even if the phone is off, in fact the entire phone (most modern cell phones) can be activated remotely, without showing it has been at the phone, and can be used as a “mobile bug” as has been shown in several mafia-related criminal cases.As for Google, I mean come on. Any company who’s motto is “Do No Evil” well, you have to know they’re up to something. LOL
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