Rogue USA Shadow Regime Staging & Kickstarting WWIII – Alex Jones Interviews Pakistani Gen. Hamid Gul

Former Pakistani ISI leader Hamid Gul is trying to get is message to the AMerican people, but the American shadow government is not giving him a visa to the USA, as they are afraid that his message will get out. He warns America, ‘YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOOSE PAKISTAN AS A FRIEND!”

Gen. Gul explains to Alex Jones about the dirty work the American regime is doing in Pakistan, to set up the entire Middle East for a mean, dirty possibly nuclear conflict all over the entire region. This is a very dangerous situation.

The CIA and MI6 are aiming to turn Pakistan into an enemy, by attacking the country folk of Waziristan and radicalising them, with their drones and rockets and connivery.

Pakistan has given the USA virtual free reign, but is now infiltrated and undermined, and they are now trying to build a case against Pakistan, over Osama Bin Laden, accusing Pakistan of harbouring the dead man! This is driving it into the arms of China. US CIA is also behind the murder of Benazir Bhutto.

All this leads to Word War III that the NeoCons, Israel, the Intl. Bankers are staging and triggering. The thing that will really set it of, is most likely a new false flag event in America, after the total deflation of the U.S. Dollar into zero value.

Listen to these interviews with former Pakistani secret service ISI, Gen. Hamid Gul and Alex Jones. He also says that if the ISI really had been harboring, they would have put him on trial in Pakistan, and that would have exposed that Osama had nothing to do with the entire 9-11 affair, which was a Zionist/American affair.


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