“The Truth & Nothing but the Truth” About Osama Bin Death’s Photo Fakery? Sure! Fake Osama? Fake Obama!

The mental state of most average Americans endangers us all! They watch TV too much! Even the English Guardian doesn’t believe part of the fakery anymore. I bet you that the CIA published this picture secretly themselves, in order to create a so-called false positive, or “strawman”–The real fake!–So they can then bring out their own “true” photoshopped fake in time, IF they ever decide they need to do so! So far there isn’t any proof whatsoever that Osama was even alive until this so-called raid.

Americans! You trust a fake Osama? You vote for fake Obama!

And then all these dumb Americans dancing around the White House. Did you know that these groups had already assembled, even before Obama’s announcement was made? That was as much staged fakery as the pulling of Saddam’s statue, or the phony Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter crying over Saddam “killing the babies to take the equipment to Iraq!” Boo hoo hoo! Ballyhoo and Bovine dung!

Americans are indeed very dumb. They believe everything their “government” tells them. Or rather, their rogue regime! And it is not just the dumbed-down poor Americans that believe everything TV tells them, but the middle class (what is left of them) and intellectuals (what is left of them) as well!

I always visit www.Wattsupwiththat.com, because they at least do a pretty good job of exposing phony global warming, CO2 phobia, Climate Change, “rising” sea levels, and Gore’s “disappearing” polar bears, etc. But many of the commenters there–and these are supposed to be academics and intellectuals–, are some of the most uncritical–I was gonna say thinkers– people in the Western world.


Anyway, even some of the MS Media have to admit it now; Why are we even waiting for the “official picture?”–An official photo-shopped Osama! Why? Is it all just a fake? They said, “A DNA test was taken.”  Sure! A DNA test that takes normally 48 hours was done just before they got rid of his body in half the time, to make sure it was “him!” Yeah right! Why all the hurry to get rid of his body? It smells like Limburger cheese.

Why did they “kill him” anyway? They said that “he didn’t resist.” (Well, he couldn’t have resisted anyway, because Osama’s Bin Dead already nine times before this fakery!) I would have thought that he would be brought to justice, that there was going to be a proper criminal investigation? No! None of the kind! This is now American “justice.” He was already sentenced to death by CNN, before any real justice could be carried out in a proper criminal court.

Osama has never been formally indicted by the FBI! You can find it on their website. He was never officially linked to 9-11. He denied it himself within a week after 9-11. He was sentenced by a Media Kangaroo Court, and executed by a rogue American regime that does not respect international law anymore, like Israel. Even Timothy McVeigh got a little bit more justice than Osama, although the early reported unexploded bombs inside the Murray building were never discussed in that “courtcase” either. Which makes McVeigh just as much a patsy as Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK’s murder conspiracy.

Osama’s body “was dumped in the sea!” You call that criminal forensic justice? For Heaven’s sake! They sure didn’t want any independent verification. Isn’t that destroying evidence? Like carting away all the debris of the WTC towers and selling it to China, so no one can prove the residue of the explosives that everyone could hear on 9-11!

It all doesn’t matter anymore to the crooks. They get away with it all the time. We live in a Western Crimocracy! They literally get away with murder, massacre, and genocide. And no one can sue them anymore. The American regime is above the law! Or rather OUT of law. They are out-laws! There should be a regime change in the USA!

Oh poor dumb Americans! You are beyond remedy, and you endanger the entire world, because you will blindly, slavishly follow your TV masters. You will believe any crooked false flag operation, media connivance and inside job hoax!

They are gonna give you at least one more, in order to kickstart a murderous World War III. And damn it, we will all be cooked, famished, and endangered, all over the entire world. Oh Lord, couldn’t you just make the USA disappear?

Watch this: “Osama died for the NINTH TIME!” From a former White House, CIA insider!

SEE VIDEO: A resident of Abbottabad recounts witnessing the US raid on al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s mansion in the Pakistani city, and doesn’t believe the official story. Says it is impossible.

Bin Laden’s 9/11 Confession (not)

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Even as the Obama administration’s dubious account of the alleged capture and assassination of Obama Bin Laden begins to crumble, and Obama himself backs away from releasing a photo of Osama’s corpse, the establishment media is still doing its best to prop up the hoax that everyone aside from a gaggle of frothing ‘conspiracy theorists’ wholeheartedly believes the circus we have been subjected to since Sunday evening.

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Pentagon, White House Can’t Get Their Bin Laden Fairy Tale Straight

The purported Bin Laden raid hoax gets kookier by the minute. The account has already changed multiple times over as the Pentagon and the White House do not seem to be able to get their story straight with each other. The entire debacle is only serving to throw up more questions and create more doubt over the legitimacy of the entire fable.

Pakistani Official: No Firefight — ‘Not a Single Bullet Fired From Compound’…

A Pakistani official rejected U.S. accounts of a bloody firefight, saying: ‘Not a single bullet was fired from the compound at the U.S. forces and their choppers. Their chopper developed some technical fault and crashed and the wreckage was left on the spot.’

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