Banksters’ Media ‘New York Times’ Covered Up Ukrainian Genocide

This genocide in the Ukraine during the thirties called “the Holodomor” was one of the greatest in the history of man, but has been regularly and systematically downplayed. Not just by the New York Times, but by many Mainstream media Newspapers in Western Europe as well.

It proves that the media were, and still are, in bed with the secret masters behind Stalinism, Leninism and the Bolshewiks, to wit, the Wall Street International Bankers, also called “the British Empire” by Lyndon Larouche, and the “money changers” by Jesus Christ.

The only way we would have ever gotten free from their tyranny, is if people would eschew their media, which will never happen of course. And so we are in line for dark days in the future, sad to say.


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