Breivik a Muslim-Hating Freemason Zionist Killer Patsy? NOT a “Christian fundamentalist!” Shut BBC!

We deeply regret the evil murders, and pray for the poor family members of the 85-90 victims of this senseless massacre!
Before his Facebook page was deleted, (why did they delete it?) it featured this photo of Breivik in full Freemason regalia. Anders Breivik, arrested for and confessing to the massacre in Norway, proclaims to be a member of a splinter faction of conservative Knights Templar. He used to be a member of a Swedish Nazi Internet forum, where lust for political terrorism and explosions against government buildings is reportedly called for, and also part of a Zionist anti-Muslim movement in Europe by way of the Fjordman Organization. and member of the EDL. He claims to have planned the attacks alone, but was perhaps unaware of authority surveillance who may have let him proceed, while well aware of his plans. 

Killer Breivik in full Freemason garb! That is NO "Thou shalt not kill fundamentalist" Christian, as BBC & Yahoo love to claim!

Breivik, (who as young man was attacked 8 times by Moslims) appears to hate Muslims and Islam similar to Dutch Zionist politician Geert Wilders, and to dislike “MultiKulti” multi-culturalist Marxism! Yet, when first news of this tragedy broke, many Mainstream Media (Zionist BBC & Al Jazeera) were very quick to accuse “Muslim Al Qaeda members” of this bomb attack, which shows how these very same MS Media are some of the main spreaders of hate and prejudice in the Western world! Not just that, but BBC, Al Jazeera (Zionist Arab gatekeeper) and Yahoo were also quick to call the confessed killer a poster on “Fundamentalist Christian” websites! Smell the Antichrist propaganda?

A Masonic Controlled Executor?

Tragedy and War!

This thoroughly planned massacre was not just an intensely sad tragedy, but obviously is also a handy, sneaky tool in the hands of the Powers-That-Be, who, armed with a divide-and-conquer Anti Muslim & Anti Christian agenda, are still very busy creating and staging World War III as the catalyst for their New World Order. Sad to say the dumbed-down, gullible, brainwashed public gobble up these fabricated divisions, as the age-old tactic still works as good as ever: “Divide and conquer!”

In fact, this is what the New York Times wrote in its story which did report the political affiliation of the killer:

Initial reports focused on the possibility of Islamic militants, in particular Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or Helpers of the Global Jihad, cited by some analysts as claiming responsibility for the attacks. American officials said the group was previously unknown and might not even exist. There was ample reason for concern that terrorists might be responsible.


The man who is arrested on suspicion on Friday killing more than 90 people in a bomb attack on government building and in connection with the shootings of students at a political camp on Utøya has online expressed anti-Muslim values. On his Facebook page, he according to made nearly 75 posts that were racist as well as Islamophobic. According to Anders Breivik was member in Fremskrittsspartiet. He became a member in 1999 and paid the membership fee up to and including 2004. He was also involved in Fremskrittsspartiets youth (FPU) from 1997 to 2007. He had been President of the FPU Oslo Vest 2002 to 2004.

But his political engagement online has been much more radical. 2009 he registered himself as a member of the nazi forum Nordisk. A forum with more than 22,000 members, primarily from the north. The forum discusses everything from whitepower music to political strategies to crush democracy.
On the forum there are also calls for violence. For example, wrote an anonymous user in March 2010:

“I mean, of course, not individual actions. Cars parked next to the towers with fertilization powder + diesel gives a nice effect. Skyscrapers go down like the World Trade Center towers. Do not forget that I have said something about taking human life. When actions are launched so to be hoped that there are people in the houses. If this were the case, to bad …”

The ultimate top Masonic (Zionist) forces which successfully divide us, and control their own various oppositions, are very entrenched in Europe and able to pull any lever of control there.

Remember Operation Gladio, the P2 Masonic Italian state terror, and how they successfully murdered populist leaders they couldn’t control, like Juerg Haider in Austria, and the very popular bald-headed Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn through one of their controlled murderous patsies, the jailed environment zombie who maintains “complete silence” on his motives.

When they don’t need to kill the opposition, they lead their own controlled opposition, as they do for example via Israeli-trained Dutch Zionist Geert Wilders who bamboozled the poor bewildered, Moslim loathing, MS-Media fed Dutch masses.

Even if Breivik acted alone, as he states in his recorded memoirs, his superiors in Masonry, and perhaps Norwegian secret services, may very likely have been aware of his plans, and decided… to let him proceed, in order to fully discredit their Right Wing enemies! And so he may have been a patsy unawares. That’s happened so often in world history, like 9-11, 7-7 bombings, the underwear bomber who was so incoherent as they let him on the plane, and others, it is pitiful!

The Norwegian Labour party may have disobeyed their Masonic Zionist masters, for them to conjure up this quick shock and awe of their buildings and killing their promising young leaders, for promoting the call for a Palestinian state in Europe and threatening to quit the war against Gadaffi. Tsk, tsk! Naughty naughty Labour Party.


So How About The Killer? Was He a Patsy?

Suddenly in Norway there appears a man who seriously went off the deep end, obviously entertaining evil Satanic thoughts for a time, who then decided to take murderous actions against his fellowmen! He finally gave in to these evil thoughts, killing almost a hundred of his own nation’s ‘neighbours’. For what? For a murderous ideology and power of whatever kind it was that drove him to yield to such despicable acts.

Breivik was obviously not a Christian who “loves his neighbour as himself” as Jesus implores us and all Norwegians to do, although he may have even deceived himself that he was, but on the contrary a man who self-righteously judged people for membership of parties and political ideologies, and cold-heartedly condemned these to death, to then even proceed to personally sentence them!

How on Earth is such a thing possible? What have we humans come to? Norway used to be one of the most Christian countries in Europe, converted Vikings who totally changed! What happened Norway?

Well, are we so surprised? Without having to go as far back as mass murderers Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Beria, Mao Ze Dong, Churchill, Hitler, Pol Pot, Begin, Shamir, etc. etc., I can bring up ample recent examples of similar evil thoughts because of false ideologies resulting in even greater massacres and maiming than this one. Are you ready?

The USA, Britain, France, and other NATO countries (including Norway!), recently entertained similar evil thoughts toward the Libyan people and their by-millions-of-them-beloved leader Gaddafi. These serial murderers in high places simply decided to condemn these Libyan people to become “collateral damage” in their self righteous quest to kill a legal Head of State, and proceeded–unto this very day!–to massacre thousands of voiceless uncondemned civilians to death, while at the same time maiming and hurting and condemning thousands of others with amputations, long hospital stays–if they ever come out– including all the broken hearts and spirits of thousands others who lost their loved ones! But does anyone in the above mentioned nations care for their tragedy and souls? I dare say, very few! What was that saying? “For whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap!” (Yes that Fundamentalist Christian Bible! Right!)

But that is not the only tragedy that self righteous “democratically elected” NATO countries have inflicted upon usually presumed innocent civilians! I am sure the next examples have already sprung to the minds of some people with sensitive souls!

Yes right! The American-made drones that shot thousands of missiles into homes gardens and roads full of normal people like you and me, plus women and children and old people, even though they might have a different religion, and wear their own choice of national costumes, who NEVER attacked anyone directly in the above NATO countries who presume to play God (or Devil rather!) over these poor targeted civilians! What the Hell were they thinking?–These civilised Western people from a post-Christian background?

And then the ONE AND A HALF MILLION Iraqis that were massacred by the self-righteous, judgmental murderers from “Christian” America who let their evil feudal lords fabricate and present false evidence that “they were involved with 9-11” that false massacre.

There were no “weapons of mass destruction”, nor “Trailer-carried chemical weapon laboratories” in Iraq! Neither were their leaders “Fundamentalist Radical Muslims!” Actually Iraq was a very secular society with a secular government that was suppressing religious division to minimise conflict.

But all that didn’t really matter to these wicked leaders of NATO, and for that matter also very little to the people of these evil, self righteous, condemning, massacring nations of the West and NATO. They went hardheartedly along with these evil men and their unfeeling coldhearted genocide! Is there some responsibility perhaps?

And do I have to remind us all of the poor backward Afghani families with children who were neither involved in any 9-11, nor had any “sophisticated caves with ammunition and tunnels” in Tora Bora, nor were involved in any terrorist attacks against the West, but au contraire, were heavily afflicted themselves by the CIA fighting through their lands via their CIA-created, Western-trained Mujaheedin fighters against drafted Russian boys and their leaders. Is there a chicken coming home to roost perhaps?

Time and space would fail me to remind us all of the sufferings, miseries, massacres, genocides, maiming and handicapping, and the tearing apart of families making untold children orphans, and parents childless, and grandparents without greatly needed supporters, the losses of loved ones and properties, homes, gardens and fields, all bombed out, plus destruction of needed infra structure, roads and bridges, airports and tunnels, waterplants, nuclear plants, oil refineries, government offices, and lives after lives after lives, after lives, after lives, extinguished in places like Palestina, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, Waziristan, Georgia, and on and on and on and on goes the murderous Americans’ list!

But we voted these monsters in somehow! Is Karma real? Does “he that digs a pit for another fall into it himself” still function today, eventually? (That darn “fundamentalist” Bible again!)

These poor left-wing, labour-party youth on that island had actually witnessed a recent, very important decision to support the Palestinian’s desire for an independent state. And my God wasn’t it about time? They have lived there for thousands of years!

These 85 plus poor young people were also condemned and sentenced to death by the despicable, evil, self-righteous presumptions of a very deluded individual who obviously thought he is more authoritative than God Himself, in that God didn’t sentence these young people to death, while this man did! He is just like Bush I, Bush II, Blair, Brown, Berlusconi, Borosso, Big Cheny, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, Feith, Wolfensohn, Pipes, and the rest of the other Neocons and Banksters directing the mayhem & murder from behind the scenes.

Maybe it is time to again become loving Christian followers of Jesus Christ in our nations and to make sensible decisions concerning the lives of normal people who also love life and peace and freedom to do what they like to do, even if it doesn’t look like our culture, and we ought to leave them alone! And if they happen to live in your midst, then you can easier bring them the love of Jesus, without having to become a secret missionary in closed Arab countries.

That power of influence to decide, I believe, still rests with many of us, if we would only listen to our own hearts, so that we might understand the desires of people just like us, only half way around the world. Perhaps, we might hear that little voice in our heart, from the God of love who says, “Leave them alone! I created and had them born there for a reason! NOT to be blown apart to bits and smithereens by some selfrighteous Westerners on the Left or on the Right, or from whatever persuasion.”

And if we hear that little voice, then for God’s sake we cannot stand idly by when these peoples’ rights to the same peace, plenty and freedom we desire, is threatened by some self important presumptious leaders of our own kind. Then we (and for God’s sake especially Christians!) HAVE TO SPEAK UP AND OUT to stop them! And if they refuse to listen to our pleas, then they have to learn the hard way! And it looks like they do. Sad to say!

Here are the writings of the killer Berwick (English pseudonym for Breivik)

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