VDO: Monckton wins National Press Club debate on climate. And boy! Does it ever clear the air! Must Watch!

All eyes on Monckton! They KNOW a HEAVY WEIGHT when they SEE ONE!

Anthony Watts says:  “Love him or hate him, the man can win a debate.”

Andrew Bolt shares the results of the National Press Club Debate in Australia writing:

No wonder the warmists hate debate

The National Press Club debate’s results:

Lord Monckton – 10

Former Greens adviser Richard Denniss – 1

Journalists – 0.

A. Bolt: “Note that Denniss’s entire argument was to follow the “consensus”. There was no attempt at all to explain the evidence contradicting this manufactured consensus.” You’ve got to READ the AUSSIE COMMENTS under Bolt’s Debate VDO post in the Australian Herald Sun

PPP Editor: One of the few times the Powers That Be (PTB) (Greens, MainstreamMedia) allow a debate period, it sure clears the air, and inspite of the Monckton friendly debate results, the Mainstream media, in this case the Australian representatives of them, as a whole are very antagonistic against Monckton and the real scientists like Prof. Lindzen (The world’s greatest authority on Climatology), because Monckton wipes the floor with the Real Science Deniers!–The Warmists! And they are calling them deniers? That’s nothing else than ad hominem attacks, and slimy politically correct politics!

The Green, Socialist adversary–the economist debater–was sure to put Real Climate Science in a “conspiracy theory” light, along with dangerous vaccinations, dangerous GMO technology, showing what he and his cronies have in mind for us all. To endanger us and to follow the Rockefeller Foundation’s stated goals of “Population Reduction”! That means to bring down the world under ONE billion human beings, and that YOU and I must die!

Watch the video of the debate in full:

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