The Musings of Anders Behring Breivik, Self-Styled “Crusader!” Christian?? Definitely Not!

Breivik proud in full costume regalia of the Knights Templar

Norwegian self-confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik, or as he named himself in English Andrew Brewick, is a 32 year old self-styled, modern conservative right wing revolutionary extremist, who became a Knight Templar of sorts to “defend Europe from a Muslim invasion, allowed staged and organised by Multicultural Marxists.”

He used to be a member of Freemasonry, the overarching society over all global Masonic lodges, and claims that he was invited to the 4-5th level, which is higher than normal members, who are not even told that higher levels than the 3rd (of 33) even exist.

Breivik uploaded and left behind a 1500 pages document on line, about his history, beliefs, experiences, and a diary of his revolutionary activities how he created the bomb, including his rationalisations for his anti Multi-Cultural Marxist philosophy, actions, and subsequent murder of 90-plus youthful Labour Party Cadre and Leftist Norway’s hope of the future.

Although he is a dangerous and reckless assassin, he is not a nut in the sense of being feeble minded. On the contrary, his Aquarian knowledge-ability builds a thoroughly detailed and historically documented argument and political philosophy, which led him to believe and conclude that only violent action and personal martyrdom against the Marxist elite of Norway and Europe, is the only way to save Europe from its Marxist enemies. In that respect he is not much different from other warmongers who go out and kill even more than 90 Libyans from their airplanes! Not to excuse him, but just for the sake of balance.

Although his philosophy is quite unpopular, this intellectual fiend certainly makes no qualms about his reasons for killing what he calls “the traitors” of his nation. He wrote that the main target for their quasi-military action would be what he calls “category A+B traitors” in the government who are the Cultural Marxists selling Norway down the EUSSR river, plus “category C” who would be journalists and media people deceiving Norwegians and other Europeans.

At a certain point in his story, he talks about his personal religious belief and calls himself a “cultural Christian”, although denying a personal relationship with God. He states:

As far as what kind of religion, he is even more vague and non defined. Brevik asks…and answers:

So Breivik reiterated three times that he sees no need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and even invites Pagans into the PCCTS. That shows that he is a not a Christian in the original meaning in the Word of God, as his murderous actions also prove! Therefore he is not a fundamentalist Christian in any sociological sense nor any Scriptural sense of the word, and not a Christian in the religious meaning either. Christians are not comissioned to go out and kill and murder anyone, but on the contrary “to love their enemies!” And any “vengeance” purely belongs to God alone, not to us. “As it is written, ‘For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter’.” Romans 8:36.

Jesus Christ told Nicodemus in John chapter 3 that “except a man is born again (a 2nd time) he cannot see the Kingdom of God”, nor enter it, and sad to say Breivik is obviously not born twice nor saved from his sins, and therefore has not received the mercy of God. Most likely because he thinks he doesn’t need any mercy and can do without it.

That is most likely also the reason why he talked himself into accepting that he could kill these young people. They had to die, because he has no sense of sinfulness and therefore no mercy or empathy for others. His ungodly arguments convinced him that he could act like some god, deciding who should live or die with impunity, and thus he killed 90-plus young people in cold blood.

That shows how lost he is and that unless he repents, he will also die in his sins. As Jesus said to the Pharisees, “If you do not believe that I am he (the Messiah) you will die in your sins.” The opposite of course being, that if you do believe that Jesus is the Messiah, you will not die in your sins, but have eternal life!

The reason for Breivik not to believe in Christ is probably because he thinks he doesn’t need Him. Like so many people today. He believes very strongly in himself, in his own reasoning and abilities, and is, in his own words, “quite self righteous”, which is a typical flaw of many Aquarians, just like another Aquarian murderer by proxy we know; Dick Cheney! They acquire so much knowledge that they think they “know it all”, and feel quite lofty as they analyse everyone and everything around them, feeling far above everyone else, without much compassion. And Breivik confesses this:

He sounds extremely self satisfied and self confident, and that seems to be his problem. He even deceived himself imagining that he is actually a martyr, or at least someone who is willing to sacrifice his life for others… by killing 90-plus young people? What a sacrifice! He has deluded himself that he has to die to save Europe from Marxism. What a travesty of truth, yet so often repeated in this wicked World. Evil politicians sent millions of soldiers into 3 World Wars and all subsequent wars for exactly the same fairy tale; Give your life by taking that of others to save Europe! Yeah right! He asks himself…

Every bloodthirsty guerilla like Begin and Shamir, every killing Mujaheedin like Osama, every violent revolutionary like Trotsky, Che Guevara, Emma Goldman, all told themselves that their “sacrifice” in killing others would save the world! What a sad joke.

He would have killed a multi-culturalist like Franz Kafka, who repented and came to Jesus at the end of his life. He would have killed Al Capone who turned to Christ in prison before he died. He would have killed Mrs Roe of the Wade and Roe judgment to legalise abortion, who ultimately was forgiven for her sins and came to Jesus.

We are not here in this World to ever find or establish Utopia! That’s why it is called Utopia or “Nowhere Land!” Neither are we here to establish the Kingdom of God politically ourselves, like deceived so-called “Dominionists” believe, and Zionist Neo-Conservatives Palin and Beck.

Breivik does state that he does not believe in a Theocracy. Thank God for that! But he does believe in a Europe that doesn’t exist anymore, because Europeans didn’t deserve it anymore. Neither was Europe ever as perfect as  he so romantically “remembers” his own myths.

And if God wanted to, He could wipe out all His enemies from Europe in a moment. But it was God, who allowed Islam to rise since 600 AD as a scourge on the sins of the Europeans. And believe it or not, there are also many children of God among these “evil” Muslims, who respect Jesus, believe in him, and look to him for salvation, and just like us Christians await His imminent return! Peace be upon Him!  (Hi Muslims! we love ya! :) )

Political “Christian” killers like Breivik have hardly ever changed things for the better, except perhaps Constantine for a short while, who gave some time of peace and reprieve to Europe’s Christians after the 10 great Roman persecutions. But then the Roman Catholic Church took their place to become the persecutor of real Christians instead, and things were back to murderous business as usual. So God had to raise up Martin Luther to break and cleanse the Roman power.

Breivik’s “sacrifice” to sacrifice others is a total waste, and never accepted by God. Just as Cain’s sacrifice wasn’t, who decided to sacrifice what HE produced, instead of the sacrifice God had asked for, a simple lamb, a type and foreshadowing of Christ dying for our sins. Cain got so angry in his self-righteousness that he killed his obedient brother Abel. Cain the first murderer in human history, thought probably that he was doing the right thing as well.

But people like sad Breivik, instead of promoting or spreading Christian culture, are destroying the good and goodwill that God’s obedient children are trying to create everywhere, by loving the people from all nations everywhere into the Kingdom of God. As Jesus told us to “GO into all the world and preach (show) the Gospel to every creature” (Mk 16:15) And to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in Heaven!”

But what Breivik’s “unfruitful works of darkness” are producing are quite the opposite, as you can see from this sad Google search result…

Fundamentally, Breivik is NO Christian loving Child of God. Sad to say, just a highminded serial killer.
We pray for and mourn together with the Norwegian Leftist survivors! We love you. Norway used to be such a great Christian country though… What happened to the cross Norway?


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4 comments for “The Musings of Anders Behring Breivik, Self-Styled “Crusader!” Christian?? Definitely Not!

  1. tsubaki
    July 26, 2011 at 11:46 pm


    Pretty much all aspects of the patsy are simply part of the legend, designed to play on the public’s and police’s weaknesses. So debating various aspects of what the news says about him is falling into a trap. You know the story: Atta was a radical Muslim, except he liked heavy drinking and strippers. Oswald was a fanatical Communist, except he was actually from the CIA/FBI/Marine nexus.

  2. Power Point Paradise
    July 27, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    I am not absolute sure if he was THAT kind of fully controlled patsy, if at all. He may have been, but I guess time will tell. He may have taken at least the Norwegians by surprise! Perhaps not MI6 or Mossad. I try not to jump to conclusions, as is the manner of some. I study and wait and ask questions in my Post Titles.

    I read most of his manifesto (some not written by him but pasted) yet to me he comes across sincere! Sincerely DECEIVED! He believed that this would be the way to fight evil. But I wouldn’t be surprised that he (and possibly other one man cells) may have been recruited by a higher “Templar” with an elite agenda, his handler, a gatekeeper for the elite. There are always fools who fall for this kind of stuff.
    Yet he is very knowledgeable, coupled with his aquarian aloof coolness and lofty cruelty, I believe he planned it all alone! And through his manifesto he tries to teach others to do the same, except that he forgot to warn others that phones are bugged and they can track you by GPS, or plant a chip with GPS on anyone, and thus he may have been tracked without realising it. He didn’t see danger in and warn for false handlers. Plus he was a Zionist sympathiser, which shows he didn’t get the complete picture. Pride and arrogance are always the downfall of self made heroes.
    But of course his biggest mistake was not to repent and ask God to forgive him for all his sins, and to become a real son of God and real worldchanger…THROUGH LOVE! That’s the only “revolution” that will last for eternity! Only Jesus can set things right at the very end and get rid of evil and the wicked, before he creates a totally new godly culture and wonderful world which will last for a Millennium!
    Coming soon! Hope to see you there! In Kingdom come!

  3. tsubaki
    July 27, 2011 at 11:40 pm


    I would advise you to hold off on putting what you might want to see in such an evil character into him. It’s like Oswald’s left-wing literature. I’m sure that a large part of what you see is true, and in him, but contemplate the surrounding environment. Do the same for Atta or Cho or McVeigh.

    So, here are a few:

    -It took the police over an hour to get somewhere that wasn’t hard to get to.
    -The police knew his name.
    -His pictures and other aspects of his legend came as practically a press kit.
    -The victims largely represented a group of kids for up-and-coming political families.
    -The past and present PMs were going there.
    -The PM’s office was bombed.
    -Several at the scene say there was more than one gunman.
    -The weight of the explosive and ammo looks awfully difficult for one man to pull off.

    Finally, Norway was withdrawing from the NATO attack on Libya, and offering cover for the other countries to stop. This is quite important, as the whole thing is running out of bombs and gas. Norway is backing the Palestinians, and Ms. Clinton and the US State Department have been quite annoyed with Norway for some time. Norway has not supported the whole banker/warfare agenda over the last ten years.

    Now, the message is stark, and the price is high for those who try to resist the NWO. Norway has needed our support as much as Thailand.

  4. Power Point Paradise
    July 28, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Dear Tsubaki
    Have you read most of his Manifesto?
    If not, you haven’t done enough homework. But like I said before:
    “I am not absolute sure if he was THAT kind of fully controlled patsy, if at all. He may have been, but I guess time will tell.”

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