Updated 20/8: True News From A United Libya vs NATO lost 3 ships & denies it & then bombs fishermen! VDO

2nd UPDATE 20 AUGUST 2011

2nd UPDATE 18 AUGUST 2011


UPDATE 6-8-11

Spanish Leonor Reports 15 NATO Seniors Being Held Captive in Libya

Spanish correspondent from Libya reports how the Western people are being lied to by the Western media. Leonor conveys the degree of censorship we are under, how little we are actually being told, from NATO atrocities to NATO losses. Over 80 % of Libyabs are behind Gadaffi and supporting the government. Western media lie through their teeth!

The tribe of Younis has captured 15 NATO personnel (talked about at 8 min 35.) and threaten that they will not give these people back. France is hiding this news. This information comes from Libya and Russia.

Libya Update 2 Aug 2011

IN LIBYA the son of Abdel Fattah Younis (the National Transitional Council’s military leader assassinated last week) accused rogue elements within the terrorists of killing his father. He said his powerful Obeidi tribe may take justice into its own hands if the NTC fails to reveal who killed him. He also demanded an open investigation and speedy trial for those responsible.

Also today Chris Stevens, the US State Department’s envoy to the NTC in Benghazi, said all is wonderful, and the terrorists are winning. Lies of course. Today the terrorists tried to make a savage push on the western city of Zlitan, but fell into a trap, and were crushed by Libyan government troops.  Fox Jews is screaming that NATO must increase its bombardment of Libyan civilians because “Qaddafi is stronger than ever.”

In Benghazi, morale is down. The graffiti that once proclaimed “Game Over” for Qaddafi has faded in the summer sun. Gone are rebel billboards that once blared “No foreign intervention!” Now billboards warn terrorist gunmen to stop firing their weapons into the air because ammunition is precious and the noise terrifies children. Thousands of thugs are either mired in battle on three fronts, back home to rest, or part of the growing roster of war casualties. A sense of weariness and unease has settled over Benghazi, where rival terrorist militias answer to no one but themselves. Western bankers continue to refuse to give back any of the billions in Libyan assets they stole. The terrorists were further discouraged when France and Britain said Qaddafi could possibly remain in Libya if he gave up power. NTC president Mustafa Abdul Jalil said recently that he could envision a scenario in which Qaddafi remained in Libya, but he quickly backtracked when the terrorist militias screamed. The terrorists insist on radical Islamic law as the basis for any legislation in the post-Kadafi era. (So the West claims that Islamists want to bring Islamic law to the West, but supports Islamists in Libya and Syria.)

Terrorist spokesman Col. Ahmed Bani regularly predicts that his militia will “liberate and purify” Port Brega from “the tyrant” in “just a few days,” but the terrorists near Brega can make no progress. Port Brega is significant because of its petrochemical complex and oil terminal, but it may be an empty prize. The terrorists have held the city twice before, but were unable to get the oil flowing. Oil engineers in Benghazi say the complex is not likely to be reopened any time soon. And since NATO has cut all oil lines to Tripoli, Qaddafi’s forces might just blow it up anyway.

Qaddafi sent a personal letter to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, thanking Chavez for his continuing support.

Chavez read portions of the letter aloud on national television. He said Venezuela would not recognize Libya’s rebels, and he urged Qaddafi to continue fighting.

“I respect him a lot. He’s resisting there. Long live Libya!”


Syria Update 2 Aug 2011

Today Sens. Joseph Lieberman, Mark Kirk (R-Ill), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) called on the Obama administration to outlaw any firm that invests in Syria’s energy sector, or buys or sells Syrian oil or fuel. A third of Syria’s export revenues come from oil. Currently the U.S. bans most export and import trade with Syria, but sanctions do not extend to foreign companies.

Today Italy recalled its ambassador to Syria, and the European Union stole the assets and imposed travel bans on five more people in the Syrian government. The pro-imperialist monarchy of Qatar withdrew its ambassador from Syria last month.

The USA continues to increase its support for Syrian terrorists in the Empire’s campaign for regime change. Today U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Syrian activists who are demanding more arms and money for the terrorists.

Steven Heydemann, a member of the U.S. Institute of Peace (a radically pro-war propaganda mill) said U.S. officials must seek to increase support for the Syrian terrorists without revealing that the CIA controls them.

“Rights groups” are criticizing Washington for not yet bombing Syria. U.S. officials respond that they have not yet maneuvered the Arab League into supporting a bombardment, as they did with Libya. (The Arab Leagues’s 21 nations are controlled by the six Gulf monarchies, who are Western allies.)

Russia and China have said they would veto formal UN sanctions against Libya, but it’s possible that Russia is becoming stupid again. Today, Serghei Vershinin (director of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for the Middle East and North Africa) told Russian news agencies that Russia is not against a UN resolution against Syria’s government, on condition it does not include sanctions or other forms of “pressure.”

On the other hand, Vitaly Churkin (Russian ambassador to the UN) told reporters that a resolution is not necessary.  Instead, the UN could issue a presidential statement, which is weaker, but requires unanimous consent. Lebanon, which now has a seat on the UN Security Council, would never agree to such a statement.

Also today Britain, France, Germany and Portugal circulated a new draft UN resolution condemning the Syrian government’s resistance against armed terrorists. The new resolution does not call for sanctions against Syria, or a referral of Syrian leaders to Nuremberg II (i.e. the International Criminal Court). However, if Russia agrees to any UN resolution, however benign, it will throw open the door for bombing, as happened with Libya.

China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India blocked adoption of the original UN resolution first circulated on May 25.

Now — in their utter stupidity — they are increasingly believing Western media lies about Syria, which have continued for five months. Brazil, India and South Africa are saying the UN Security Council must “do something” against Assad. Brazil offered its own proposal for a UN resolution against Assad, so NATO can start bombing.

Government creeps never learn. Nor do the masses. If you sustain your lies long enough, eventually most people will believe them.

In Geneva today, Navi Pillay (UN high commissioner for human rights) criticized Syria’s refusal to let the foreign media in so the imperial media can better fabricate lies.

Today the Syrian government removed roadblocks from entrances to the city of Hana, which terrorists had set up to imprison the city’s people.

If a government is allied with the Western Empire, then the Empire calls peaceful demonstrators in that country “terrorists.”

If a government questions the Western Empire, then the Empire calls terrorists in that country “peaceful demonstrators.”

Terrorists in Syria are called “peaceful demonstrators.”

Reuters says: “By sending tanks to crush dissent in the city of Hama, President al-Assad has chosen a path of no return. The Assads have been repeatedly warned by the United States, European Union and Turkey against any attempt to repeat the massacre of Hama, where Bashar’s father Hafez Al-Assad put down an Islamist revolt by razing whole neighborhoods of the city.”


These same Islamists are the “Al Qaeda” that the West purports to oppose in its “war on terror” and its “clash of civilizations.” These same Islamists are attacked by NATO forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. These same Islamists are vilified by Jews. They’re vilified (as immigrants) by the Western masses. These same Islamists are outlawed by the US puppet military junta in Egypt. These same Islamists in China’s Xinjiang region (separatist Uighurs near the Pakistan border) are called terrorists by the government of China, and also by the EU, UN, and USA (since China is not yet a formal “enemy” of the Empire). These same Islamists advocate “jihad.”

In Libya and Syria, however, these same Islamists are “heroes,” since they are fighting the Libyan and Syrian governments, which question the Western Empire.

In Jordan the police issued 200 bright orange vests to foreign journalists so the journalists would not be confused with 2,500 pro-democracy protesters in Nakheel Park near downtown Amman. When the demonstration began on 15 July 2011, Jordanian police used those bright vests as targets, beating up 15 foreign journalists.

This is okay with the US Empire, since the Jordanian monarchy is an imperial ally. As for the Western masses, they think only what they are told to think.

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