Just a Little Hope in the Midst of Darkness. Nick Vujicic’s new song vdo “Something More”!”

God bless Nick Vujicic! He is an amazing character. And not because he is a pitiful guy that everyone feels sorry for. No, it is the shine that God gives him, that He gave him because he didn’t give up when he had “all the reasons in the world” to give up. He tried to commit suicide when he was only ten. But he couldn’t do it, then God saved him.

That’s really the secret of victory over the world and its problems; To throw yourself on God, on Jesus. That is not a cop-out–as the “strong” would say–No! That IS strength! To continue on in your human pride to save yourself…that is weakness. It is like a man trying to continue on being alone and never accepting deliverance in the form of a loving woman to make him whole! Because without our better half, we are only half! Aren’t we?

People get it all so wrong, because they listen to the greatest enemy of mankind, “the Dragons’ Mouth”, the Mainstream Media! All that poison it is spreading is just killing people spiritually, perverting and silencing the truth. It is the death stream of the Serpent.

Nick is not a super singer, but he sings with his heart. He can feel the message, having been lost enough to know what it feels like, and thus gaining empathy with the others that are still lost. Are you still lost? Well, you don’t have to be. There are the Everlasting Arms stretched out towards you, trying to coach you in, as the airplane guide with his little pingpong bats tries to steer the big jumbo jets into their parking positions.

Can you imagine a big jet saying, “I don’t need that little guy to tell me what to do? I can park myself!” And doing so, he wrecks the terminal, probably killing all kinds of people in the process. THAT’s pride. And we all have it. We all like to figure it all out for ourselves, without our Creator as the Great Counsellor He was born and destined to be and become.

It is not weakness to find your destiny, to find your other half, to discover your Creator! He actually put you in this position, where He is the Mystery of life, because He doesn’t force Himself on humanity, but prefers to stay hidden in his wisdom. WHY!

Because He knows that if He was visible, and present in all His power and glory, you wouldn’t have a choice but to acknowledge Him. You would come to Him intimidated by His Sheer magnificence! You’d be forced to submit, as little children are cowed by the presence of grown ups.

But now, you can make free decisions. To go on without Him, or to search Him out and receive Him into your circle, and make Him your partner and eternal Lover! That is not a cop out, that is fulfilling your human destiny, to join your source, your creator!

Anyhow,  if you are tired of your wanderings through time and space, and would like to come Home, just tell Him now. ‘God, I am tired of wandering, please take me Home, and forgive me for my pride and egotism. Take me into your everlasting arms, and come into my deepest inner being, and become one with me. I need truth, sincerity, humility, I need Your Love!’

If you’ve done that, come to Him, then you are Home forever, as He is not a fickle lover that leaves at the first manifestation of every imperfection. He is the most faithful lover of all. He IS love itself! He even stated that “He is married to the backslider” He will never ever leave you, and will even ultimately take you Home to the Home of homes, Heaven, the Everlasting Paradise where we were created in and originated from, and were sent from into this mess called Earth!

Why? Perhaps because we asked Him to. I can always imagine a little child in the Eternal Heavely Paradise looking around and seeing the grown ups there! (Because I believe there are children in Heaven. Otherwise what a boring place it would be! )
So this little sprite of a spirit creation sees all the small and the great Saints, and says to Jesus, “I want to become big like them! How can I become big like them!”

Jesus answers, “Don’t even ask!”

“Why not!” the child says.

“Because you don’t want to know!”

“But I DO want to know!

“No, you don’t!”

“Please Jesus, how do I become like all the big people Here!”

Jesus sighs and says, “If you insist I will have to show you!”

“I insist. I insist! Please show me.”

Then and there Jesus opens a window in the floor of Paradise and the child beholds the overwhelming darkness of  space of the physical universe with only the numerous little specks of starlight in the firmament.

“There! That’s where you will have to go! See that galaxy there? See that little solar star there? See that little blue ball circling it? THAT’s where you will have to go… if you insist to become like the Saints of Heaven!”

The child now is so excited, jumping up and down, clamouring, “Please let me go Jesus! I want to go! Please? …

The next moment, a baby is born in some cold green and white maternity ward of some dirty Hospital somewhere on Earth. And it is crying its lungs out!


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