Remember Lauryn Hill of Sister Act? She’s a system damning believer and sings about it! GBH!

God bless this brave little singing prophet girl. She is singing ’em down and properly dissing the wicked perepetrators of “the mystery of inquity.” (That’s from the Bible– for those of you who didn’t yet read the most important Book in the World! — Specifically from the endtime letter of St. Paul)

This girl doesn’t pull her punches and it must be uncomfortable listening for some of her audience, because she doesn’t try to tickle their ears. She tells them to leave their system conditioning behind and is not afraid to expose the slimy serpents behind this wicked world. OOH!! If there were only more like her

Watch and weep for the destructions that are coming upon this world for their unbelief! God bless Lauryn Hill. She is not just some sickening man-pleasing, social climbing, wannabe star, but a Child of God that has the testimony of Jesus, the Spirit of prophecy!

God bless you Lauryn, a girl and singer after my own heart! And God’s heart, no doubt about it. Stay humble and sweet in Him! :) You’re closer to me than my relatives! Ha!  For no prophet is without honor, except in his own country and among his own kindred! Way to go!

Lauryn Hill Exposes the Industry – Mystery of Iniquity

Lauryn Hill – I Get Out

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