UPDATED: Elite worm turns from their own mouths! — “Occupy Wall Street” staged rebellion going Worldwide?

I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street (Video)

I still believe that “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) was as much staged as Ukraine’s Orange revolution, Tunisia uprising, Egyptian Tahrir Square, all other Arab Springs, Thai Red Shirt Summers, Serbian Otpors, Bahrain, Yemen, Syrian “Uprising” (A million Syrians just demonstrated support for Assad!) and the Libyan “Rebels”, but the hypocrisy from the rogue Banker created American Regime is exposed in the following VIDEO. Must watch!

The Banker Elite wants Marxist, Socialist World Government, and they are getting it by hook and by crook, AND by a “Spontaneous Peoples Revolution!” to be saddled and ridden by their Leftist henchmen and stooges. Just wait and see for yourself!

I am not saying that the 99 % are not sincere in their peaceful uprising and protesting the banksters, but they are being manipulated, stagemanaged by the Elite to bring about Collectivist, Socialist One World Government worldwide, and to justify total Martial Law Lock Down in America to murder gun-toting patriots & eventually the remaining Christians. Mark these words!

As someone said so right on, “If something happens in Politics, you can bet your boots that it was staged!” And they always prefer and manage to stir up and use the politically greenhorn young people to man the barricades from 1789 until 2011.

French Revolution, Russian Revolution, ALL revolutions, Persian Anti Shah Khomeini Revolution, Phillippino Anti Marcos Revolt, Ukrainian Orange Revolution, OWS, Otpor Serbia, Occupy Wall Steet, Tahrir Square, Libyan Rebels, Syrian Uprising, Thai Red Shirts, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudie Arabia, Tunisia, Egyptian Revolt, Arabian Spring, “Israeli Revolution” with genuine Guillotine? Come on! So far not one among them has produced REAL democracy and REAL human rights, and “liberty, equality, and brotherhood!” Only more money in the pockets of the Banksters and more Collectivism and finally One World Government! Just wait!

ALL People’s Revolutions to me, look like controlled opposition and staged rebellions. Just wait and see what they will produce. Jane Buergermeister seems to think so too!
From Truthseekers.co.uk
From Prisonplanet.com

Exclusive Interview With Michel Chossudovsky on OWS Movement and Libyan War (Video)

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