True Meaning of Christmas Video- Linus, Charlie Brown, Andy Griffith, It’s a Wonderful Life. Full version powerpoints


Charlie Brown and Linus in the now famous You-tube video, the True Meaning of Christmas. This is from 1965, the “good” old days, when America was still somewhat Christian. But even then it already was rotten underneath and well underway on the slippery slope to destruction, religiously and culturally speaking. OPEN ARTICLE FOR MORE VIDEOS:It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Andy Griffith Show, etc. Plus CHRISTMAS powerpoints TO DOWNLOAD BELOW THE POST!

Of course financially and politically it was already totally undermined by the Bankers with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and instigating the genocides of WW1, WW2, and then their final Coup d’Etat in 1963 when the Bankers once again murdered the then President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, ten days after he made his famous speech against the silent conspiracy that was bringing down the country. And so they installed their then still undercover fascist dictatorship which  is now exposing itself more and more. Enjoy the True Meaning of Christmas! Charlie Brown.

Since that time, the evil cabal of financiers and occultists had total control over the CIA, FBI, and the Treasury, State Department, and the military Industrial complex, and it was too late! That’s why they were so cocky and over confident to murder JFK in broad daylight, instead of putting arsenic in his soup, or shooting an ice bullet with heart attack chemicals in his veins.

As one of the bigger dupes or useful idiots of the big bankers George Bush senior (who was there that day in Dallas at the crime scene!) later confessed to Sarah Mc Clendon in an interview,

“Sarah, if American people would know what we Bushes have done to them, we would be chased down the streets and lynched!”

Here’s another one of those better days, when the police were still somewhat godly people instead of pepper spraying killers with “non lethal” tasers

The Andy Griffith Show – Christmas Story (1960)
When American cops still had a little decency and weren’t the criminals most of them are today! But of course then Americans were still law abiding Christians and not like they are today!

And here is what caused all the trouble through dumbed down Pottersville America by the Bankers!

The ruling criminals have stopped this film from playing during the holiday because it expresses Christian ideals and the resemblance between Mr. Potter and themselves. Here someone is trying to save the American Dream long gone!

And here is what most of your damned congressmen and senators have done. They sold out to the bankers and Israel. Americans were warned in this amazing movie. Here’s the famous evil banker Potter scene!


Our latest Christmas pps:
“Merry Christmas!”
Christmas powerpoint presentation with music!
Wishing you an oldfashioned Merry Christmas Meditation!!” –630 KB

All facts surrounding the historical birth of Jesus Christ with nice artwork! — 1,8 MB

Het Kerst Verhaal
DUTCH: Het echte ware oorspronkelijke Kerst Verhaal pps – 1,5 MB

True Christmas.pps
Christmas Presentation — 413 KB.

“Christmas Fun!”
An amazing baby! Who’d have thought it! — 1 MB

The Real Christmas Story in Chinese 1.5 MB
聖 誕節的源由

795 KB

The Essence of Christmas
— 1.2 MB

Merry X-mas Story!
For those who are looking for an X – 3 MB

——————–OTHER SUBJECTS———————-

There is somethin’ About St. Mary
What the Bible Says About Mother Mary — 2 MB

Did Jesus Really Exist?
Archeological & Documentary Proof of Christ & Christians in the first Century– 1.2 MB

Is Noah’s Ark dis-covered-up? Looks like it.
A detailed study and evidence of the discovery of Noah’s Ark – 3.5 MB

Biblical History & Future of the World
In a Nutshell! INTERESTING – 3 MB

The Pre Flood World
Empirical, Scientific Proof That
Giant Man & Dinosaur Co-Existed. — 3.7 MB

Who Did 9/11 & How?
Who was really behind 9/11 attack
& deceived us. [Yet, a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still!]

“The Green Paper Pig!”
A 1973 Prophetic Dream about the future
of the Dollar, Economic Crash & War!– 620 KB

Can We Trust The Global Media?
Are we independent thinkers
or Mass media products? — 3 MB

Ghosts That Help!
Are ghosts for real? Where are they and what do they do? — 3 MB

Sane Sherlock vs. Crazy Clouseau “If it LOOKS designed, it probably IS designed” — Send to your evoluted friends — 900 KB

The Bombardier Beetle
Evolution defies Science? — 2 MB Beta copy

God’s Pharmacy
What foods look like & what they’re good for!

Horny Hands & Fingers
OR: Do they all support Texan Football? — 780 KB

The Red Sea Crossing
Archeological proof of Moses
Going through the Red Sea! — 1.3 MB

Why Does God Allow Sin & Suffering
Answers @ Earthquakes & Disasters – 3 MB

The Greens’ Dark Agenda
What’s the secret agenda behind the
Greens’ Environment Movement? — 690 KB

“Dinos or Dragons?”
“Final Proof of a 65 million
year old myth!” –995 KB

“Trees Walking !”
“The girl with X-RAY eyes vs.
the anti-God media” –335 KB

“Tombs & Bones!”
“The things those fundamentalists believe!”
Archeological Bible Pictures! — 1,1 MB

A Matter of Perspective!
Between what really happened
& what we’re told! – 300 KB

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The Andy Griffith Show – Christmas Story (1960) Part 1.

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