Thierry: Syria not going the way Israel & NATO want? Syrians better unite!

Syrian people ought to unite behind their government, whether they like or not, or they will go the same way as Iraq and Libya! Corrupt Syrian “democracy” is not as bad as wicked NWO “democracy.” It’s easier to trust your own people even though they are bad, than the foreign devils, especially if your own leaders are targeted by the foreign devils. That shows they are still sovereign and independent, which can’t be said anymore of the Western countries. They are all in the NWO bag, even New Zealand now, which used to resist.

Are normal Israelis afraid that the NATO war on Syria will backfire in the form of Muslim extremism? Al Qaeda Extremism is exactly what the Israeli elite needs to justify a NWO war on Iran and the Arabs. But the dumb Israelis are just as brainwashed by their government as the dumb Americans are, through their long cultivated fears. Paranoia always proves itself true, because it’s fear.

King Solomon in their own Torah, the Bible, teaches them that “Your fear will come upon you.” When you fear a dog will attack you, the dog smells your fear and you can bet it will attack first, because your fear proves to the dog that you are its enemy, because fear will change into violence.

That’s why only faith succeeds. As Jewish St. Paul taught: “Faith that works by LOVE!” If you have no love, you are already defeated! Because God is Love! And without God on your side, you are doomed to defeat, even when you think you are “the chosen” and have deluded yourself that you are winning.

“Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness!” –Salvation!
“In thy seed ALL the families of the Earth will be blessed!” And thus all the children of faith, from whatever family of nation, (ethnos), are the only Children of Abraham! But the children of fear never can be.

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