Testimonies of Muslims who came to Jesus! Even Irani & Egyptian Jihadists! Islam-phobia is media hype!

Most Muslims in Islamic countries just want to live a peaceful life with their families and children. Most Sunny Muslims are not that feisty unless they are attacked and forced to fight for their survival, freedom of religion and national independence like in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. Just like Christians, Muslims would love to be free from demonising stigmas Hollywood has stamped on them, yet Islam-phobia whipped up by the mainstream media who are trying to destroy their reputation, is raging in America especially! Why? To ensure America will eventually go to war against them, in order to break and crush Arab & Persian independence from globalism and the New World Order, and subdue ALL their central banks.

In Islamic countries religious freedom is restricted. If you are born into the Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu religion, you can change your religion. However people born into Islam are not allowed to change religion. If they do, there can be dire consequences for the convert or “infidel” like banning from the family, or even attack and sometimes murder or “honor killing” , because of the shame it brings to the family. Below are many videos from those who did anyway, with amazing signs from God following!

Question to American and wannabe NATO soldiers: Should you go there & kill these men, women and their children who never found that same truth yet? WATCH THIS!

Unlike New Testament Christianity based on “amazing” grace where God prefers free choice seeking volunteers from the heart rather than draftees, Islam tends to be a religion of law and enforcement. It is reminiscent of Old Testament Judaism, where strict rules prevail, like five obligatory prayer times a day, ritual washings, varying limitations on roles of women in different countries (for example women are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia, but can in Iran!), conservative dress codes, similar to severe restrictions by Orthodox Jews in  conservative quarters on public life in the political state of Israel in Palestina.


KHOSROW, an Iranian, felt depressed and without hope when Jesus appeared in a vision, reached out his hand and promised that his “life would change forever.”  When he took Jesus’ hand, he said “waves of electricity flowed through my body over and over again. I wept for the first time since I was a child and joy filled by heart.”

DINO, an Indonesian teenager who’d been let down by family and friends became a Christian the night Jesus appeared to her in a vision.  She was filled with peace that stayed with her even when she was persecuted for her conversion.

KHALIL, a radical Egyptian terrorist who hated Christians and Jews, was transformed after Jesus visited him in a dream.

MOHAMMED, a Nigerian herdsman had a series of dreams in which Jesus appeared. His father tried to kill him after he became a Christian but Mohammed survived and eventually his father became a Christian.

All over the Muslim world people are having vivid dreams and visions of Jesus that overwhelm them with a love they’ve never experienced.  At the risk of death – often by their own families – they abandon Islam and follow the teachings of Jesus.

The odd thing about this is that Jesus is also in Islam, he just isn’t a major player like in Christianity. In Iran today are about 600 churches and 250,000 Christians.  The Christian community in Iran is older than Islam in Iran.  needless to say, the community used to be much larger there than it is today.

Most Western Mainstream Media portray Islamic countries in a bad light for political purposes. Following is a quote from freelance Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari:

…They intentionally introduce Muslims as terrorists and try to institutionalize the belief that Muslims are always inclined to carry out extreme actions such as killing the other people or persecuting the followers of other religions and forcing them to convert to Islam. They misuse some pillars and principals of Islam to portray their desired image of this religion and its followers and hence spread fear and awe among the Europeans and Americans.

The Western media outlets never show the real image of Islam to their audiences and tell them that the essence of this religion is based on mutual respect, benevolence, peace, love and human dignity. They never allude to the fact that the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was one of the pioneers of human rights in his time and emphasized on preserving and respecting the human dignity immensely. They never reveal the verses of Holy Quran in which it is declared that killing one person is tantamount to killing all of the persons in the view of Islam. They never tell their audiences that in the view of Prophet Muhammad, it was even unlawful to kill a sparrow for the sake of entertainment.

Iranian Azar sees Jesus.

Unfortunately, the public opinion in the West is unaware of the realities of Islam and Muslims. It’s my responsibility to invite you to take a deeper look into the realities of Islam, and if you want to figure out the realities, it’s your responsibility to research and devote your time to a quest of truth.

Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian freelance journalist

Kourosh is obviously a moderate Muslim who justly decries Western stereotyping of the fewer radical types. But for born Muslims to change religion and to receive Jesus as their personal Saviour rather than just as Prophet is fraught with difficulties, and requires a very high commitment. And for Christians to condemn new Muslim Christians for not coming out, reminds one of the story of the hen and the pig.

            A conversation is said to have taken place between a hen and a hog when they passed a church and observed the subject of the pastor’s sermon: “How Can We Help the Poor?” After a moment’s reflection, the hen said, “I know what we can do. We can give them a ham-and-egg breakfast!” The hog protested, saying, “The breakfast would be only a contribution for you, but for me it would mean total commitment!”

In spite of Marxist genocide and political wars on Christians, privately Christians have enjoyed quite a lot of personal religious freedom in traditional Christendom. The worst thing was for a Catholic to become a Protestant, or vice versa. But usually a convert wouldn’t be banished, poisoned or murdered for such a “betrayal” of their family. Not so in Islamic cultures. So to criticise people for not daring to openly convert, is easier said than done. It may cost them their lives. Would you?

Nevertheless there have been many people who did dare to convert anyway, and even openly, who then had to endure the wrath of relatives or clergy. But Jesus has also gone out of His way to encourage those who dared to believe on Him in spite of persecution! Some Muslims experienced amazing signs and manifestations, even personal appearances by the Lord Himself!

Here follow some of these amazing experiences of people who dared to make the change-over, and received personal encouragement from Jesus Christ Himself, in the form of rare visions, dreams, or radical spiritual interventions. Enjoy!

Jesus Speaks to a Muslim Woman – Nadia Khalil Bradley

Nadia Bradley is a Palestinian-American, born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised as a practicing Muslim. She loves that religion, and devoutly prayed five times a day, even during high school. As an adult, Nadia began having experiences that she ultimately recognized as conversations with Christ. They were so powerful and pure that she began recording them in a journal. Her writings are taken from those experiences. Nadia lives, speaks and writes in southern California. http://www.originsoftruth.com/
Excerpt from The Defining Moment Television Talk Show interview with Nadia Khalil Bradley, Author of “Origins of Truth: Words that Will Awaken You to the Truth of Your Heart.” Hosted by Bret Moss.

Gulshan Esther from Pakistan visited by Jesus and His 12 disciples

Gulshan Esther is a Pakistani Muslim woman who has cried out to Jesus for 3 years to get healed from her handicap. Jesus appeared to her with an powerful shining light and since then a long and beautiful travel has begun…

Muslim Scientist Dr Hormoz Converted to Christianity

Part 1    This Muslim scientist was empty …

Part 2       …then he met Jesus Christ

Young Iranian Jihadist Meets Jesus Christ

This young Iranian man was a Shi-ite and a potential violent “Jihadist” for his country and his faith. That may sound terrible in the ears of many mainstream Westerners. But let me translate it into Western political correct language.
This is how it would sound:

This young man was an Evangelical American Christian and potential Marine on a violent “War on Terror” mission to Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon to Iran, as cannon fodder for the Zionist AIPAC lobby that has taken over the American government, and media!

What’s the difference? This man just wanted to defend his country! You can thank Jesus Christ that He changed this one’s mind! Ha!

Next his ↓brother received Jesus too, who then started to help Canadian gang-members to believe!

Intelligent Sunni Muslim Finds Jesus

Turkish Sunni student from Izmir receives Jesus and changes to love others.


Khalil started memorizing the Qur’an at a very early age and developed what he called a love for the word of God. As he grew older, he started reading books on Islam and the interpretation of the Qur’an. By sorting out Muslims from non-Muslims according to the Qur’an’s teaching, he ended up considering his own parents infidels. Little things such as a woman not wearing a veil would make her a non-Muslim according to the way he understood the Qur’an. If a man didn’t grow a beard he would be considered a non-Muslim. He considered the Christians his worst enemies and started getting involved in attacks against Christians and churches. The Islamic Group, dedicated to the overthrow of the secular government of Egypt and the installation of a strict Muslim government, recruited him into their ranks, appointing him as a local leader. His group became involved in kidnapping a famous moderate Muslim writer who had dared to criticize the Islamic Group.


Saudi Arab Muslim receives Jesus in his heart

A courageous Muslim man finally turns to Jesus Whom he does trust for salvation!

A Muslim lady’s Journey to Christ.

Zamzam, former Muslim Lady’s journey to find True Jesus. God bless her

Imams convert to Christ

Many Imams have turned to Jesus in secret and when confronted or exposed were persecuted, imprisoned and even martyred, in many countries

From Islam to Christ, Former muslim women lydia’s journey !

Lydia, former Muslim woman’s journey from Islam to Christ.

AGAIN this question to Americans especially! (And wannabe NATO soldiers):
Are you supposed to go there to kill these precious men, women and their children who never found the same truth yet? Or should you ONLY go there if you feel called to share this truth with these precious people?

BONUS: Do you think that God will hold you innocent for attacking these people and their sovereign countries for no good reason? I think not!

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