The Gilad Atzmon interview by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky every Jew & Goy should watch @ anti-Semitism, Zionism, racism, true Jewish awakening & soul searching! Must Watch!

There is HOPE! (Although this looks very “dangerous” to Jews!) This is a GREAT, REVEALING, and often FUNNY interview about the Israeli “pre-traumatic stress disorder” with a great Jew, Israeli and Humanist, but maybe I should rephrase that. A great Humanist Jew and EX- Israeli and aspiring Jewish Palestinian! I loudly applaud Prof. Mezvinsky, who is either a Humanist Jew or Jewish Humanist (I don’t know) but at least he didn’t judge the book (Gilad) by its cover (his defamed reputation). Gilad surely really clears the air with his brave soul searching. We Goys are not allowed do that, but even Jews are not allowed to do it, without incurring the rage of …”the wandering who?” (title of Gilad’s controversial book)

What I think is very special, is the picture in the background of the platform, it may not be, but it almost looks like a picture of Jesus with a big Jewish nose smiling in the back. :) And that is symbolic, as Jesus features in the interview as the neglected “elephant in the room”, and He features as such also in Jewishness! –Their dropping and denial of His Scriptural legitimacy and moral, ethnic, and religious authority and superiority, that love is the fulfillment of the Law, which leaves them with a hollow secular shell.

Amongst other subjects Gilad denounced Moses as a rampaging nation robbing leader, which he partly was. But in my view we need to see Moses in the historical frame of the hating, rampaging nations at each others throats, and Moses and the children of Israel (Jacob!) of course just came out of harsh, cruel, murderous slavery.

Jesus said as much, when he talked about the sequential divorce practiced by the Pharisees, he said, “that for the hardness of your hearts, Moses allowed to write a paper of divorcement, but FROM THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO!” In other words Jesus took into consideration the spirit of the time and the quality of the Jewish spirit at the time, which the Pharisees turned into license, thus invalidating and negating the love of Man but mostly the Love of God!

I am afraid for Prof. Mezvinsky. Will they turn against him too? Well, join the martyrs!

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Engaging Gilad Atzmon

Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon, one of Europe’s finest jazz musicians, was in Washington, DC for the first time at the end of a multi-city North American grassroots tour to discuss his recently published and highly controversial book, The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics.

On March 14, Atzmon was interviewed by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky, Connecticut State University Professor of History Emeritus, at Washington’s Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. The previous day a letter signed by 23 Palestinian activists called for “the disavowal of the racism and anti-Semitism of Gilad Atzmon.”

Watch the video of the Atzmon addressing the charges frequently levied against him. Decide for yourself—should Atzmon continue his frank discussion of Jewish identity or should his voice be silenced?

The Washington Report believes that no writer or thinker should be shunned in the United States—or anywhere—and we stand by our decision to host his DC events.

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