America Sinks Into State Tyranny Set Up For Mass Genocide+Great Confusion!

Poor true Americans have fallen into the NWO Soviet/Fascist trap while slowly being set up for mass arrests, concentration FEMA camps, and.. final solution! The Neo-Conservatives octopus’s tentacles TSA, HLS, DOD, are spreading nationwide. They are threatening, bullying & tasering people, even conservative police and veterans who are on the “wrong side”, while the dumb dupes are sucking the TV teats of MS Media, CNN and Fox, mouthpieces of the New World Order! The noose is now tightening all over the USI!

You now see the preparation for Revelation 17 and 18. The guilty American Ex-Bride of Christ, now the Whore Babylon being screwed by the Merchants she loves and worships, until the coming Antichrist and his 10 world powers will burn them in one hour on one day, during a time of the last Great Tribulation. But before that they will round up all real true Christians and rebels, put them in camps, and massacre them. Don’t believe it? Wait and see. They did it in Russia, Armenia, Eastern Europe, China, Germany, and now it is coming home to roost in Banker occupied Amerika. It reaps what it sowed in 100 years support of wicked Wall Street Goons’ genocide ALL over the globe, and the by them hated true Christians get it in the neck. Get out while you still can! (Rev 18:4) They will release all 7 million prisoners on you in the final Helter Skelter as well!

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