HuffPo gatekeeper Reinbach tries to corral anti-Agenda 21 Rosa Koire with Political Correctness

Rosa Koire, from ‘Democrats Against UN Agenda 21’, is interviewed by Andrew Reinbach, top Huffington Post columnist, for an article on opposition to UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

Reinbach baits Rosa, puts words into her mouth, asking her whether she isn’t ‘afraid that she would be tarred with the same brush as the John Birch Society or Alex Jones or as an Anti Zionist’, and tries to suggest that ‘Zoning’ and the UN Agenda 21 are the same thing. Rosa deftly resists his efforts to marginalize her and her fight against this blueprint for world inventory and control. Watch and enjoy this fun Video!

Jewish Liberal Democrat Huffington Post Top Editor Andrew Reinbach defends Agenda 21 against also Jewish Liberal Democrat Activist Rosa Koire’s denunciation of encroaching of a United Nations’ tyranny “sustainability” plan of total surveillance and total control, not just of land and resources, but of us the people, all over the world. It is funny how one Jew tries to corral another Jew into their Politically Correct parameters, to state that the Emperor DOES have clothes on.

But dear Rosa is basically the Ex-Hippie, freedom lover, and warns for a “control revolution” of manipulation, tyranny, armed government control going on in the United States, that goes beyond the Right-Left paradigm, and states that she is trying to wake up other “liberal democrats”.

He–as AOL’s Huff Po columnist gate keeper– promotes Agenda 21 as “sustainability” and threatens Rosa that she risks to be smeared as an “Anti-Zionist, Right Wing Birch Society Nut job like Alex Jones.”
He tries to reign her in, and forces her to pull out her Politically Correct credentials of herself being a Jewish Liberal Democrat that loves Israel, is gay, Pro Choice, and is NOT thinking AT ALL that it is a Zionist plot. So funny.

At the end of the interview smart Rosa asks Reinbach if he was recording the interview, and when he said he was, she told him that she was also recording it. This is probably why he didn’t quote her or mention her at all in his biased pro Globalist article. But there is no Zionist plot, you can be assured. Here’s the link to Reinbach’s May 17, 2012 Huffington Post article (if you care for P.C. brainwashing):…


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2 comments for “HuffPo gatekeeper Reinbach tries to corral anti-Agenda 21 Rosa Koire with Political Correctness

  1. January 11, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Talk about disinfo, double speak, and the Hegelian Dialectic at work!!!
    They refer to Jones as “anti zionist”, which he certainly isn’t, and attempt to frame Koire in that camp even when she shills the “Agenda 21 UN -It’s like the Nazi’s” line and denies any jewish hand in Communitarianism.
    Any one who looks in to this knows Amitai Etzioni, the founder of the school of American Communitarian thinking, is a German Jew named Werner Falk, who used to lie about being a holocaust victim, although his family left before he could have been a victim of whatever actually happened.
    This is insane.
    Read the work of Nikki Raapana for a clear view of Communitarianism and Agenda 21.

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