Every Nation & Culture Has a Deluge Legend! (But it’s still a flood Myth of course :)



Native global Flood stories are documented as history or legend in almost every region on earth. Old World missionaries reported their amazement at finding remote tribes already possessing legends with tremendous similarities to the Bible’s accounts of the worldwide flood. H.S. Bellamy in “Moons, Myths and Men” estimates that there are altogether over 500 Flood legends worldwide. Ancient civilizations such as China, Babylon, Wales, Russia, India, America, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Sumatra, Peru, and Polynesia, all have their own versions of a giant flood.

GilgameshTabletThese flood tales are frequently linked by common elements that parallel the Biblical account including the warning of the coming flood, the construction of a boat in advance, the storage of animals, the inclusion of family, and the release of birds to determine if the water level had subsided. The overwhelming consistency among flood legends found in distant parts of the globe indicates they were derived from the same origin, but oral transmission has changed the details through time. (See the Genesis record)

Perhaps the second most important historical account of a global flood can be found in a Babylonian flood story in the Epic of Gilgamesh. When the Biblical and Babylonian accounts are compared, a number of outstanding similarities are found that leave no doubt these stories are rooted in the same event or oral tradition.

BOOK OF Genesis
Take the seed of all creatures aboard the shipGen. 6:19 And of every living thing of all flesh you shall bring.
I boarded the ship and closed the door.Gen. 7:1 Come into the Ark
Gen. 7:16 The Lord shut him in.
I sent out a dove . . . The dove went, then came back, no resting-place appeared for it, so it returned.Gen. 8:8 He sent out a dove…But the dove found no resting-place . . . and she returned.
Then I sent out a raven . .it was the waters receding, it ate, it flew about to and fro, it did not return.Gen. 8:7 He sent out a raven, which kept going to and fro until the waters had dried up from the Earth.
I made a libation on the peak of the mountain.Gen. 8:20 Then Noah built an altar to the Lord (on the mountain) and offered burnt offerings.

 D = Destruction by Water
. G = (God) Divine Cause
. W = Warning Given
. H = Humans Spared
. A = Animals Spared
. V = Preserved in a Vessel
D..HAV01 Australia- Kurnai
D.WHAV02 Babylon- Berossus’ account
DGWHAV03 Babylon- Gilgamesh epic
DGWH.V04 Bolivia- Chiriguano
D..HAV05 Borneo- Sea Dayak
D..HAV06 Burma- Singpho
DG.HAV07 Canada- Cree
DGWHAV08 Canada- Montagnais
DG.HAV09 China- Lolo
D.WHAV10 Cuba- original natives
DGWHAV11 East Africa- Masai
DGWH.V12 Egypt- Book of the Dead
DG.H.V13 Fiji- Walavu-levu tradition
DGWHA.14 French Polynesia- Raiatea
D..HAV15 Greece- Lucian’s account
DG.HAV16 Guyana- Macushi
DG.H.V17 Iceland- Eddas
DG.H.V18 India- Andaman Islands
D.WHAV19 India- Bhil
DGWH.V20 India-Kamar
D.WHA.21 Iran- Zend-Avesta
DG.H.V22 Italy- Ovid’s poetry
DG.H.V23 Malay Peninsula- Jekun
D.WH.V24 Mexico- Codex Chimalpopoca
D.WHAV25 Mexico- Huichol
DG.H.V26 New Zealand- Maori
D.WHA.27 Peru- Indians of Huarochiri
D.WH.V28 X . Russia- Vogul
D.WHAV29 U.S.A. (Alaska)- Kolusches
DG.HAV30 U.S.A. (Alaska)- Tlingit
D.WHAV31 U.S.A. (Arizona)- Papago
DG.HAV32 U.S.A. (Hawaii)- legend of Nu-u
D..HAV33 Vanualu- Melanesians
D..HAV34 Vietnam- Bahnar
D..HAV35 Wales- Dwyfan/Dwyfan legend
35 18 17 35 24 32 Total Occurrences out of 35




Southwest Tanzania

Once upon a time the rivers began to flood. The god told two people to get into a ship. He told them to take lots of seed and to take lots of animals. The water of the flood eventually covered the mountains. Finally the flood stopped. Then one of the men, wanting to know if the water had dried up let a dove loose. The dove returned. Later he let loose a hawk which did not return. Then the men left the boat and took the animals and the seeds with them.


Fu Xi and Nu Wa pictured with dragon tails intertwined

Fu Xi and Nu Wa pictured with dragon tails intertwined


The Chinese classic called the Yi Qing tells about “the family of Fuxi,” that was saved from a great flood. This ancient story tells that the entire land was flooded; the mountains and everything, however one family survived in a boat. The Chinese consider this man the father of their civilization. This record indicates that Fuxi, his wife , three sons, and three daughters were the only people that escaped the great flood. It is claimed, that he and his family were the only people alive on earth, and repopulated the world.

His wife called Nüwa (Noah!) however, only became a female after the famous Chinese historian Sima Qian, who also described him as a man. Most likely Nüwa became female in Chinese legends because the “” radical is found twice in the name’s two characters, which means “female” or “woman”. Later Chinese didn’t know that the characters were chosen not for the meaning but for the sound. So Nüwa survived a global deluge that wiped out all of mankind and “fixed the broken sky or heaven” (Nüwa Bu Tian!) with 7 colored stones. Then “she” and Fuxi created new humans from clay!




In the Epic of Gilgamesh he met an old man named Utnapishtim, who told him the following story.
The gods came to Utnapishtim to warn him about a terrible flood that was coming. They instructed Utnapishtim to destroy his house and build a large ship. The ship was to be 10 dozen cubits high, wide and long. Utnapishtim was to cover the ship with pitch. He was supposed to take male and female animals of all kinds, his wife and family, provisions, etc. into the ship.
Once the ship was completed the rain began falling intensely. The rain fell for six days and nights. Finally things calmed and the ship settled on the top of Mount Nisir. After the ship had rested for seven days Utnapishtim let loose a dove. Since the land had not dried the dove returned. Next he sent a swallow which also returned. Later he let loose a raven which never returned since the ground had dried. Utnapishtim then left the ship.

AtrahasisTabletIn another Babylonian version on the Atrahasis Tablet, Heaven is ruled by the god Anu, the earth by Enlil and the subterranean sweet water by Enki. The text explains how the minor gods work in the fields but then rebel. As a result, humans are made from clay, saliva and divine blood to act as servants of the gods. This does not prove a perfect solution, as the humans reproduce and their noise disturbs Enlil’s sleep. He decides to destroy them with plague, famine, drought and finally a flood. Enki instructs one of the humans, Atrahasis, to survive the disasters. He gives Atrahasis seven days’ warning of the flood, and he builds a boat, loads it with his possessions, animals and birds. He is subsequently saved while the rest of humankind is destroyed. However, the gods are unhappy as they no longer receive the offerings they used to. There is a gap in the text at this point but it does end with Atrahasis making an offering and Enlil accepting the existence and usefulness of humans.


There was a man by the name of Xisuthrus. The god Chronos (A deification of Ham!) warned Xisuthrus of a coming flood and told him to build a boat. The boat was to be 5 stadia by 2 stadia. In this boat Xisuthrus was to put his family, friends and two of each animal (male and female). The flood came. When the waters started to recede he let some birds loose. They came back and he noticed they had mud on their feet. He tried again with the same results. When he tried the third time the birds did not return. Assuming the water had dried up the people got out of the boat and offered sacrifices to the gods.

Sumerian tablet of Nippur
BabyloniaIt tells the story thus:

“At that time Nintu wailed like a woman in travail. The holy Ishtar wailed an account of the people. Enki (god of wisdom) held counsel with Anu and Nintu over the proposed destruction of Mankind. At that time Ziugidda was king and high priest of Shuruppak, and he made obeisance to the gods and prayed, prostrating himself in humility, and daily and personally he was in contact with them by means of dreams and conjured them daily by the name of Heaven and Earth.”
The god Enki who desired to save human creatures, orders Ziugidda to stand by a well and listen. He tells the Sumerian Noah, “A rainstorm will be sent to destroy the seed of mankind” The evacuation part is missing, but a description of hurricanes and rainstorms follows, which carry away Ziugidda’s boat. Then “after 7 days the sun-god came forth sheeding light over heaven and earth. Ziugidda opened the roof of his ship and the light was set into the interior of the huge ship.”

This tablet dates from 2100 B.C, the time of Hammurabi.



A long time ago lived a man named Manu. Manu, while washing himself, saved a small fish from the jaws of a large fish. The fish told Manu, “If you care for me until I am full grown I will save you from terrible things to come”. Manu asked what kind of terrible things. The fish told Manu that a great flood would soon come and destroy everything on the earth. The fish told Manu to put him in a clay jar for protection. The fish grew and each time he outgrew the clay jar Manu gave him a larger one. Finally the fish became a ghasha, one of the largest fish in the world. The fish instructed Manu to build a large ship since the flood was going to happen very soon. As the rains started Manu tied a rope from the ship to the ghasha. The fish guided the ship as the waters rose. The whole earth was covered by water. When the waters began subsiding the ghasha led Manu’s ship to a mountaintop.

By the way, the Dravidians report that Manu‘s three sons were named “Charma, Sharma and Yapeti“, which is pretty darn close to Ham, Shem and Japheth from the Genesis story written by Moses around 1500 BC, as well as to “Lo Han, Lo Shen, and Yaphu” from one of the Miao-Zu legends in Southern China.

Southeast Asia
Virtually every ethnic group tells legends and myths of a great deluge that leaves only two survivors alive to reconstitute humanity and to create the ethnic groups of the region. The survivors—typically a brother and sister, or a woman and dog—must consummate an abnormal marriage; from the incestuous match is born a gourd or a gourd-shaped lump of flesh. The gourd in turn is the source of the various ethnic groups of the locality. There is a collection of more than three hundred such myths encountered during field research throughout Vietnam alone.

Andaman Islands.
Some time after their creation, men grew disobedient. In anger, Puluga, the Creator, sent a flood which covered the whole land, except perhaps Saddle Peak where Puluga himself resided. Of all creatures, the only survivors were two men and two women who had the fortune to be in a canoe when the flood came. The waters sank and they landed, but they found themselves in a sad plight. Puluga recreated birds and animals for their use, but the world was still damp and without fire…
After the people had warmed themselves [at the fire newly created by Puluga] and had leisure to reflect, they began to murmur against the Creator and even plotted to murder him. However, the Creator warned them against such rash action, explaining  that men had brought the flood on themselves by their disobedience, and that another such offense would likewise be met with punishment. That was the  last time the Creator spoke with men face to face.

Aeta, central Philippines.
Atá are an isolated hunter gatherer tribe. They tell this legend: Water covered the whole earth, and all the Atás drowned except two men and a woman who were carried far to sea. They would have perished, but a great eagle offered to carry them on its back to their homes. One man refused, but the other two people accepted and returned to Mapula.


A legend tells: The earliest-time children in those early days tormented the Winking Owl ‘Dumbi’ who complained to Ngadja, the Supreme One. Ngadja, was grieved, held a council with his followers and instructed Gajara ‘If you want to live, take your wife, your sons and your sons’ wives and get a double raft, because I intend to send rain and a sea flood to drown everyone. Put on the raft long-lasting foods.’ Gajara stored foods and gathered birds like the cuckoo, the mistletoe-eater, the rainbow bird, the helmeted friar bird and finches on the raft, plus a kangaroo.
Gajara gathered his sons, as crew, his own wife, and his sons’ wives together. Ngadja sent the rainclouds down. The sea-flood came in from the north-northeast and people were closed in by the saltwater tidal waves of the sea. The flood swept all living creatures into a whirlpool screaming as they looked for escape. Ngadja whirled the flood waters and the earth opened, drowning and flattening them all. The flood carried Gajara and all those on the raft far away to where the world ends. He sent out some birds from the raft, first the cuckoo. The cuckoo found land and did not return to him. Gradually the waters went down. The first land that Gajara sighted was the hilltop at Ngumbindji. Then he sighted Numbuzare. The other birds returned to Gajara. The land dried up and the living creatures found a home and food. They killed the kangaroo after landing; and Gajara’s wife Galgalbiri cooked it. The smoke rose until it reached Ngadja who put a rainbow in the sky to keep the rain-clouds back.
Another legend of a flood is called the Dream-time flood. Riding on this flood was the woramba, or the Ark Gumana. In this ark was Noah, Aborigines, and various animals. This ark eventually came to rest in the plain of Djilinbadu where it can still be found. They claim that the white mans story about the ark landing in the Middle East is a lie that was started to keep the aborigines in subservience.


Herakles (Nimrod) with serpent on his back, challenges Nereus (Noah) the Fishman

Herakles (Nimrod) with serpent on his back, challenges Nereus (Noah) the Fishman.

Greece has two heroes representing Noah. One is called Nereus, also called the Fishman. In ancient Greek art Nereus is very often put down by Herakles, the Greek version of Nimrod, who didn’t like Noah and his worship of God very much, preferring the worship of the serpent re-introduced by Athena, also called Naama, the wife of Ham! In later Greek mythology Nereus is fully eclipsed by a new Flood story and hero called Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha, which borrows all details from the original Flood story, but was prompted by the post Ice Age floods caused by the melting of the Northern Ice Caps.

“A long time ago, perhaps before the golden age was over, humans became proud. This bothered Zeus as they kept getting worse. Finally Zeus decided that he would destroy all humans. Before he did this Prometheus, the creator of humans, warned his human son Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha. Prometheus then placed this couple in a large wooden chest. The rains started and lasted nine days and nights until the whole world was flooded. The only place not flooded were the peaks of Mount Parnassus and Mount Olympus, the home of the gods. The wooden chest came to rest on Mount Parnassus. Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha got out and lived on provisions from the chest until the waters subsided. At Zeus’ instructions they re-populated the earth.”

Central America



Toltec natives have a legend telling that the original creation lasted for 1716 years, and was destroyed by a flood and only one family survived.

Aztec– A man named Tapi lived a long time ago. Tapi was a very pious man. The creator told Tapi to build a boat that he would live in. He was told that he should take his wife, a pair of every animal that was alive into this boat. Naturally everyone thought he was crazy. Then the rain started and the flood came. The men and animals tried to climb the mountains but the mountains became flooded as well. Finally the rain ended. Tapi decided that the water had dried up when he let a dove loose that did not return.


MAYA FLOODThe flooding by water. Among the Maya groups that left behind written testimonies during the Posclassic and Colonial periods, we find different accounts that revolve around the existence of a flood that wiped out the previous world and allowed for the creation of a new cosmological order. With the K’iche’, for instance, this flooding was produced by Uk’u’x Kaj (“Heart of the Sky”), or Juraqan, Mother and Father of the Gods, in order to annihilate the race of the men of wood. Amongst the Q’eqchi’ people from Verapaz, “there was news about a flood and the end of the world, and they called it Butic, which means deluge of many waters and also judgment, and so they believe that another Butic is yet to come, which is another flood and judgment, not of water, but of fire, which they say has to be the end of the world, in which all creatures will fight each other […].”   A similar passage is contained in the Relación de la ciudad de Mérida which confirms the belief in successive floods of water and fire, as well as a caiman that symbolizes the flooding and the earth: They had also news about the fall of Lucifer and the Flood, and that the world shall end by fire, and in order to signify this they performed a ceremony where they painted a caiman that meant the Deluge and the Earth, upon which caiman they made a great pile of wood and put it on fire, and after it was turned into live coal, they flattened it and the main priest passed barefooted over the live coal without being burnt, and after him everybody else who wished also passed, understanding by this that it was the fire that shall finish them all. For the Yukatek Maya, the flooding was caused by Ajmuken Kab’ (“He Who is Buried Underneath the Earth”) and by the B’olon ti’ K’uh (“The Nine Gods”), telluric forces that outraged the thirteen gods of heaven and robbed them of their insignia. As a consequence of this, the sky fell and the four B’aah Kab’ escaped the destruction.

North America

The Ojibwe Indians who have lived in Minnesota since approximately 1400 AD have a creation and flood story that closely parallels the Biblical account. “There came a time when the harmonious way of life did not continue. Men and women disrespected each other, families quarreled and soon villages began arguing back and forth. This saddened Gitchie Manido [the Creator] greatly, but he waited. Finally, when it seemed there was no hope left, Creator decided to purify Mother Earth through the use of water. The water came, flooding the Earth, catching all of creation off guard. All but a few of each living thing survived.” Then it tells how Waynaboozhoo survived by floating on a log in the water with various animals.

Delaware Indians – In the pristine age, the world lived at peace; but an evil spirit came and caused a great flood. The earth was submerged. A few persons had taken refuge on the back of a turtle, so old that his shell had collected moss. A loon flew over their heads and was entreated to dive beneath the water and bring up land. It found only a bottomless sea. Then the bird flew far away, came back with a small portion of earth in its bill, and guided the tortoise to a place where there was a spot of dry land.

Havasupai Indians, origins of Grand Canyon & the Flood

Before there were any people on earth there were two gods. Tochapa of goodness and Hokomata of evil. Tochapa had a daughter named Pu-keh-eh, whom he hoped would become the mother of all living. Hokomata the evil was determined that no such thing should take place, and he covered the world with a great flood. Tochopa the good felled a great tree and hollowed out the trunk. He placed Pu-keh-eh in the hollowed trunk and when the water rose and flooded the earth, she was secure in her improvised boat.
Finally the flood waters fell and mountain peaks emerged. Rivers were created; and one of them cut the great gushing fissure which became the Grand Canyon.
Pu-keh-eh in her log came to rest on the new earth. She stepped forth and beheld an empty world. When the land became dry, a great golden sun rose in the east and warmed the earth and caused her to conceive. In time, she gave birth to a male child. Later a waterfall caused her to conceive and she gave birth to a girl. From the union of these two mortal children came all the people on the earth. The first were the Havasupai, and the voice of Tochopa spoke to them and told them to live forever in peace in their canyon of good earth and pure water where there would always be plenty for all!’.

South America

During the period of time called the Pachachama people became very evil. They got so busy coming up with and performing evil deeds they neglected the gods. Only those in the high Andes remained uncorrupted. Two brothers who lived in the highlands noticed their llamas acting strangely. They asked the llamas why and were told that the stars had told the llamas that a great flood was coming. This flood would destroy all the life on earth. The brothers took their families and flocks into a cave on the high mountains. It started to rain and continued for four months. As the water rose the mountain grew keeping its top above the water. Eventually the rain stopped and the waters receded. The mountain returned to its original height. The shepherds repopulated the earth. The llamas remembered the flood and that is why they prefer to live in the highland areas.


Nu-UHawaiians have a flood story that tells of a time when, long after the death of the first man, the world became a wicked, terrible place. Only one good man was left, and his name was Nu-u. He made a great canoe with a house on it and filled it with animals. In this story, the waters came up over all the earth and killed all the people; only Nu-u and his family were saved.

Polynesia: Maori
Puta preached the good doctrines to the wicked tribes in the name of Tane. Mataaho or Matheo was the most obstinate unbeliever of all the skeptical race. Puta prayed to Rangi (heaven) to upset the earth; then the earth turned upside down and all  the people perished in the deluge. Hence the flood is called “overturning of Mataaho.”

Darwinist Perversion of Ancient History

Darwinists come to strange conclusions in their amazement about how wide spread the legends (“myths” as they compulsively have to call them of course) are all over the world, in virtually every ethnic group on the face of the earth! So they predate the origin of them to “before the Ice Age” or even dating from the original tales of the “African Eve!”

Listen to this verbose Harvard University analysis of the dilemma by Mr. Witzel: (bolds and comments are ours!)

“In sum, the flood motif is wide-spread and universal. In view of major similarities, we have to regard the Flood Myth as an early myth that is indeed pan-human and that belongs to the Pan-Gaean period, before the expansion of Homo Sapiens out of East Africa.  It must have been taken over from the original tales of the “African Eve.” [Of course! The myths must have come from the “African Eve”, seeing that Darwinists speculate that Man (“homo sapiens” as they call us) came originally out of Africa! And so there is no way that Man came from the Middle East, even though all races and languages (and wine culture) originated right there in the land of Urartu of old Armenia! No matter! They want you to stay away from that area in their origin tale! ]

If so, both the Laurasian and the Gondwana (African, Australian etc.) flood myths go back to a time well before the last Ice Age. Consequently, naturalistic explanations must be excluded, such as a flood caused by the meltdown of the great ice shields, or the recently popular story of the fairly quick flooding of the Black Sea out of the Mediterranean. It also means that we can safely exclude diffusion from Near Eastern (Mesopotamian) origins, a theory that was popular earlier on. [until this his article here, he means! :)]
“There have been innumerable other, often  quite fanciful explanations of this myth, ranging from a diffusion of the Biblical or Mesopotamian motif to such inventive
psychological explanations such  as  that of the late A. Dundes  connecting men’s wish to give birth and the salty floods with a nightly vesical dream, an urge to urinate. 
[Here the wicked writer associates Biblical Middle Eastern origins of the Flood account to a delusional Freudian freak theory that Flood stories originate in our desire to urinate! This is character assassination by association. Don’t count on Darwinists playing fair or not using a straw man! Hope in vain! They are cunning ad hominem disinformation experts.]
“Instead, a pre-existing (Pan-Gaean) flood story has been intelligently inserted into the structure of Laurasian mythology. This took place at a node in the storyline where it does not disturb its flow.” [How in the Hell does he know what time! Where are his proofs? Where is the evidence? Darwinists are like magicians. It is so because abacadabra we say so!]

“Instead, it dovetails well with the separate myth of a (3 or 4-fold) re-creation of the world and the re-emergence of humans as told in Meso-/South American and Eurasian mythology. Employing this example, we can further extrapolate how Laurasian mythology developed out of earlier forms of Gondwana mythologies. It appears that Laurasian mythology is just one offshoot of an earlier form that was close to the various Gondwana mythologies. Comparing them and Laurasian mythology, we can try to establish their common ancestor that was prevalent long before the Exodus from Africa, in other words, at the time of the “African Eve.”  

So, in case you missed it, there was no flood and no flood account coming from anywhere else but from Africa originally, and that from way before their much too early Ice Age, and its “common ancestor” (applying an Evolutionary term to “the original myth!”) was injected into Humanity during the evolution of the Human race “long before the exodus from Africa” coming from the tales of their Prime Mother “African Eve!” And it was obviously just one of her tales that never actually happened, because Darwinists do not recognise a recent Worldwide Flood! Because of circumstances they are forced to adopt a global catastrophe that they positioned first in the Mexican Gulf, but lately they think it took place in Northern Siberia and was of volcanic nature.

Where they get their evidence for these things is my question too. But they really don’t need any evidence, as their imagination is so darn good. That’s the nature of Darwinist scientism: Propose, theorise, suppose away, without any substantial empirical evidence that was subjected to falsification but could not be falsified. “Nah! Forget all that old fashioned Science! We come up with it ourselves!

I am sorry to pop the balloon. There was no “African Eve”! The only Eve that ever existed lived long before Africa separated from “Pangaea”, the united and unique continent of the Pre-Flood World! She indeed was the Mother of All Living, and never even experienced a Flood. That was preserved for 99 % of her offspring some 1600 years later, because they were so terribly violent to each other, and had been so deeply perverted that there was no remedy of ever retraining or purifying them other than sending them off to a different level of existence, the underworld of Hades, also called the prison of the spirit, where men go without their corporal vehicle to learn to be rid of their pride.

God did not give up on them. Actually Jesus Himself went down there to them during the three days of His physical death before His resurrection, and He preached to them. Obviously those that received His witness of being their Saviour too, received forgiveness and were most likely immediately promoted to Paradise under the Earth, where Jesus took the thief that hang next to Him on the cross. He had said to Jesus, “Lord remember me, when you come into your Kingdom! And Jesus answered, “Today you will be with me in Paradise!”

You too! If you have said similarly, “Jesus remember me!” then He is yours as well! But contrary to the old thief, YOU will not go to Paradise under the Earth, as eversince His resurrection He has been working on New Jerusalem, a Heavenly Place in Outer Space, where all believers go now when they die! So see you there! And pray for those poor damned Darwinists that deceive so many people, that they will be humbled and come at last to repentance too, to join us in that wonderful Heavenly Existence of God’s Eternal Heavenly City! See you there!


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